Friday, December 5, 2014

Client's loyalty is earned

Every WG who is worth her salt has a number of very loyal clients.
Delivering great service is only a part of that equation. More often than not these "hard-core" fans developed as a result of a special connection, extra effort that WG put into the meetings, her willingness to listen, to understand and to provide, if even for a short period of time a "safe place" where a client is not judged and feels he can talk about anything.
This type of connection is not possible with each and every client: often because a client does not look for it or wants it, or because the chemistry is just not there.
It doesn't mean these other clients get bad service or less of a service: they just receive what they came for and happily go forth without giving it a second thought.
A lot of work goes into truly helping someone who needs it and asks for it: the task is so much more than a simple physical relief. It is not an easy task by any stretch of imagination. Sometimes people unburden their very souls, tell us things they simply cannot tell anyone else. We provide emotional support and sometimes guide them out of very dark places. It is an amazing feeling when we succeed!
A lot of WGs are generous with their time and give plenty when they feel a client really needs it or they are the only support system a client has (sometimes it becomes quite obvious).
Trust is essential in these situations and once achieved will most likely remain for a long time, if not forever.
Sex workers the world over do amazing job helping people every day. These clients are forever grateful and I know from personal experience they don't forget your kindness and generosity of spirit.
Which brings me to another point.
These loyal clients take personal affront when some random anonymous person (or persons) who never met/booked their favorite WG launches an attack on her on Internet forums. They take a very dim view of that.
Truth is, you never know who is who (as in real life) on the forums: that guy you are calling " a loser", "wanker" or "pussy whipped" (or accuse of being “fake”-as in non-existent person with the profile created by WG herself) could be a banker in charge of granting your next loan, a councilman in charge of granting your permits, a person in charge of inspections of your business or simply a consumer/potential client for your goods and services.
There are plenty "keyboard warriors" out there who don't even partake in the industry, yet don't hesitate to offer their opinions on everything and sundry make snarky remarks about WGs, their service and appearance. Usually these are guys who are deeply unsatisfied with their lives, but instead of making an effort to better it, they chose to spend their lives complaining, whingeing and put others down every chance they get to make themselves feel better.
I realise some might be stuck at a "dead end" mindless job that allows plenty of time to spend online. Well, perhaps use that time to take an online course or two which will help you to earn more money which in turn could help you propel yourself out of the situation you're in? Just a thought.
Christmas and New Year is upon us. Traditionally, this is the time for New Year resolutions. Let us all resolve to be kinder to each other and the world will be kinder to us.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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  1. Thank you for this article. I do identify with the loyal clients you describe. In the last year I have built up a symbiotic relationship with a female sex worker. Although we will never be a couple, we have deep mutual respect and confide in each other on a daily basis, in addition to professional meetings about twice a month. This lady has helped me greatly following a recent divorce, both with confidence issues and relationship advice. Unfortunately due to the kind souls in local govt I will soon be a criminal for visiting this lady. That is of course the reality of living in a country where the govt can dictate not only people's sex lives but their friendships as well. I want to thank this lady for everything she has done for me this year and hope that I have been able to help her too. She has helped me to turn my life around and I know I'm certainly not the only client who can relate such a story regarding other SWs. It's just a shame that such compassion and understanding don't exist everywhere.