Thursday, August 21, 2014

The difference between “coffee date”, “dinner date” and “booking” in commercial sex service environment.

 I gave my pricing a lot of thought and came up with the structure that is, in my opinion, fair and enables a client to pick and chose just the right service (or combination of services).
However, apparently some guys are confused.

So here’s clarification:

“Coffee date”: pretty much what it sounds like. Having a coffee in the morning or during the day in a cafe (public place) while dressed in appropriate day time street clothes. 
Coffee dates are designed for those clients who wish to talk (usually about things they cannot discuss with anyone else due to various circumstances) or want to get to know me a bit before deciding on a booking. There is no touching of any kind or any explicit sexual conversation. Certainly no sex is involved. 
*Very low*price tag of $50/hr reflects all of the above.

“Coffee date” is different from a “booking” which takes place inside my premises (or client’s hotel room in case of outcall) where I am scantily clad in lingerie (or whatever outfit client requested) for his visual stimulation, client is able (and very much encouraged) to touch me (or himself) at anytime and there is no limit to explicit sexual conversation. Role playing could be part of the booking (if client so desires).
Different clients have different needs, so although complimentary refreshments, kissing, DFK, DATY and full sex are all definitely the elements available (and are included in stated rates), some clients chose not to partake in some (or all) of those. It is their decision and does not affect stated rates, as I’ve calculated those carefully based on time, expenses (on my part), market comparison and physical and emotional energy required for the booking. 
Simply put, I would not be willing to see clients for intimate services for less than my published rates.

“Dinner dates”. I offer these in recognition of the fact that many of my clients want to start multi-hour evening bookings with those. Again, I do so because I endeavor to be fair in my pricing.
For dinner dates I wear alluring evening wear (unless client stipulated otherwise). Conversation could be a bit more flirty, some touching and mild PDA is common (unless client instructs otherwise). Price tag is $100.
However, if you desire to boost your adrenaline and planning some daring acts (sex in a public bathroom, for example), this will be classed as a “booking” and charged at appropriate rate or higher-due to increased risk factor such as arrest for indecent exposure. Plans like this should be discussed in advance and agreed upon (as I may not wish to provide such services).

Attempts to play with my pricing structure in order to gain cost advantage are not appreciated.

Examples of such attempts: 

-Booking 1 hr dinner @$100/hr with 1 hr FS @$200/hr to follow and rushing through dinner in 1/2hr in an attempt to get 90 min FS at cut rate.

-Attempting to book a “coffee date” inside my premises requesting that I wear lingerie

-Attempting to secure a booking of unspecified length (saying you want to “chat a bit” before booking) and for unspecified remuneration

I research the market constantly. I firmly believe that I offer extremely competitive rates (in fact, some of my clients think my rates are low with the view of VFM) for all that I offer inclusive of those rates.

Kindly do not insult me by attempting to low-ball or “outsmart” me. If you wish to make a booking that combines several of my services, please describe what you desire (including specific length of time for each segment) and ask me for the total price.

Thank you for your patronage. I know there are a lot of choices out there and I appreciate you choosing to spend your money with me.

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