Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sex workers, stay safe during the holidays

Holidays and especially Christmas and New Year’s season bring out all manner of nutters, unfortunately :(.
While overwhelming majority of the clients are perfectly nice guys just out to get laid and/or enjoy some female companionship, it only takes one to ruin your whole day or in the worst case scenario do physical damage or even kill you.
Here’s an item from today’s New Zealand Herald:

I actually don’t know if the victim (who was inflicted life-threatening injuries) is in fact a sex worker. However, I operate from Eden Terrace (where the crime took place) myself and know of at least two agencies and several other independents operating from the same area. The article did not stipulate that the assailant was a boyfriend or a relative of the victim, nor did it say anything about burglary/robbery, so is a fair assumption that the girl, was in fact, a WG.
Problem with family-associated holidays (such as Christmas) is that all the activities surrounding it could potentially exacerbate issues for those who already feel hard done by life and/or hold a grudge against women.
Drinking with friends and co-workers and listening to them talking about buying gifts for their wives and girlfriends, planning holidays together and visiting family might stir up anger (and booze will fuel it even more).
Sex workers historically have been easy targets. Internet made it even more profound.
For instance, one would not consider randomly texting an attractive female dentist one has never met who advertises her dental practice online (doctors, lawyers and other professionals often include their personal photo in their ads) with an offer to “come over” because he thinks she might be “in the same boat as him-lonely and horny” (actual real life example of a text I have received few days ago), yet doing so to a sex worker is somehow viewed as perfectly OK.
One would not make an appointment with a female lawyer with the sole purpose to “take her down a peg” or “teach her a lesson”, yet this happens often to sex workers: because some guy’s ex-wife/girlfriend treated him badly, he feels it’s OK to book a WG and take it out on her.
Or if he can’t get a wife a or GF, he books a WG and then tries hard to assert his masculinity by bringing her down, degrading her, attempting not to pay for services or even assault her. All because he feels entitled to sex.
I urge all sex workers to tighten their screening process over the holidays. I know some chose to work because they really need the money, but it will be counterproductive if you go against your gut feeling, agree to see someone who raised red flags and got hurt as a result.
I know this next item is controversial, but I do not recommend seeing intoxicated clients or clients under influence of substances. The biggest issue is the fact that their judgement is impaired.
Even if they had no intention to be rough or violent, they might become so at the slightest provocation. Alcohol impairs guy’s ability to achieve and sustain erection, perform and/or ejaculate. They might become agitated as a result of that and blame the WG. This could potentially escalate into violence.
I would advise caution on offering clients alcoholic beverages and allowing them to drink the ones they brought with them. Legal alcohol limits for driving were recently reduced in NZ and if the guy is pulled over he would be asked where he had his last drink. If he is over the limit this may potentially result in significant trouble for you (dispensing alcohol in commercial setting is regulated and requires a license).
I would like to offer sincere heartfelt “thank you” to  many,many wonderful, amazing clients who treat us with respect and kindness and are grateful for invaluable services we provide. Some of these guys would be left without any intimacy at all have it not been for sex workers. I know for a fact many of these guys are overjoyed that significant number of WG chooses to work during the holidays, thus providing them with companionship they crave.
Let us all have a happy and safe holidays.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone.

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