Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ode to regulars

I think every sex worker who’s been in business for any considerable length of time understands the value of regulars (clients who want to see her/him again and again).

Regulars come in different varieties: it could be someone who asks for a standing weekly appointment on the same day and time after a few visits, someone who books you repeatedly every few weeks or even someone who might only see you 3-4 times a year.

Very seldom does a client want to see just one WG exclusively-after all, it’s not a marriage. But often once a guy finds several girls that tick all the boxes, he establishes a “rotation”: he sees them all on a regular basis. This provides him with the variety which is so appealing to many but also ensures that his hard-earned money won’t be wasted and the booking is guaranteed to be pleasant and enjoyable.

Clients who become regulars are different from “hobbyists”-guys who want to book every new girl from every escort directory they can find (sometimes the more obscure, the better) just so they can write a review about it on one of the many sex review boards that are seemingly everywhere these days. Although hobbyists often say in their reviews that they “will definitely return” to the girl being reviewed, they seldom do-it’s all about the next thing for them.
Consequently, they often get burned: subpar service or even outright fraud.

From the provider’s point of view, regulars are a welcome oasis of calm and certainty. Being an escort usually means that you never know what awaits you on the other side of the door. No amount of pre-screening could give you a full understanding of what the client is going to be like in the room or in bed.

You have to be “on” all the time with new clients, constantly selling yourself, trying to gauge what it is that floats their boat, while trying to keep yourself safe.

Some men are notoriously bad at expressing even the simplest of wishes. For instance, in NZ anal play seems to be in great demand, but very few ask for it outright. Instead, they stay silent and either gyrate their bum when you’re giving them a BJ in hopes that you’d somehow read their mind or stick their finger up your bum, hoping you’ll return the favor.

Trouble with those strategies is that:

A)     Many guys would be turned off and greatly displeased if an escort just showed their finger up their ass and it will ruin the mood and possibly the entire booking (so I don’t recommend ever doing this unsolicited)
B)     Many girls (myself included) absolutely hate their ass penetrated in any way or fashion and don’t take to this kindly (see the above for possible outcome)

Sex service providers by definition provide services related to sex, so it’s perfectly OK to ask for whatever it is you like when inquiring about a booking: some may agree to do certain acts, others may decline, but at least you (a client) won’t be wasting your money by booking someone and not getting everything you wanted out of the booking.

Anyway, back to the regulars: they are a welcome relief from the stressful guesswork. With them a WG can relax a little because she knows how the booking is likely to go, what the client likes and his expectations. Both parties are a lot more relaxed and that alone can often make or break a booking.
Besides, it is always good to know at the start of the week what minimum amount you can expect to earn-that’s where standing regulars come in.

Regulars should be treasured and cultivated. It won’t do for an escort to get complacent with her regulars and let service standards slip. In fact, if anything, she should be trying a bit harder with them.
By this I don’t mean offering unprotected services or discounts, either. It has more to do with the overall effort: remembering what’s going on in their lives and asking about it, reading books they’ve mentioned, playing the music they like, cater the entire booking in the format they prefer.

Having said that, loyalty programs are not a bad way to keep your regulars happy. For instance, I have a loyalty program that involves a substantial discount for client’s third visit within the same calendar month and special rates for my weekly standing clients. I must add that my weekly standing clients never miss an appointment and in a *very rare* case they have to re-schedule, they do so within the same week.

I also give nice presents to my regulars for Christmas and their birthday and in some cases (when I know for a fact the client is single), I have given them presents for their mothers on Mother’s Day.
I had also accompanied some of my very best regulars to various social functions free of charge-to show that I truly appreciate their patronage and it’s not all about money.

If a client is single, it is a good idea to email/text him occasionally between the appointments, especially when you know they have a stressful job or their health is not 100%. This shows that you genuinely care and they are not just dollar signs for you.

That said, guys who say things like “If I like you, I’ll be your regular” at the first inquiry before you even met them should be treated with a great degree of caution: seldom these are genuine, but rather low-ballers.

If you decide to negotiate a special rate with someone from the very first meeting, make sure you outline the parameters very clearly. Explain the special rate you are giving them is based on *whatever* factors/criteria (could be frequency of visits and duration, specific sex acts, etc.) and if this criteria is not met, what the consequences would be: you will not see the client again, the price will revert to your current published rates, etc.
Make sure you are prepared to stick to your guns and follow through with everything that you’ve said: many guys enjoy testing/pushing boundaries because for them it’s just a game, while for you it is a job and your livelihood depends on it.

Not all regulars are easy-some require quite a bit of work. But the payoff is still worth it: certainty, and not having to worry about your safety.

Regulars are our bread and butter and I, for one, cherish mine. Under no circumstances will I compromise one of my regular’s booking: I won’t schedule anyone too close to it and I certainly would never cancel on a regular, no matter how lucrative the other booking might be.

I urge WGs to always remember the big picture: how much money did this person spend with you over the time? How much will he spend in the future if you continue to make him happy? Will one-time income of $500 (or whatever) today make up for that amount if you lose this regular?

I think you know the answer.

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  1. great post. regulars are our bread n butter. great perspective.