Sunday, January 24, 2016

Time to say Good bye-my last year in New Zealand (and touring schedule)

This year marks my last year in New Zealand.

I am very grateful for a chance to get to know this amazing country, but my various ventures call for me to move back to US.

I have penciled in my move for Feb-March 2017-about a year from now.

While I will not be doing a grand “go away” tour (as I don’t really tour these days), I am planning to visit some cities before I leave-to get a chance to see some of my favorite clients for the last time and to finally meet those who had me on their “to do” list ;)

Below is an approximate schedule for my travels. Please contact me in advance to secure the day/time/duration that suits you the best.

-Mid Feb-mid March- overseas

-April 4- April 8- Napier-completed

-May 8- June 10 - overseas

-Late August-Mid Sept- overseas

Oct 3- Oct 7: Palmerston North- completed

Oct 19-Nov 6-overseas

-WELLINGTON trip is confirmed: Nov 27-Dec 3-completed

-Dec 27-Dec 30)- Rotorua for 3 days

-Jan 11-Jan 14: Dunedin

-I will NOT be visiting CHRISTCHURCH due to hostile environment created by some natives of that city

As many of you know, I pride myself in high work ethic standards and strive to deliver the best experience for your money. I appreciate and respect your time and the money you spend with me greatly.

Please note that I travel with a basic set of work clothes which definitely and always include stockings, high heels, a garter belt, one corset and a lingerie set. Regrettably, I am unable to carry my entire *very extensive* wardrobe and props with me on my travels.

So if you have a special request or particularly like any piece of clothing, please let me know in advance, before  I left for your destination.

I will ask for deposits for my bookings: while I appreciate that life is ever changing, *non-refundable and significant* expenses that inevitably come with touring are not.

Deposits are:

$50 for 1 hr bookings,

$80 for 90 min bookings,

$100 for 2 hour bookings,

$150 for 3 hours bookings

$200 for any bookings longer than 3 hours

Deposits are non-refundable in case of cancellation on your part (for any reason) and are fully refundable  in case of cancellation on my part.

Please understand that in some cases I might ask for references from other escorts or well-known agencies before I accept your booking. This is done to minimise fake bookings and timewasters and maximise the chances of a better experience for you.


1. I don’t see my city/town on your list. Does it mean you won’t be touring here?
-Yes, it does. There are various reasons for this, none of them mean that your city/town is not a desirable destination.

2. But you will miss out on my money then.
-I understand and accept it.

3. I don’t want to pay a deposit, but I still want to see you.
-That’s fine. And I would love to meet you. Please contact me when I am at your locale and I try my hardest to fit you into my schedule. However, please note that for some desrinations I will not be advertising while I am there-it would be privately arranged bookings only.

4. Will you be offering any specials at any time?
-No. I do not offer specials outside of the consessions already built into my pricing schedule.

5. What about coffee dates? Will you be offering those on tour?
-Touring tends to be quite busy and leaves no time for coffee dates. However, you can book one as part of a longer package.

6. I really wanted to meet you, but am unable to see you at any of the locations you’ll be visiting or at your base in Auckland
-I am very happy to make private arrangements for a one-on-one visit. Please check out my “all-day clock-free package” on my personal website (click on “Packages” tab).
You can book that (plus my travel expences) and I am all yours exclusively for the entire day!

I am very excited about seeing my old friends and meeting new ones during my last year in New Zealand.

Thank you all for your ongoing patronage.

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