Thursday, January 15, 2015

On the importance of consistency

Sex workers who are truly professional realise the importance of consistency and continuity in their advertising, marketing and actual service delivery.
This is, after all, a business and in order to succeed in the long term one has to establish certain standards upon which clients will come to rely when making a booking with a particular provider.
Consistency (or lack of thereof) can easily make or break WGs reputation thus affecting her earning potential.

Good start is to think long and hard about which services you are comfortable with. Don't offer something you really don't want to do, but feel you have to. Although on the surface it seems like a good idea because it will attract wider pool of clients, reality is it will come back to haunt you.

The most common example is French kissing (DFK). If you offer it on your service menu, it is a good idea to be willing to perform it on each and every client who's booking you've accepted.

Be prepared for the fact that some guys will kiss in a way you might find off-putting. This is a service industry, however, and you are getting paid to perform certain activities, so if you decided to offer this service, you will have to deal it.

It is not a good idea to state "kissing at my discretion", as it will turn off more potential clients than it will attract: no one likes rejection and inevitably every guy you said "No kissing" to will feel rejected. The booking will be tinged with negative emotions from the get go, which will not only make it tedious for you, but might result in nit-picking of every little thing by a client: what would have been otherwise pleasant experience in his mind would turn into something that was not.

Guys like to anchor their opinions to hard facts, so the resulting review might turn things that are normally considered good into something that is negative and every little aspect of the booking will be put under microscope with the purpose of giving it a negative connotation.

Equally inadvisable is "selected kissing" (kissing some and not the others) : inevitably some guy who genuinely enjoyed the experience will write a glowing review and mention "lots of passionate kissing" and all the others who booked you before and didn't get it will feel cheated. This will cause some sort of backlash (either publicly or privately) which will negatively impact on your business.

So either offer it or don't-and stick with it.

I realise sometimes it's hard. But there are ways to make things easier.

One way is to develop and hone your client screening skills and be selective about whom you see. Although not a 100% guarantee, generally guys who sound polite and respectful on the phone, appear to have read your ad and speak properly (as in don't use excessive slang and/or crude language) will turn out to be clean, well-presented, nice smelling and have a fresh breath. The polite and respectful aspect will carry on throughout the booking.

Another way is to have good selection of products in the bathroom: toothpaste, disposable toothbrushes, mouth wash, mints. If guy's breath is not fresh, suggest he avails himself to those. This doesn't need be harsh or offensive-you can make a game of it.
For example, playfully lead him to the bathroom by the hand and say something like "I just want to make sure I am minty-fresh for you" *wink,smile* and gargle your mouth while casually offering some to him. He will follow suit.

If you want him to do it really good and at length, place his hands on your breasts (perhaps while both of you are in front of the sink mirror) while he is swishing mouthwash in his mouth and he will be pre-occupied for a few long seconds necessary for the product to do it's job :).

Obviously, kissing is just one example. There are plenty more.

The only exception would be Greek (anal) service, as WG's ability to perform it truly depends on client's penis' size while erect. So until this has happened, no WG can possibly say with any certainty whether or not the service will take place. Side note: guys are funny in a way they often tend to exaggerate the size of their penis while talking about it generally and diminish it when requesting anal :).

Consistency in WG's marketing and advertising is equally important.

It is a good idea to pick one working name and stick with it. Sometimes name change is necessary for various *legitimate* reasons, but clients often perceive it as some sort of trickery and an attempt to mislead and view it in a negative way.

Obviously, photos should be an accurate representation of your *current* self-not you 10 years ago or you photoshopped into oblivion.

I do a whole new set of photos every 7-8 months and frequently post selfies on my Twitter and my website: this keeps clients reassured that I look just the way pictured.

Video or animated GIF is a good idea: everyone knows that you cannot photo shop videos (well, technically you can, but no hooker is going to spend upwards of $20K to do it), so it lets potential clients see what you really look like and instills confidence.

I do not recommend using other people's photos in your ads/promos ever: these days there are plenty of software available (TinEye being one of many) to compare your images with everything on World Wide Web and if the results come back with the same photo under some model's name, it will not look good for you.

Marketing should be carefully thought through and tailored to your personality: this might take a bit of time to work out, but after a few months you should know what works and what doesn't.
Figure out what your target demographic is and aim for that slice of market pie. Don't worry about other segments: you can't be all things to all people-it's an exercise in futility.

If you want to participate on online industry forums or write a blog, determine your strategy. It is always good to be very clear in your message (consistency again).

My message, for instance is as follows: I support and promote respect for sex workers and women. I fight against abuse of WG and attempts to take advantage of them in any way. I try to educate clients about the ways in which they will get the best possible service for their money (treating WGs with respect is the key).

But there is no right or wrong way to do this, as there are clients out there for every type of WG (it's true, I promise) and once you found your market, you are golden.

Examples are numerous. You can market yourself as:

-Innocent, unassuming and sweet

-Shy and submissive
-Dominant and assertive
-Bitch (yes, there is a market for that, seriously)
-Silly giggling bimbo
-Well spoken and educated
-Dirty porn star

You get the idea: possibilities are endless.

However, attempting to pander to all and every client come across pathetic and while some like it, a lot of intelligent clients are actually offended by it-they assume the WG thinks they are stupid.

WGs who change their stance/message drastically in order to please clients are not doing any favors to their brand.
If you spoke (or written) passionately and with conviction on the subject, stay consistent. Don't take 180 degree turn just because you are afraid you might have offended someone. Truth is, no matter what you say online, someone somewhere is going end up offended for whatever reason.
People who like you and what you stand for will continue to like you and those who don't never will. Such as life.

This is not to say that one can't change their mind about certain things. As long as your core value message stays the same, it's OK to re-think some things, especially when new information comes to light or someone offers a different angle.

We are all human and we all make mistakes.

For instance, I have recently discovered that I was fed wrong information about someone. This was done over period of time and very convincingly.
I have since apologised in person-face-to-face (I asked for a meeting) and admitted that I was wrong. The person was very gracious and have accepted my apology (I would not blame him one bit if he told me to f...k off).
However, when I spoke on the issue before and as I stand now, my message hasn't changed: I was supporting WGs against bad-doers then and I am still doing it now. I am glad the person in question actually saw it and understood.

Continuity goes hand-in-hand with consistency: if you brand yourself as "elegant and sophisticated" on one site, it is unwise to go "slutty porn star" on another.
While most professional WG who know what they are doing done some sort of PSE with some clients in some bookings, that was because the mood took them both there. If you start advertising/promoting this type of service, you eventually will end up with clients seeking this only and will lose those who are put off by that sort of imagery.

However, if you excel in this type of performance and are willing to do this day in and day out, you will be in high demand by those who seek it, so go for it. Just remember that it is unlikely you'll be booked for a dinner/theater/upmarket corporate function event.

If you master consistency/continuity paradigm, you are guaranteed not only success, but also longevity in the industry,as often times people will go for "sure thing" simply because they don't want to gamble with their money, no matter how tempting a saucy looking "unknown" could be.

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