Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good clients misunderstood

Sometimes genuinely good clients get misunderstood and confused with nasty fucktards and misogynists.
I am talking about guys who know exactly what they want in terms of looks and body type. These guys don’t enjoy sampling different flavours, they’ve long since figured out what floats their boat and only seek out girls that match their preferences.

I can understand that.
For instance, although I admire and appreciate women of all shapes, sizes and colours, I have a “type” that is always (and I mean ALWAYS) gets me tingly in…errrrm… neither regions.

My type is a very slim, very tall girl (or woman)-the taller the better-with hardly any breasts and androgynous look. Add to that piercings and tattoos.
When I see someone like that on the street, my knees turn to jelly and I swoon. That’s one of the reasons I like Melbourne, especially Brunswick and Smith streets ;)
This look is guaranteed to get my juices flowing, so if I was punting on a regular basis, I would most certainly look for this type of WG.

A number of guys are like that: they get turned on by a specific type of woman.
They shouldn’t be confused with guys who book WGs at random and then take pleasure in ripping the girl to shreds on forums, making nasty unkind comments about their looks, weight, general appearance, etc.

Here’s a good example of a good client I am talking about (based on a real client I know).

He likes very, very slim (size 6 or smaller) blond girls (boobs are irrelevant to him). He actually doesn’t care about age, but as there are hardly any women over 35 (especially in NZ) who maintain this body type, he ends up with younger girls more often than not.
He used to book my friend when she worked with me at the Asian Bombshell agency in Wellington all the time. Gabby is my age, but she fits his preferences to a T, so she got a lot of business from him.

This does not mean that this guy finds women of other body types ugly or unattractive. He appreciates their beauty. But for the purposes of his personal paid-for entertainment he prefers the type described above. If he doesn’t see anyone matching his desired look, he simply does not book.

This gentleman is very nice and supportive of WGs. I am not his type, so he has never booked me, but he showed me a lot of support on several forums over the last few years.

He is a perfect client: he books in advance, always turns up on time and is respectful and kind.

Smart agency owners in Wellington (like Lilly of AB) figured it out and are enjoying his ongoing patronage (and significant profits, as he has sizable disposable income and indulges often). They let him know when a girl of his type starts at the agency and keep him updated on her (and other similar girls) schedule.
This is a win/win situation for everyone.

This guy has pretty much ceased his participation on the forums, however, mainly because he becomes a target of attacks every time he so much as mentions his preferences. Attacks from guys, I must add-funny enough.

One of his last reviews (I won’t be surprised if he never posts another one), although quite positive and nice, had a remark “she was almost too big for me”. Note he didn’t say the girl was fat or even big, he said she was “almost too big for him”-as in his personal preference.
He still enjoyed the booking and made it very clear in his review. It was a good review. Yet it turned into pages of guys climbing on with unkind remarks about him.

I find it quite funny that guys on the forums complain about WG’s posts/replies, yet they often turn on their fellow punters with *absolutely uncalled for* viciousness at the drop of a hat.

Another punter whom doesn’t post on the forum anymore is the guy who likes curvy women-specifically women with big bums. He has made his preferences clear and even used a photo of a type of woman he enjoys as his avatar.
He has asked several times for some recommendations and some of the remarks that were thrown at him were not particularly kind.
This guy would make a fantastic loyal client to some savvy WG in his area, as apparently there aren’t many that fit his preferences.

I was reading a book by UK punter (NIK) about his years of punting.

He is another good example of a client who knows exactly what he wants.

His type is a young, slim girl-not of illegal age, but younger than 25. Girls like that were always his type-even when he was a youngster and dated (not to be confused with punting).

As he grew older, he realised that his “type” has not changed. He comes across as a realist and he knew as years go by chances that girls of his preferred type would be genuinely attracted to him were dwindling, so he decided he was happy to pay for it.
Some of his adventures are hilarious, as he started punting when newspapers were the only advertising options. Nowadays, internet is firmly in place as leading advertising medium for sex industry, so he has high rate of success :).

Clients who know exactly what they want are great!
If you match their “type” (and provide a good service), they will be a source of steady income for you for months or even years.
I find they are easier to deal with during the initial booking as well, as they already like you and are turned on and excited by your looks-they will probably overlook small deficiencies (if any are present) because they are so consumed with anticipation of fulfilment of their deepest long established desires. Unless your service is seriously crap, the booking has about 90% chance of being a smashing success from the get go.

We all know it is much easier (and cheaper) to maintain existing clients vs. attracting/looking for new ones. Regulars are our bread and butter. They should be cultivated and taken great care of.