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Assaulted by a client (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE)

I get right to the point: I took a ½ hr. booking from an Indian client and he literally mauled me in addition to pushing my head on his dick and holding it despite me fighting for air. Not to mention repeated attempts at unprotected sex. And hair pulling.
Because I’ve been active on various online industry forums for years, I am pretty sure I know some of the responses I’d get once I publish this. So let’s break down what happened to smaller parts and see how and why.

1. It could have been a client of ANY ethnicity. Why highlight the fact that it was an Indian?

While true in theory, reality is somewhat different.

I screen very carefully and always ask for a voice call. I DO NOT accept bookings from guys who sound/come across as crude or rude. I also avoid guys whose demeanor on the phone is that of an entitled man (as in “I am paying and you’ll do whatever I want”).
This is next to impossible to do with Indian clients, as they are mostly soft spoken, often address you as “dear” and use proper British English (the ones who were taught it back home) or their English is so poor, it’s hard to figure out anything (certainly not their attitude) apart from basic information necessary for a booking.
Also, providers all over the world report serious issues with Indian clients consistently. Many providers place a blanket ban on Indian clients and are not shy about saying so in their ads.
Ours is a numbers game. While out of 100% of my “other ethnicities” clients I’ve had <1 1="" 95="" about="" and="" bookings="" clients="" distinctly="" ethnicities="" from="" i="" indian="" is="" of="" other="" outright="" overall="" p="" ranging="" rate="" ratio="" saw="" terrible.="" the="" to="" trouble="" unpleasant="" were="" with=""> 2. Well, if that’s the case, why did you take his booking?

Good question. And here’s the answer. It’s actually two-part.

First part is that I don’t discriminate: if a guy sounds nice and normal and there are no obvious red flags, I’ll accept his booking. He is entitled to my services as much as the next guy.

Second part has to do with online forums. I’ve seen many threads where SWs were accused of being “racist” because they state in their ads “No Indians”. Many raging debates had taken place on the subject.

I always check myself and analise my own behaviour, because I am of a firm believe that one cannot be honest with others unless one is brutally honest with oneself. And so I ask myself: are you really turning this person down because there are some red flags or are you being subconsciously prejudiced?
This guy who assaulted me sounded fine in inquiry: he didn’t haggle over the price, did not ask for unprotected services and clearly stated what he wanted (DFK, BJ,FS and what he termed “playing with breasts”). It was all fine by me and do offer all of these services, so I took his booking. I also didn’t think things could go very wrong in ½ hr.
3. Why didn’t you terminate the booking as soon as he got rough?

Again, excellent question. And I point my finger squarely to online review forums. Here’s why.
It is no secret that anyone could post *whatever* review about a SW and said review could seriously affect SWs business. I read a lot of reviews to get an idea what clients’ expectations are.
There are plenty of *negative* comments out there about some SWs having too many “don’t”s, not allowing to touch certain parts of their bodies in bookings, acting like they are very fragile, etc. I don’t blame consumers for wanting to get value for their money and I admit that some girls really do go OTT with “don’t”s.
So I try to deliver a good experience.

Reality is, some guys who write reviews never tell the story accurately: they completely omit or gloss over their own behaviour making the provider look bad. Despite the fact that popular argument (from the review writers) is that “if a SW has many great reviews and one bad one, it won’t affect her business”, reality, again is somewhat different.
You can have as many glowing reviews as you want, but a negative one will get people thinking “is her service slipping”, “Surely, there is no smoke without a fire”. And there always would be some *potential* clients who are new to the boards or are infrequent readers who would take that bad review as a gospel truth and cross the provider off their “wish list”. Even if it’s only one booking lost, it is still $200-$250 from provider’s bottom line.

Because with today’s online forums virtually everything that went on in a booking could be potentially broadcast to a worldwide audience, providers often have that niggling thought in the back of their mind. And so they put up with more than they are comfortable with and stretch their endurance limits.

There times when we (providers) figure that the guy is on the verge of cuming and we let certain things go because we figure it’ll only be a few moments and then it’ll be all over.
Another problem is not wanting to create a big loud scene-it is often not conducive to keeping our working premises, as many landlords just looking for a reason to kick us out and good premises are very hard to come by these days in NZ and especially in Auckland.
4. Maybe he didn’t mean it? Maybe it was just “in the heat of the moment” and he didn’t realise the pain/damage he is inflicting?
No. When he asked if he could “play with my breasts”, I didn’t realise he meant he seriously wanted to maul them.
In fact, it was his “opening act”: as soon as he was out of the shower, he immediately started on pushing his tongue so far down my throat it felt like he was touching my tonsils while simultaneously grabbing, squeezing and kneeing my breasts extremely hard-in the manner I’ve shown on the photo with the sponge (because it is too painful to re-create on my boobs).

That’s before I ever touched his penis.

I tried to divert his attention elsewhere and distract him with a BJ, but he kept going after them. The brief times when he wasn’t he was pushing (and holding) my head down on his penis with both hands. Or literally biting my pussy. Or using his hands trying to remove the condom.

I always pride myself on consistency of my service and on delivering what I was paid for. So I gave him a warning, but didn’t terminate the service. I tried my very best to finish the booking.
While he would say “Sorry, sorry” (clearly insincere) after each warning (there were several), he would revert to the behaviours described after a few seconds.

Ultimately, I did terminate the service after about 25 minutes-I simply couldn’t take the assault any longer.
He then resorted to begging (again, insincere): Please, please, just make me cum. If you just kiss it without a condom... And so on over and over. I ordered him to get dressed and leave. At that stage I was none too nice and threatened to call the police. He started begging me not to and finally left.

Bottom line: based on the questions asked by him in the inquiry, hurting women and treating them like “lower” beings is what gets him off. He is obviously well aware of that and that’s what he seeks.
I am a tough cookie, so am generally alright. There was a Pet Expo on this weekend, so I went and got lots of doggie cuddles :).

But I hope the events described above will help guys understand why some girls won’t see Indians period and why others place blanket ban on things like breast play and DFK.
And some young new to industry girls might just exit the industry altogether after a booking like that.
It’s all good and well to say that “he was an exception” and “not all Indians are like him”, but reality is when this shit happens to you, it’s a cold comfort.

Yes, I know not all Indians are like that. In fact, I have a few that come see me occasionally (every few months). While I will certainly continue seeing those (they are fine, otherwise I would not be seeing them repeatedly), I will be lying if I said I won’t be reluctant to accept bookings from new Indian clients.
If that makes me a racist, so be it. At the end of the day my well-being is the most important thing to me.
While I understand nice guys’ frustration with SWs refusing to see any and all Indians and their argument about “getting to know them first before tarring everyone with the same brush”, cold hard reality is we really don’t know you and taking a chance at “getting to know you” might result at looking as the photos here (based on percentages offered above). If you are truly objective, you’ll agree that it’s a big ask.
On the other hand, you not getting a booking with a provider of your choice is a minor annoyance and ultimately will keep some $$ in your pocket.
The two outcomes are clearly not equal.
P.S. On unrelated note. Yes, I have implants. But they are done under the muscle. Which means that what one feels when squeezing my breasts is my own tissue and muscle-hence the bruising.
The reason I brought this up is because there is a rumour being spread by a NZ inline forum member (via snarky public comments and PMs) that my breasts are “hard as baseballs” and “feel like falsies”. While firm, my breasts are very pliable, which is why this Indian guy was able to squeeze them like he did.
Peace out.

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  1. Nasty. So sorry to hear that a guy could be so brutal. :-(