Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New offering: Luxury Range packages


I had offered these luxury retreat packages in the past to my loyal regulars by private invitation only and they have proven to be a great success.
So I've decided to extend the invitation to a wider group of clients.
The concept: to reward great clients with extra treats and to show my appreciation for their patronage

The time frame: these packages require advance planning (approx. 10-14 days ahead) and cannot be cancelled once booked. They will take place on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (one of these days). Other days of the week are not available, so please keep this in mind before contacting me regarding a booking.

The location: luxury 5-star hotel

Availability: Each package described below is available to one client only. You need to be either existing regular or semi-regular client or be prepared to answer some questions in order for me to determine compatibility.

Frequency of retreats: I am planning on organising these retreats every 8-10 weeks until I leave NZ permanently in the beginning of the next year. So there is only a limited number of those available in total.
Package No.1: Relaxing Spa retreat:

We will meet around 9-9:30 am at the luxury hotel in Auckland CBD and proceed to the Spa. There we will partake in 1 hr couple's massage followed by relaxation in the Spa's tri-bathing facilities.
We will the proceed into a deluxe suite where we'll engage in some fun.

Total duration (from the time of the arrival to the hotel) approx 5-5.5 hrs

Price: $400. Available to one client only

Package No.2: Champagne and bubbles

You will join me in the deluxe suite of a luxury 5-star hotel where I'll pour you some French Champagne and we'll engage in some mischief including taking a bubble bath together in the generous size tub.

Total duration approx. 2 hours.

Price: $400. Available to one client only.

Package No.3: Dinner and dessert

You will join me in the private club (members only) for a buffet dinner and free-flowing refreshments (alcoholic).
We will then proceed to the luxury suite for some dessert in private.

Total duration approx 3 hours.

Price: $400. Available to one client only.

Package No.4: Early bird's delight

You will join me in the private club (members only) at around 9:30-10am for a hot buffet breakfast.
We will then proceed to the luxury suite to engage in some bedroom acrobatics to burn off the calories.
Total duration approx. 3 hours.

Price $400. Available to one client only

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