Saturday, August 15, 2015

Karma is a bitch or what goes around, comes around

I’ll start by stating clearly that I absolutely despise scam artists: of all walks of life and of both genders. Here is nothing worse than have your trust in humanity damaged or destroyed completely by some lowlife. And then people wonder why there are so many cynics around: well, they’ve been “taken” one time too many.

Escorts or rather hustlers whose con is pretending to be an escort can undo in one fell swoop months and even years of honest escorts hard work to elevate the industry from the gutter and to get rid of the stigma surrounding it. This affects all of us.

One bitten, twice shy, they say and it is especially true for the sex industry consumers. Once conned, guys tend to be very sceptical about submitting deposits for the bookings with even well-reviewed escorts.

For instance, there are situations where I simply won’t accept a bookings without a deposit:

-Interstate/intercity/international bookings
-Multi-day bookings
-Multi-hour outcall bookings to remote private residences
-Spec bookings that require substantial preparation on my part
-And as of late any multi-hour bookings, as the rate of cancellations became significant.

I’d like to elaborate on that last one. I am honest about my integrity: I do not see many clients (only 1-3/day) and when I have multi-hour booking scheduled, I do not take any other bookings for that day at all in order to be fresh, rested, enthusiastic… well, present, really for the client.
So when a client cancels such booking on a short notice, he pretty much wipes out my entire day as far as earning money goes.

It seems that as of late guys book several girls in advance and then decide pretty much in the last minute who they actually going to see. While it is consumer’s prerogative, mine is to insure my income-hence the *non-refundable* deposit.

If a gentlemen does not agree to submit the deposit, I simply won’t take his booking. And if a gentleman is gun-shy because he’s been ripped off before by some unscrupulous WG or read several accounts of such happenings on the online forums, I do understand, but I still won’t take the booking, so no one wins in that situation.

I strongly urge any and all clients who were the victims of theft in sex industry to report the incidents to the police and take active steps to recover your money and/or have the perpetrator prosecuted or at very least outed. This is not acceptable and it is not at all the norm for sex industry and millions of honest providers.

However, sometimes the clients are the ones who decide to get “clever”.  This may end in various degrees of unpleasantness.
Below is *true* account of an incident that occurred in NZ within the last 30 days. I stress that this is not something that’s happened to me, but to one of my fellow WGs.

A very polite and proper sounding guy with somewhat “posh” (elocution lessons?) accent attempted to book a WG for 4 days (their schedules just didn’t match) and had finally secured a booking.

He presented looking nice in a casual corporate sort of way, was soft spoken and pleasant. Few minutes after his arrival he was absolutely dismayed and seemingly embarrassed to realise that in his haste he forgot to withdraw the cash necessary for the booking from the ATM.
WG, being the consummate professional that she is, agreed to proceed with the booking on the condition that money would be transferred to her account the next day.

I stress that quite a few WGs simply would show him the door and ask to come back with the full amount, but she felt that he was a respectable adult and took his word.
The booking went on without a hitch, both parties visibly enjoying themselves. The guy heaped compliments on the girl and thank her profusely before leaving promising that the funds will be in her account the next day.

The next day had arrived… And the next… And the day after... But no money in her account and no communication from the guy. Her texts went unanswered.

Well, being decidedly NOT a stupid bimbo, but rather well-educated and well-rounded person she turned to the Internet, or more specifically to it’s various (and plentiful) search facilities.
What she had uncovered was a wealth of information (all public, open for all to see) about the guy.
She contacted him via PM system of one of his (many) social media accounts (which featured his occupation, employer, face photo, info about his family, etc.) and politely reminded him that the bill was well overdue.
He paid promptly after receiving the message.

I stress that this was not in any shape or form stalking or blackmailing situation: the guy received the services in full, agreed to pay and then simply decided not to. This was a simple act of following up in order to receive the money due: every business does this every day.

What really offended me in this whole scenario is that the guy clearly thought the WG was some stupid bimbo, gave her no credit for any intelligence and felt he could get away with it. Pffft… I guess she showed him J

Unfortunately, occurrences like that (although infrequent) breed distrust and spoil it for the *good and honest* majority.

I’ve read several blogs where clients state they prefer girls didn’t count money in front of them, but once a trust is gone, it’s very hard to go back to sweet and innocent ways.
Throughout my career I’ve had few instances where I was “taken” in a similar way as in the story above and other times where guys tried to give me bills that were folded/bundled together and upon careful inspection the amount turned out to be less than agreed upon/clearly advertised.

Boys and girls, treat others the way you want to be treated yourselves: karma is a bitch and she will get you ;)

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