Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Punters who set WGs up because they don't like girl's opinions voiced on the forums

 Part II about hidden dangers of online forums (in sex industry especially).

People who don't like what you have to say will go out of their way in an attempt to silence you and ruin your reputation.

Last night there was an attack on Naru. 
Presumably, the client book an appointment, arrived and texted her, received no reply, called-no reply again and left after 5 min. He then received the text from her but refused to come up, saying he left already (all that in 5 min). He texted back saying he will post a negative review.

According to Naru he was actually late for his booking and she refused to see him.

The client proceeded to post a "review" (the reason for quotation marks is that he never did see the lady, so there is nothing to "review") which he titled "Bad experience with Naru-AVOID" (I draw your attention to "avoid" in capital letters, which is hardly warranted even IF his story was genuine).
He posted under brand new forum handle,claiming he has never participated in the forum before, but "read it a lot all the time"

Well, let's think about this, shall we?

Forum has a new rule that came into effect a few months ago: you can only view 50 POSTS (NOT pages) without signing up and then you must sign up in order to view more.

Well, that hardly gels with all the knowledge this particular client demonstrated: in his replies not only he expressed a knowledge of DND list, but stated that he read a LOT of reviews.

Also the fact that he threatened Naru with bad review on the forum in his text is very telling.

Personally, I think the whole deal was a set up. Whomever this guy is, he's been a member of the forum for a while. He obviously didn't like what Naru had to say, so made this booking in a attempt to poke holes in her service/damage her reputation.
Him suggesting that Naru should go on DND list is a neon sign for that: if the girl is on DND, she can't post on the forum and many girls go on DND when they get a bad review.

I am sure this dude was delighted when he realised he didn't even need to spend the money to achieve his goal.

I know Naru well and work with her often. I know her location. Although in CBD, it is actually very private,remote almost. No people walking by there. She also supplies the parking.
Normally any client with confirmed booking (for any girl) will wait longer than 5 min. This guy claimed there were some construction guys looking at him funny (?????). The question begs-why didn't you sit in your car and wait?
Also the wording of his post, where he said he wated to "give Naru a chance". Hmmmm... Naru has dozens (close to a hundred) superbly positive reviews. She certainly doesn't need anyone to "give her a chance"-people literally line up to get to see her.
I think the wording gives this guy's true intentions away.

I said it before: I've had guys (spies I call them) book me in order to try and find something negative about my service. What happened to Naru is the proof that I am not exaggerating.

Case in point.

Few weeks ago a guy called me at around 9:30am and requested a half-an-hour booking at 12 noon (please note that the time was his first choice-he named it).
I accepted.
He texted me at 11:55 saying he is running a "little late". He was actually late 15 min (for 30 min booking).

When he arrived (15 min late) he texted me saying that he had parked in front of my building in space clearly marked "Private" (meaning that was paid for assigned parking for one of the tenants) saying "Hope it's OK".
As he was already very late, I said "If you want". Besides, at that point I could care less that his car might get towed-it was his decision.

He then accepted a beer from me and went into shower which he took his time taking. 
While in the shower, he said he hoped it was OK to take his time. I said "No problem".
As we went straight into "business" (no massage), he obviously delayed his ejaculation so he could have sex for entire duration (about 25 min).

It was clear to me that this guy was quite deliberately creating one situation after another in hopes to get some sort of reaction out of me that can be later construed as "bad service":

-He was late half the length of the booking he had made (I could have declined to even allow him on the premises, creating the grounds for the review similar to the one Naru got last night). 

-He parked in the space that he knew damn well he shouldn't be parked at, again hoping for a *negative*  reaction

-All the above in hopes that I might announce that I will cut his booking short due to his tardiness-again, grounds for a negative review

-If I tried to defend myself by saying he would make me late for my next client, he would accuse me of booking people back-to-back-negative connotation again

-Deliberately taking a very long time in the shower-see above.

-Deliberately and openly delaying orgasm in hopes of me saying/acting in a negative fashion about it (he obviously didn't read my reviews well-if you wish to have sex for entire duration of the booking that you've paid for with me, I will most certainly deliver. You've paid for it, you will receive the goods)

The proof is in the pudding. Unfortunately  :Not_Impre


  1. Insidious.I shudder to wonder what is going on in their heads. I have had similar experiences. The most disconcerting one that comes to mind was when a very handsome man booked me for an hour, and it was great. Conversation flowed easily and the sex was fantastic for both of us. Just as he was walking out the door, he turned to me and said, "You know you're a slut right? You're disgusting and used." Verbatim. I will never forget it. I was so taken aback,and my defenses were completely down as he had made me feel so comfortable, that 100% real hurt emotion showed on my face. That's when a slimely grin creep ed across his face and it dawned on me that that was what he came for. That was the kick. That booking will always stay with me. I know it isn't quite the same, but an example of willful intent to break someone down, just because they can. For shits and giggles.

    1. Jessy, this is simply awful! I abhor people like that guy. What (if anything) did you say to him in reply?