Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Internet is awesome

Yeah, yeah, I know: Internet is the bane of our existence, but... Sometimes it’s simply awesome.

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, I can never enjoy high school reunions with my classmates.
Reasons are many and varied: my country-once USSR- has ceased to exist as such and many republics that used to be parts of it are now independent sovereign (thus foreign) countries.
Due to the war in my home republic described in this post
 many of my classmates were forced to flee, often to different, far away countries.
Some changed names to accommodate their new countries of residency; others changed surnames due to marriage.

Our original school building has been demolished (and I think all the records perished) and new one was erected in its place.

So without Internet none of us (save for a handful still living in my hometown) would ever know what came of the rest of us.

Russia has a great website designed specifically with the purpose of reuniting old classmates. 
I joined it a year ago when I was getting ready to visit for the first time in decades.
Straight away I have found 15 of my classmates! 
I was even been able to locate my childhood girlfriend -we went to kindergarten and school together and were inseparable for many years. I have met up with her when I was in Moscow last June and we spend two whole days talking.

And then last week a guy whom I had a very complicated relationship with for three years in High School found me on that site (I’ve described some of that relationship in this post)

I honestly never thought I’ll talk to him again. Our parting words were not kind and I left saying that he’ll never see me again (which, surprisingly, he still remembers to this day...LOL...).
In fact, someone even told me that he died years ago. Well, whaddaya know! I’ll be damned. He is alive and well and has a son in college.

We chatted online a bit and then on the phone for almost an hour. It was great! It’s true that time takes the edge of everything. Obviously, there are no romantic feelings left, but it felt good to reconnect with someone I was really close to for a number of years. Although I never forgot the unpleasant things, I have long let them go.
As you get older, you do realise that whatever happens, happens for the best. 

That guy hasn’t really changed. He still is pretty much the same person he ever was. Knowing what I know now, even if we got married, it would have never worked, leaving both us bitter, unfulfilled, resentful and angry.
Instead, each one of us had interesting (to say the least) life and we both have a sense of accomplishment (albeit stemming from very different foundations).

The conversation left me feeling happy and elated even. It truly makes me happy to find out that people I know (especially those I genuinely cared about) doing well and are (at least reasonably) happy.

Go Internet!!

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