Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sex workers price increase *GASP*

Last week I glimpsed some comments in the chat box of an online industry forum. They were made by punters and had to do with a WGs price increases.
One in particular I found interesting: “A girl I see regularly just put her prices up $30. Well, the service is the same, but it’s now $30 more. I am not going back”.

While we all wish that prices of everything stayed the same or, even better, went down, here is the hard cold reality: they go up. All the time. It’s called the cost of living-and it’s continually on the rise.
Price of real estate (and subsequently rent) goes up, price of food and clothing goes up, the cost of travel increases, etc., etc., etc.

Some things are absolutely essential to us (such as shelter/roof over our heads), sustenance (food) and protection from elements (clothing)-we simply would not survive without them. Others are added comforts or luxuries.

Even with necessities, we have a choice of bare minimum or something that’s a bit more appealing, pleasant, comfortable or even luxurious. It all has to do with each individual’s unique personal values and priorities.

One can live in a small room in a share run down house in a far away suburb or choose to spend more money on a nicer place. Some will work 2-3 jobs and pretty much forgo sleep in order to afford a nice place in the “right” part of town.

One can survive on cheap 99 cent/loaf bread and cup-o-noodles or choose to purchase better food. Some will walk instead of buying a car and wear second hand ill-fitting clothes in order to eat better.

One can wear second-hand or donated clothes or spend money on something newer/better fitting/fashionable. Some will live in a shoebox and skip meals in order to wear designer brands.

One can walk or take a public transport to work or chose to invest in a car. For some nothing but a particular make/model will do, even though it means eating cup-o-noodles every day.

But back to the cost of living.
Here are some examples of price increases in the past year that I have noticed (these are goods/services are personally partake in regularly):

-Creamy blue cheese went up by whopping 30%. Galaxy brand specifically thought they were really clever: they actually reduced the size of the package by 50g (from 180g to 130g) and lowered the price by 50 cents, thinking they would fool the consumer into thinking they’ve actually lowered the price.
I don’t know who they thought they were fooling, but it certainly wasn’t me. Other brands are not much better, although they simply raised the price without resorting to deceitful tactics.
Would  I stop buying creamy blue? Nope. I like and enjoy it and that’s all that matters, as I cannot control the price of it.

-Half-tank Gorilla greens green smoothie @TANK went up by 80 cents (from $7.80 to $8.50). I still buy it.

-Habitual Fix salad. They actually have increased the price twice in the past year. Total increase is $1 (which is 10%)

-Sumo Salad-same as above

-Movie tickets. Went up by $2.

-Multi-grain bread. Significant price increase across all brands, with some now charging as much as $6.50 for a fairly small loaf.

-Rent. Despite the fact that I am a model tenant (I always pay on time-like a clock, never complain about anything, never cause any trouble, being commended by both manager and landlord himself on multiple occasions for “keeping the place in such a great shape”) I received a letter few months ago stating that they’ve done a review and my rent is “below the current market”’ so they’ve raised it.
When you think about it, I moved into the place when it was literally brand spanking new (new building, I was one of the first tenants) and now, 3 years later, it’s not new and there is natural wear and tear. So I am actually paying more for a lesser product.
Will I move? Nope. I like the place, it ticks a lot of boxes and, once again, I cannot control the prices.

These are just a few examples-I can go on.

Back to the WGs pricing.
Experienced WGs who treat their business as ...well... business and who’ve been in this business for a while structure their pricing according to several “markers”.

To borrow a quote from a very successful WG “The value for my time isn’t based on an emotional need, but a logical assessment of my business ad what my clients spend on me on average”.

Sex services definitely fall into the “luxury” category. While there is an undeniable need for human companionship and physical intimacy, no one ever died from not being able to have sex with another human being.
There are many ways to satisfy the need:

-One can please himself/herself by hand

-Same as above with use of devices-like Flesh Light for guys and similar

-One can have a one night stand

-One can get a partner

-One can get a sex buddy.

Yes, I understand the above options could be limiting: your one night stand may not be as attractive as you’d like, your sex buddy may not want to engage in all acts you wish, your partner may not be willing to provide sex on demand/on tap or require an emotional investment in exchange for it.
But that’s why sex worker services is a luxury: you get to chose from literally hundreds of options until you find the one that ticks all the boxes for a given moment, then have that person ready for you at the time specified by you, looking their best and treating you like the king of the Universe, happily and enthusiastically engaging in all kinds of sex acts all the while appearing as if they can’t get enough of it.
All that while no effort is required on your part for any sort of emotional commitment-you walk away with nothing but pleasant memories.
That’s what you pay the $$$$ for.

If you’ve been visiting a particular WG for a while, it means you like what you are getting-otherwise you would look elsewhere. Why then stop seeing her just because her prices were adjusted to the cost of living increase? Statement such as “the service is still the same” simply do not make sense in this context. What did you expect? That she now would give you a BJ while doing a hand stand?

And while I am on the subject of pricing: yes, price, as a rule, is a reflection of quality. Yes, of course there are exceptions, but they are just that-exceptions.
It’s simple, really and I can not fathom how some guys don’t see it. Let me break it down:

-You like nice, private, discreet premises? Well, they cost more (in some cases a lot more)

-You enjoy that 1000 count Egyptian cotton bedding? Guess what the price of it is?

-The girl gave you nice unrushed service and it was fairly easy to schedule the time most suitable for you? Well, that’s because she can afford to only see one or two clients a day (due to her price point)

-The girl looked nice, rested, toned, visibly well-maintained? See above+regular expensive beauty treatments and daily exercise routine (which takes time, so connected to seeing less clients)+good diet, which means good *read more expensive* food-like those green smoothies

-The girl had a great selection of expensive lingerie, shoes, clothes and costumes to satisfy your fantasies? I suggest you look online at the prices of brands such as Agent Provocateur, La Perla or even Victoria’s Secret.

-The girl looked like a million bucks (and subsequently made you look good) during your dinner date outing? Consider the price of her clothes and accessories.

-You liked your prolonged sexual adventure in multiple positions (and a couple of “goes”) during your booking and the girl seemed like a “energizer bunny” and didn’t complain about being sore? Again-see the first item.

I am sure you get the idea.

I am not suggesting that lower priced girls give bad service-not at all. Rather I am talking about ALL aspects of the booking and a realistic approach.
There is simply no way a girl could charge $140/hr and operate from a private (as in she is only one there) upmarket CBD apartment with all the luxuries inside, look amazing, well-maintained and see only 1-2 clients a day.

Our industry is often compared to others.
Well, here is a comparison for you: I don’t see any airlines dropping their Business and Fist Class airfares in order to “bring the joys of luxury travel to low wage earners”. Because it’s not a necessity-it’s a luxury.
While it is often imperative for people to get from point A to point B, they can do it in coach. And coach seats often DO go on sale.
If you wish to travel in comfort and style, however, you need to shell out.
And while in theory it is the same plane and it delivers you from the origin to destination in a seat, with entertainment and meal provided, I can assure you that travelling in Business and First is a vastly different experience from travelling in coach ;)

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