Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pet owners, be generous

I love all animals. Especially dogs. Especially little wee doggies.
Dogs love us unconditionally. They are always happy to see us. They never ask for anything in return.
Even if we occasionally leave them alone for too long, or forget to feed or walk them: the minute they see us, all is forgiven and they shower us with wet, sloppy doggie kisses.

It is a proven scientific fact that petting a dog or cat lowers one’s blood pressure and helps one to achieve calm.

When I hold a dog, it gives me such unadulterated joy: I feel happiness forming inside of me and spreading outwards.
I’ve had dogs throughout most of my life, but unfortunately can’t have one now: I live in a CBD apartment which prohibits any pets and I also travel a great deal (often weeks at a time).
That’s why I am so grateful when a dog owner I happen to pass on the street lets me pet their puppy.
Often it literally makes my day: a little doggie cuddle goes such a long way.
Dogs love me and often I get followed by them…LOL.. I think I used to be a dog in my past life and they recognize their own ;)

Dog owners, please be generous with your pet’s love. Share the pure goodness of your dog’s energy.
Let it be your “good deed for the day” 

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