Friday, February 28, 2014

The sense of entitlement

Disclaimer 1: With many of my posts I genuinely aim to educate. I have a lot of goodwill towards people (both other WGs and clients) and understand that sometimes people simply have no idea what’s going on the “other side” (because they’ve never walked in those shoes) and make incorrect assumptions. This post is one of those.

Disclaimer 2: I happen to tour the specific town in question on several occasions, so my knowledge of the subject is first-hand and my statements are based on facts.

I love Adult Forum- it is an endless source of topics for blog posts. I will never run out of material and we all know that the best way to optimise your site is new content ;).
A new thread was started by a punter. It had very negative air.

Short version: he saw an ad for a new girl in his area, made a couple of attempts to contact her throughout the day but received no reply at all. Her phone was disconnected later in the afternoon   of the same day. The next day her ad disappeared.

He called her a time-waster and unprofessional. He implied she would lose any hope of getting any business in the future because she didn’t reply to his inquiries.

He mentioned that girl’s ad was basic and only contained one photo and no price list.
Let’s start with that.
This tells me the girl was on a shoe-string budget: advertising in NZ is not cheap. This was most likely her very first foray in the sex industry.
It also could have been a one-off situation where she found herself in urgent need of some cash and we all know sex business is the fastest way to solve this sort of problem.

I have toured the town in question. On my first trip I only used a two-line newspaper ad that didn’t have much info (and no photo). I have received 140+ texts and over 40 phone calls on the first day! I am not exaggerating. Yes, that many.

This town is located in a middle of a vast rural area/ farming community. Sex workers are few and far in between and not always top shelf. So choices for punters are slim to none.
So when someone new appears, the response is overwhelming.

Add to that that any “new to industry” girl attracts great deal of interest from guys who seek these girls specifically (mostly for reasons that are not all that good) anywhere.

On the advertising site in question-NZGs, ads go into effect at midnight. It means that by dawn quite a few people have seen the new ad.

As it is a farming community and farmers rise very early, WG’s phones starts ringing as early as 6:30am. I remember on my first trip there (I am an early riser) I have done three ½ hour bookings by 10:30am (first one commenced at 7:30am).

So if WG in question was not experienced and didn’t anticipate all this, by the time she turned her “working” phone on at 9am or so, it would be over flown with texts, missed calls notifications and voice messages. As I mentioned, it sounds like she is on a shoe-string budget, so I doubt she has a smart phone. Older phones will beep endlessly with notifications until they’ve spit them all out before they let you reply to anything.

And this would continue. Fact is, in that town messages and calls were coming in even as I was trying to type/send my replies.
Many of those messages would be requests for prices (it was a mistake on her part not to list those-she could have cut down on text/calls to some degree), others would be resident time-wasters (there are plenty of those in every town, that one being no exception) and guys asking her to “go out with them” (NOT booking), etc.

For someone who is new to business, this could seem a lot more than they bargained for and they could feel more than a little overwhelmed.

If the girl did manage to arrange a booking (or two), even more missed texts/calls would be on her phone when she finished with it.

My point is, it is physically impossible to reply to every text and phone call in that situation-there just isn’t enough time. There are simply too many and if one actually takes and completes bookings, it takes away hours of their time.

Besides, many of the texters don’t simply accept replies:  they text back trying to bargain the prices down, offer barter for sex (often drugs), try to push for illegal services, etc. So the situation snowballs.
They often use sex industry abbreviations as well, which the new girl wouldn’t know and would text back asking for clarification, adding to the volume of communication.

Then there are those who keep pressing on even after the girl replied that she is not available (for that day or even forever). Like “So when are you working next?”, “Would you just see me for a quickie sometimes?”, “Can you text me and let me know when you are working?””Well, can you tell me your prices anyway for the next time?”,etc.

These questions could have been unproductive in this girl’s situation, as:
-she might not know if and when she will be working again (if ever)
-whether she will be working in the same town
-whether or not she will keep prices the same

Add to the equation the fact that the whole “sex for money” thing could have gotten too much for the girl after the first booking: she could have realised she simply can’t do it or her first client was too rough (and she got hurt) or it happen to be someone she knows in her real life and she got freaked out.

Or she could have simply made few hundred she needed (if this was one-off) and disconnected her “working” phone. She could care less about potential future business prospects.

I know some clients may not understand exactly what happens, hence this post, BUT...

The guy who posted this is a very experienced punter. According to his posts, he’s been partaking in sex industry in NZ for decades and actually had many personal relationships with WGs.
He posted on a number of occasions industry analyses based on his in-depth knowledge. He also tries to portray himself as WG’s supporter who has a balanced view.

Well, if that was the case, he would have demonstrated compassion and understanding. Surely, someone who knows the industry inside and out would know about “new to business” girl situation and circumstances that surround it.

In fact, the guy sounded petulant and pissed off. He was coming across as someone who expected and took it for granted the fact that the girl he set his sights on will definitely see him.
In his further replies in that thread, he pretty much said he was doing her a favour by wanting to book her. That is, supposedly, because he is an active forum member and would have written a review that would potentially boost her business greatly:

In addition I was prepared to give a basic advertiser the benefit if the doubt and 'take one for the team'. If it had worked out I would have reviewed the lady too.

Well, to her he was just one of dozens upon dozens texting/calling that day. She probably has no idea of the existence of the forum, or “the team” and quite possibly can care less about any potential boost of business (real or imagined, as case may be) if this was just one-off thing.

It is very clear that this guy’s attitude is one of entitlement based on “men are kings and women are bitches” premise. He planned his entire day based on assumption that the girl WILL see him before he had any sort of communication with her. He even claimed that he didn’t go see his regular WG that day because of that very assumption. Personally, I think he was so sure, he drove to that town (he doesn’t live there) thinking the booking will definitely happen, then hang around all day waiting for response-hence his apparent extreme aggravation.

It is what it is and many men have this attitude. That’s what “taking sides” is all about: you tend to be more compassionate/understanding/look for and find reasons and excuses for the side you are rooting for (pardon the pun). Punters normally root for other punter and WGs for other WGs. And that is perfectly fine-it’s the way life is. What is annoying about this particular one is that he constantly makes claims that he is unbiased.

He accused the girl of being “unprofessional” because she did not return his texts/calls. Not for a minute did he stop and think (which he urges others to do quite strongly) that the girl might have issues I’ve outlined above, which as an experienced punter with many intimate and personal connections to providers he should be well-aware of.

When challenged by several WGs in the thread, he first claimed that he was comparing the situation to client time-wasters who deliberately book WGs and don’t show (how is that even in the same ballpark is beyond me-the girl has never been in any contact with him, never taken his booking) then that he was just trying to “liven up” the forum as there were not many new posts (I wonder who’s fault is that, seeing how he was instrumental in that situation).

When several girls tried to explain the situation to him, he refused to even attempt to see from their point of view, but instead became defensive.

I’ve had my share of timewasters-it is very annoying. Often you lose a *very real*, not *perceived* revenue. However, I do listen and I do understand. I genuinely have compassion for my clients.

One time a client called me and said he’s had a heart attack (I went to see him in the hospital that night, accompanied by a male companion known to that client as to not raise any suspicions from his wife/hospital staff)

Another time a (different) client cancelled because one of his friends died and the last thing on his mind was a punt. I invited him to call me anytime he felt like talking and offered to meet him for coffee (free of charge-I normally charge for my "coffe dates"- ).

On the flip side of the coin, I hardly ever cancel my bookings once they are made-only when I am become very ill (only happened twice in the last 3 years).

I am professional enough to hold my s**t together and never let clients know what goes on in my life or inside my head. 
I didn’t cancel bookings when my Dad passed away unexpectedly last year (and a client later read my blog and was flabbergasted, as he had no idea), or when my horrible tenants called me from US 10 min before my client was to arrive and nearly had me in tears.

Guys want a steady supply of “new to business” girls, yes they are completely oblivious to the struggles those girls face. Especially those who start on their own as private operators straight away and have no support system or training of any kind.
Trashing the new girl on the industry forum when you've never even met her or communicated with her in any way is certainly is not a way to go.

Be kind to people, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle  Author unknown-words to live by.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Navigating online industry forums (for those WGs who are thinking of using forums as marketing platform

I have made a decision to no longer actively participate in Adult Forum
There will be no self-banning or big dramatic announcements, as we are all humans and things change. I will keep my profile there and write down my log in details, so I can use it if the fancy strikes.

At this stage I feel participation in that forum is no longer conducive to my overall well-being and specifically to my goal of reducing as much stress as possible in my life.

Let me be very clear: I am forever grateful to AF for helping me get to where I am today in my profession as sex worker. I have been an active member on it for nearly three years and was able to build a solid cache of regular clientele. A lot of those guys first came to see me because they were intrigued by something I’ve posted on the forum.

I have made some solid investments throughout my life and am financially secure and have no debt of any kind. As a result, these days I only take limited number of bookings: only one or two a day, some days none at all. I no longer have full-time “day” job, either (like I’ve done most of my life in addition to sex work): sex work provides me with sufficient income to maintain my lifestyle and engage in things I enjoy-like travel.

NZGs, which is by far the best advertising medium in NZ provides me with plenty of new inquiries/clients.
On the average, I receive 5-8 new client inquiries a week, most of which (about 90%) turn into bookings. I also linked my personal website to my NZGs ad because I feel that is the best way to promote it.

Unlike some girls, I don’t “cheat”-I truly am “exclusive” to NZGs (some girls advertise on other sites using different names/photos despite the claims that they are “exclusive” to NZGs). In fact, I had my IT guy sweep all other sites for my photos/info (sometimes site managers nick girl’s photos and post them on their site to increase the traffic or other girls steal your photos) to make sure no one is using them. Funny enough, he found one: some Chinese girl in Wellington was using one of my shots with face blurred...LOL...

Between my regulars and new inquiries I get from NZGs I have all the business I want (at times more than I can accept). I intent to continue my exclusive relationship with NZGs until I retire from the industry permanently.

In the last three years Adult Forum’s membership has swelled-it is now in excess of 20.000 members.
Granted, some of it is “excess” created by members with multiple IDs, but the figure is still very large.

As we all know, you can never please everyone. There will always be people who love you, those who hate you and those who don’t give a flying f...k about you.

Anyone who expresses strong opinions will have opposition. Women who express strong opinions doubly so, as while some men get truly turned on by intelligence and self-assurance, a lot of men still don’t like it (some of them express it openly, some hide their attitude, some don’t always realise they think that way, but their behaviour gives them away).

Side note:  Girls, there is a niche market for “strong personality” women. It is not huge and it takes a while to tap into it (trial and error), but some guys will pay good money for this. And I do not mean just hurling mindless crude/rude insults at them at random. This takes finesse and practice.

A lot of people, however, have fragile egos: even the mildest of comments (often not even addressed at them directly) will cause them to dislike you. Some take things very personally.
This thread is just one example:

Unfortunately, those who grow to hate you with passion (some people are way too overinvested in the scene) sometimes will go out of their way to cause you harm. These people lay in wait, watching your every word on that forum, ready to pounce.

This harm could be commercial: they will try to destroy your professional reputation and invite doubts/attack your personal appearance. 

It could be personal: they will attempt to “out” you-as in let people know your true identity (vs. your “working” identity) which in turn can destroy your family, will make you lose your job and whatever personal social connections you might have, have you evicted from the premises, etc

It could be emotional/mental: they will stalk you and keep you in the state of mental anguish/anxiety.

It could also be physical: some go as far as physical attacks.

All these are ultimately aimed at making you leave the industry; disappear, as they view you as some sort of personal irritant.
Some will go as far as claiming that you are “not good for the industry” simply because you raise awareness and expose certain “schemes” that some guys employ to get more for less or get away with illegal practices (or just unacceptable behaviour).

In my days as a sex worker in New Zealand I have been:

-Set up (quite methodically and deliberately) by someone (or several someones) who booked appointments and didn’t turn up. And then took time to let me know that they’ve done so to “teach me a lesson”

-Same scenario as above+call to the hotel manager in an attempt to get me ejected from the premises (again the person took time to call me and tell me he was doing all that).

-Several times there were attempts made to set me up with intend to “expose” me. I would get strange texts from people who claimed that they’ve seen me before and asking for unprotected services. First of all, if they really have seen me before, they would know it never happens. Secondly, as requests were made via text, assumption is they wanted to have a written proof. The wording of the text was such as to invite trust. Also, it the timing was interesting: just after I got back from extended holiday, so (very incorrect) assumption was that I need money and would be more likely to do it.

-“Spies” booked me in an attempt to poke holes in my service/appearance. These people would not normally book me, as I am not their type: too mature, strong, opiniated. They normally prefer much younger girls whom they can manipulate easy. Also they’ve expressed strong disapproval/dislike of me on the forum in the past. A lot of those guys would pretend they’ve never heard of the forum.
Thing is, I have excellent memory. I remember contents of people’s posts without trying. The more prolific the poster is, the more clues he/she leaves about their true persona/identity. Without noticing, these guys would talk in a booking about the same subjects in the same manner as their posts. Also, people often speak without thinking and give away some knowledge that I know for a fact they could have gained only from the forum...hehehehe...

-Some guys attempted to get my specific location/address (down to the unit number) from other punters

-I was accused of writing “fake” reviews of myself under a different forum handle

-Attempts were made to discredit me by claiming that I was some “Romanian stripper” from Hamilton (???) who fleeced a punter $3000.

-I received quite a few nasty texts, such as "You got a big mouth on you. No wonder you had four husbands-no man will have you. Someone should teach you a lesson"

-I received veiled threats on the open forum such as "Be smart and stay out of this" (accompanied by red highlighted exclamation mark)

-Guys attempted to get “dirt” on me from other WGs while they had bookings with them (that’s a bit pathetic, really: to spend a good coin for a shag and waste some of it trying to collect gossip)

-Guys attempted to cause rift between other WGs and I by telling those WG “in confidence” that I spread rumours about them.

-Once, while I was away overseas on a long holiday, someone attempted to start a rumour on the forum that I have left the industry permanently

-My phone was cloned and my name used to divert business to another WG

-Guys attempted to get me banned from the forum by reporting me to forum moderators for alleged (all made up) sins against the forum (this was done using their “other”, unknown forum identities-many of them have multiple log-ins, as I’ve mentioned before).

-Guys booked me and then (but not until after they shagged me good and proper) attempted to get inside intel on other WGs (whom they were stalking).

The list goes on. Really, it does (how very sad).

All of the above hopefully explains the reasons for my decision to no longer actively participate in AF. I simply refuse to have the stress, aggravation and anxiety. I am just another hooker-one of hundreds in Auckland and thousands in NZ. I am not a celebrity or a politician-I do not reap huge financial rewards (such as well-paid endorsements or great well-paid future career prospects) to justify the almost daily assault on my peace of mind.

I hasten to add that I have no qualms with AF ownership/management/moderators. They did and continue doing everything possible to protect the girls, but they are not omnipotent and do not have magic wand. They also are not aware of many undercurrents/politics/background for many seemingly innocuous posts and it is unreasonable to expect them to.

I do still recommend online forums for those girls who are just starting out-they are invaluable if you navigate them correctly (you still have to be prepared for some unpleasantness, though).

Strategy one: “Happy-go-lucky” hooker. The safest strategy.  Just post short light humoured blurbs about your service, your business hours. Lots of booby and bum pictures (of yourself, don’t cheat) will go long way with this strategy. Short humorous replies to other’s posts are OK, but be very carefully it doesn’t offend anyone (as I’ve mentioned before, some people have very fragile egos). If you are in reality intelligent thinker and great conversationalist, it will become apparent to your clients in bookings and some will re-book based on that. But not making it apparent on the forum will save you a lot of personal attacks and headaches. This strategy raises your profile enough to be noticed and to attract interest, but not to attract a lot of “haters”.

Strategy two:  apparent pro-punter attitude no matter what. Surprisingly not the safest strategy, as some guys see it as fake and despise it and some WGs will dislike you for this, but it is safe enough.
Just support punter’s point of view no matter what. Be careful not to overdo it, though: don’t just jump on every thread saying things like “Oh, but customer is always right” or “In MY service I always do what the client asks”-this will grade on many and also will attract the clientele you might not want.

Strategy three: “say it like it is” straight shooter. This one is wrought with dangers and hidden land mines. A lot of people find this attitude refreshing and it also starts a lot of heated debates, hence raising your profile quite a lot. So you do get noticed and stand out. Naturally, a lot of others will loath you and wish the earth would swallow you whole.
Key points for this strategy: don’t be a hypocrite. If you are making a stand, don’t do things you are speaking against yourself. If the subject is something of a grey area for you, avoid it altogether.
It also pays to be somewhat diplomatic at all times. Using foul language and personal insults will put the whole thing in negative light (even if your cause is truly just and you are absolutely right about the subject). Don’t get carried away, either. Always remember that you only need to make your point clear-you cannot change someone’s mind. So don’t get dragged into endless exchange. Know when to walk away from the keyboard.
Stating what you think/how you feel about whatever is perfectly fine. It is your right to express your opinion on the open public forum. Remember that others have the same right.
Also remember that this is a service industry and we cater to clients who give us their money hence supporting our business. So be mindful of how you come across. Constant client-bashing is a very bad form.

Strategy four: education supplier. I would rate this strategy as being of medium safety factor. Usually girls who post in this category mostly offer links to material published elsewhere and invite others to make up their own mind/express their opinion. However, many would affiliate your position with the one of the article you’ve supplied (as you saw it fit to supply it), so be mindful of that. Remember that perception often differs from reality (at times greatly).

Strategy five: this is not really a strategy as such, but works in limited capacity. Just post announcements of your upcoming tours and schedule, nothing else.

Strategy six: only participate in chat (as on most forums it gets pruned after several hours, hence no lasting records of your statements). Be mindful that a lot of people can see chat (although they don’t participate in it) and that screen grabs of chat could be made and distributed.

Overall, remember that punting community is actually pretty small, especially in New Zealand. Many punters know each other personally and regularly exchange text/phone calls/emails/PMs.
Others are “online buddies” and exchange PMs systematically. 
Make sure you offer consistent service to everyone (whether forum member or not). If you don’t offer something, then don’t offer it to anyone. It will eventually come out and people who weren’t offered a particular service will feel slighted and might develop strong dislike of you.
Don’t work if you really don’t feel like it. Don’t let clients push you into accepting the booking you don’t want to accept: all those requests to “please just squeeze them in” when you’ve already said you schedule is full and statements that they “don’t care about your hair/make-up/state of your premises” will come to haunt you sooner rather than later.
Don’t trash/badmouth anyone (whether another WG or client) in a booking: you really don’t know whom the person you are talking to knows and is friends with.
In short: don’t ever let your guard down.

In conclusion, I want to make some things clear. The decision to leave AF was not prompted by any specific goings on. I was not asked to leave (I would be banned if it was the case) nor was it requested that I “tame” my posts.
I quite deliberately did not link several of my recent posts to AF (although no one was preventing me from doing so), as they could be viewed is inflammatory by some and I am not a hypocrite: I will not start any “shit-stirring” when I so strongly have spoken against it just last week. In that same spirit I have not even used participants actual forum "handles".

I made sure that last few posts I’ve made on AF were positive and in good spirit.

Word of advice: it would pay for some to understand that over the years I have developed relationships (both business and personal) the nature of which may not be immediately apparent and I may have access to information people don’t realise I do. Just a friendly reminder to those who might suddenly feel an urge to do something silly ;).

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Narcissism or just plain marketing?

Online forums are breeding grounds for all sorts of drama, as anyone who participates in them knows.
People develop online personas that could be in many cases very different from their real life persona. Those online personas clash. Accusations fly and shit fight start (as they do).

Some of the more common accusations are:

-You have no life and nothing to do as you seem to spend all your time on this forum
-You are such a narcissist-your posts are all about “Me, me, me” 

Well, let’s look at the situation realistically. Overwhelming majority of the population has smart phones these days along with various tablets and “in-between” gadgets (like Samsung Note and Samsung Gear). And Google Glass is not far from consumer.

It means Internet is literally at our fingertips all day (and night) long. One can look at the phone while waiting in line, sitting in a boring meeting, eating, riding a bus or a car, etc.
One can have several windows open on their device and flick back and forth while doing some mundane task.

Yahoo’s Chief Executive, Marissa Mayer, has said this year will be a global tipping point for the internet as more people connect to it on hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets than on laptops and desktops. Global mobile data volumes  are expected to increase 11-fold in the next four years to a number so big, it’s hard to wrap one’s head around it, while personal mobile connections will grow globally to 10 billion (compared to seven billion now)  (“The rise of the machines” by Giovanni Russello)

So “you are on here all day long” accusation is really meaningless: we are all on internet all day long and forums are just a part of it. Besides, with apps like Tapatalk it is so much easier and faster and they will send you notification every time something new pops up on the forum.

Now to the narcissist accusations. We are all narcissists to a point and it’s not always a bad thing.
Here’s how Freud explained it:

Freud and normal narcissism

According to Freud, narcissism is a natural part of the human makeup which however, if taken to extremes, can prevent people from having meaningful relationships. He brings attention to 'the self-regarding attitude in normal people' and how it 'has a specifically intimate dependence on narcissistic libido.'  Freud claims 'one part of self-regard is primary - the residue of infantile narcissism; another part arises out of the omnipotence that is corroborated by experience (the fulfilment of the ego ideal)'. Freud explored the contrasting situation when the normal sense of narcissistic satisfaction went awry in "Mourning and Melancholia": 'the patient represents his ego to us as worthless, incapable of any achievement and morally despicable... an extraordinary diminution in his self-regard... [a] narcissistic blow to the ego'.

 Different forums are designed for different purposes. While some are just simple exchange of opinions, other are “professional”, which means they are used as a marketing platform by those who provide a particular service and as a feedback platform by those who receive the service.
Sex industry forums are just that: marketing platforms for WGs and review sites for clients.
Not to say there isn’t plenty of fun banter and exchange happening on those, but the core system is it’s work for girls and fun for punters.
Marketing has been around since time immemorial.

Marketing started when buyers and sellers began. Advertising has been around for thousands of years too. In Ancient Greece, Sellers would hire people to walk the streets and become 'Criers' for their product or service. Marketing has changed in the past 25 years with the popularity of the Internet. It will continue to change as technology evolves. (

Even the biggest giants like McDonald's spend billions on advertising, despite of the fact that they have highly visible locations just about on every corner.

Very famous singers promote their albums and the biggest movie stars invest heavily into keeping their names at the forefront of public’s mind.

It should come as no surprise that savvy WGs raise their profiles on industry forums. It is their job. That’s how they make a living.

The story is very different for punters. Many of them are married/have partners and want to keep “the hobby” secret. Raising one’s profile on sex forum will inevitably give away some personal  and/or identifying details. The more one posts (and the more detail one includes about the girls they seen, location and time of the encounter, etc) the more chance there is of him been recognised.
Yet some do just that. What is the driving force behind it? Yep, you’ve guessed it-narcissism.

Another side of which is megalomania defined here:

megalomania (ˌmɛɡələʊˈmeɪnɪə)n1. (Psychology) a mental illness characterized by delusions of grandeur, power, wealth, etc
2. a lust or craving for power

meg•a•lo•ma•ni•a (ˌmɛg ə loʊˈmeɪ ni ə) 

n.1. a highly exaggerated or delusional concept of one's own importance.

While most punters on the forums are there just to read the reviews and engage in some small talk, some use those to feed their lust for power and importance. They use forums to stroke their ego.
They try to win admiration of their peers by posting dozens (sometimes hundreds) of reviews and remarks about their (often over- exaggerated) sexual exploits.

Due to their apparent prolific punting (which may or may not be quite that), they become an authority on the subject (especially if they target the niche market of WGs), the person who’s opinion is valued and someone to go to for the advice.

They then expand their lust for power to WGs, wielding their forum persona as Sword of Damocles of sorts, telling them they can “make them or break them” via reviews (the threat is very real, as several bad reviews can seriously affect WG’s business in a negative way).

Before long, these guys believe their own power. They genuinely convinced they are “Da Man”.

Just the other day I saw one fine example of this on Adult Forum.

A shit fight was happening on the forum (as it often does) and a punter put forward this little gem:

All this shit happened when I did my Fuckles18 list and some escorts phones stopped ringing .

This guy clearly sincerely believes that because he posted * highly subjective, as our business is very personal intimate business and no one gets exactly the same experience* reviews of his favourites, thousands of punters (membership on that forum is about 20K) dropped their regulars and everyone else for that matter and flocked to the ones he singled out. To the point where “some escort’s phones stopped ringing”.  If this is not “a highly exaggerated/delusional concept of one’s own importance”, don’t know what is..LOL..

Reality behind the history of that particular comment is very different indeed.

Here’s the synopsis of it:

Fuckles  (the punter mentioned before) called Suru on Fri for a booking in the weekend. He has never seen her before. She replied she wasn't sure she'd be working and did NOT accept the booking.

Next week Fuckles saw a review of Suru written by someone whom seen Suru over the weekend. He got very upset because he felt that he was special and she should have contacted him before she accepted anyone else's booking. He made a lot of unpleasant and disparaging comments about Suru (despite the fact that he has never seen her).

Naturally, Suru did not appreciate it. When Fuckles called for a booking again, she refused to see him (which is her right). Fuckles  then obtained a different SIM and booked Suru under made-up name.

After having sex with her and at the end of the booking he told her he was really none other than Fuckles.

If he wanted to experience Suru, he could have done so quietly and leave, but he clearly wanted to "get one over her", so to speak and stick it in her face-hence telling her who he was shortly before he left, but not in the beginning or even during the booking, as he wanted to make sure he:

- got his money's worth and had his "screw"

- didn't get kicked out in the middle of the booking.

Here are the links from actual forum threads to show how the whole affair unfolded:

As they say in the vernacular, the proof is in the pudding ;)