Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sex workers, stay safe during the holidays

Holidays and especially Christmas and New Year’s season bring out all manner of nutters, unfortunately :(.
While overwhelming majority of the clients are perfectly nice guys just out to get laid and/or enjoy some female companionship, it only takes one to ruin your whole day or in the worst case scenario do physical damage or even kill you.
Here’s an item from today’s New Zealand Herald:

I actually don’t know if the victim (who was inflicted life-threatening injuries) is in fact a sex worker. However, I operate from Eden Terrace (where the crime took place) myself and know of at least two agencies and several other independents operating from the same area. The article did not stipulate that the assailant was a boyfriend or a relative of the victim, nor did it say anything about burglary/robbery, so is a fair assumption that the girl, was in fact, a WG.
Problem with family-associated holidays (such as Christmas) is that all the activities surrounding it could potentially exacerbate issues for those who already feel hard done by life and/or hold a grudge against women.
Drinking with friends and co-workers and listening to them talking about buying gifts for their wives and girlfriends, planning holidays together and visiting family might stir up anger (and booze will fuel it even more).
Sex workers historically have been easy targets. Internet made it even more profound.
For instance, one would not consider randomly texting an attractive female dentist one has never met who advertises her dental practice online (doctors, lawyers and other professionals often include their personal photo in their ads) with an offer to “come over” because he thinks she might be “in the same boat as him-lonely and horny” (actual real life example of a text I have received few days ago), yet doing so to a sex worker is somehow viewed as perfectly OK.
One would not make an appointment with a female lawyer with the sole purpose to “take her down a peg” or “teach her a lesson”, yet this happens often to sex workers: because some guy’s ex-wife/girlfriend treated him badly, he feels it’s OK to book a WG and take it out on her.
Or if he can’t get a wife a or GF, he books a WG and then tries hard to assert his masculinity by bringing her down, degrading her, attempting not to pay for services or even assault her. All because he feels entitled to sex.
I urge all sex workers to tighten their screening process over the holidays. I know some chose to work because they really need the money, but it will be counterproductive if you go against your gut feeling, agree to see someone who raised red flags and got hurt as a result.
I know this next item is controversial, but I do not recommend seeing intoxicated clients or clients under influence of substances. The biggest issue is the fact that their judgement is impaired.
Even if they had no intention to be rough or violent, they might become so at the slightest provocation. Alcohol impairs guy’s ability to achieve and sustain erection, perform and/or ejaculate. They might become agitated as a result of that and blame the WG. This could potentially escalate into violence.
I would advise caution on offering clients alcoholic beverages and allowing them to drink the ones they brought with them. Legal alcohol limits for driving were recently reduced in NZ and if the guy is pulled over he would be asked where he had his last drink. If he is over the limit this may potentially result in significant trouble for you (dispensing alcohol in commercial setting is regulated and requires a license).
I would like to offer sincere heartfelt “thank you” to  many,many wonderful, amazing clients who treat us with respect and kindness and are grateful for invaluable services we provide. Some of these guys would be left without any intimacy at all have it not been for sex workers. I know for a fact many of these guys are overjoyed that significant number of WG chooses to work during the holidays, thus providing them with companionship they crave.
Let us all have a happy and safe holidays.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Russian mail-order brides

These blog posts have been written by a very talented woman and I really feel they merit re-post.

It seems, unfairly so, that when I tell somebody that I came to America from Russia, they  often assume that I was a mail-order bride. Through the internet, mail-order bride websites have flourished in recent years. I do have  many friends who first met their current or ex-spouses on these websites. Some of these friends seem happily married and some have had very difficult times. As I was writing this, I tried to combine  knowledge gained from some of my friends, as well as some research on the subject.
First let’s examine why a Russian woman would want to find a husband in another country. According to World Bank, in 2012 almost 54 percent of the total Russian population were female. This means fewer men are available to choose from. Life can be very difficult for a woman in Russia; alcoholism permeates many families with the female often being the bond that holds the household together. It is very difficult for women to find well-paying jobs even though they are equally qualified – females typically earn much less money than their male counterparts performing the same duties. According to the United Nations, this gender wage gap is between 30 and 40 percent. If the woman is pregnant or has children, things become even more difficult. In a recent survey conducted by only 5 percent of Russian women find life as a female in Russia to be gratifying. Another reason women leave is simply that sometimes you just don’t like where you’ve always lived and want to get out and see the world. I was determined to leave that part of the world and fortunately, I was able to come to America without finding a spouse online. Bottom line, life in Russia is pretty hard for a lot of people. A lot of men and women would really like to leave Russia but while women have the marriage card to play, men have to rely on education, talent, or relatives to get them out.
Not let’s try to examine why an American male, for example, would like to find a bride from Russia? Traditional values? Maybe. Beauty? Maybe. Excitement? Sure. Fed up with how feminism has changed American society? It’s possible. Feeling more secure in approaching a poor Russian foreigner as opposed to an all-American woman? Certainly true in many cases. From what I have seen, many men who try their luck with foreign women, seem to believe that it is easier to satisfy a woman from a poorer country than an American woman – most Russians live with far fewer amenities than Americans. It is almost if the men feel a sense of superiority toward these women for some reason or other, and this is why they have the courage to begin a relationship. Typically, you will see an average-looking guy with a beautiful Russian wife. She gets to leave behind a difficult life in Russia for a more promising one in America, and he gets  a woman that is usually out of his league – as far as looks are concerned. Both parties are definitely after something that for one reason or another is out of their reach in their homeland, both parties always have valid reasons for taking this path. The true question is: do you, as the future husband or wife, know these true reasons or are you being given some other phony, cover-up explanations? The other equally important question is: do you have enough patience and trust to go through with it? Answering yes to both of these questions is a great place to start. Tomorrow we will take a deeper look at what challenges you can expect to encounter. Until then, всего хорошего!
The challenges faced by couples that get together on these mail-order bride sites are many. Too often, the woman does not speak English very well, or at all. It is hard enough to effectively communicate with one another if you speak the same language. Just imagine the difficulty faced by these couples. Russian women coming to America are usually giving up quite a bit. Unfortunately, this simple fact is frequently overlooked by their husbands-to-be. Often the woman has a job to quit or she drops out of college, she says goodbye to family and friends, perhaps for a very long time. She really is putting all of her eggs into one basket. She is diving into a completely different culture to which she has to adapt.
On the other hand, the American man is faced with the possibility that he is simply her “meal ticket” and that once she gets her US citizenship, she will leave him. Bringing her to America will cost him thousands of dollars in fees, tickets, time off work, and so on. He may be putting his reputation on the line with his friends and family – this could be a big deal to him. Likely, his friends and family may think he is going to make a big mistake by marrying in this fashion. Some couples won’t even admit to meeting their wives this way. At the end of the day, he still has his job, his home, his family and friends close by. 
A member of my immediate family married a man she had met online. He soon came over to stay with her in Belarus for several months. They had a pretty decent time while he was visiting. The American dollar went a long way. They went out to dinners, visited museums, and did other things that were planned /offered by the Russian party. They seemed to be getting along fairly well, though as with any relationship, things weren’t always perfect. The gentleman was retired, so he was able to stay for quite a while. He came over twice spending an average of three to five months each time (due to the fact that the paperwork that would allow the lady to go to America was taking an unusually long time, even with a lawyer).
After finally coming to America,  the things quickly deteriorated. It turned out that the husband-to-be wanted to watch TV 24/7 and had very little concern about how his new wife is adapting to her new life. When arguments began, they were often accompanied by the phrase, “I’ll have you deported so fast it’ll make your head spin,” or something like that. My family member was given a car by her spouse, which was a nice thing to do; however, when the relationship ran into problems, the air would be let out of the tires. The phone cords would all be taken out of the wall, the money would be taken away, etc. With no money, no real ability to speak the language, no phone, what could she do? Would anybody put up with this for long? 
An American woman would likely divorce a man if the relationship became bad enough; a Russian woman - who is in a new country with few friends, connections, financial resources, and very limited knowledge about how things work in America - might be more likely to stay in an abusive or loveless marriage because of her fear of not being able to make it on her own. 
When these women come to the US, they often are completely dependent upon their spouse in the same way an infant depends on her parents for everything. In many cases, the male spouses do not educate their wives about how the household finances work and what it means to live on credit (not cash, like most people still do in Russia). A typical American lifestyle is very very different from a typical Russian lifestyle; many things seem strange and require explanation. I have witnessed stories where the husband would give the wife a small amount of money believing that this was all they needed to know about finances. Lack of trust, as justified as it may be, is the seed from which a lot of other issues end up sprouting over time. 
Now, in all fairness, I understand that ulterior motives is what concerns most men marrying these women. Sure, she may be using the man to get a green card. She may want to marry a man so he can buy things, bring her family to USA, and so on but if you start the relationship treating someone like they are on probation, you will probably not get very far. I believe, there are ways to protect your assets without making one feel like a second class citizen J .
In closing, if you have decided to take this course of action, know what you are getting yourself into: prepare to be a teacher and a student, realize that this “subject” takes a while to master, and under no circumstances take it lightly. If you do, you are just wasting everybody’s time. In a lot of cases the marriage deteriorates simply because one or both spouses do not fathom the depth of cultural differences and the need to learn and adapt to them . Multicultural marriages require a lot of work and if you want to make one last, you better be ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the time. Too many of the Russian-bride situations I know have ended badly or are ongoing and ought to end. As many of you already know, a successful marriage is something you have to work at – it doesn’t just happen. It is filled with more challenges than one can imagine. When both spouses are from the same country, speak the same language, and share the same culture, the divorce rate is close to one out of every two. With that in mind, you can easily imagine the struggles these couple face when they are from very different cultures, speak vastly different languages, and do not equally share in the risks associated with getting married. If after reading the material you are still planning to find someone special in Russia, here are some words that you might find helpful :-) .
жена (wife)
У него очень красивая жена. (He has a very beautiful wife.)
муж (husband)
Мой бывший муж очень много работал. (My ex-husband worked a lot.)
Давай поженимся!(Let’s get married!)
Выходи за меня замуж. (Marry me. – when a man proposes)
Катя, выходи за меня замуж! (Katya, marry me!)
Женись на мне. (Marry me. – when a woman offers herself as a wife)
Она его на себе женила. (She made him marry her).
молодожены (newlyweds)
Молодожены возвращаются завтра. (The newlyweds are coming back tomorrow.)
развод (divorce)
понимание (understanding)
гармония (harmony)
любовь (love)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Client's loyalty is earned

Every WG who is worth her salt has a number of very loyal clients.
Delivering great service is only a part of that equation. More often than not these "hard-core" fans developed as a result of a special connection, extra effort that WG put into the meetings, her willingness to listen, to understand and to provide, if even for a short period of time a "safe place" where a client is not judged and feels he can talk about anything.
This type of connection is not possible with each and every client: often because a client does not look for it or wants it, or because the chemistry is just not there.
It doesn't mean these other clients get bad service or less of a service: they just receive what they came for and happily go forth without giving it a second thought.
A lot of work goes into truly helping someone who needs it and asks for it: the task is so much more than a simple physical relief. It is not an easy task by any stretch of imagination. Sometimes people unburden their very souls, tell us things they simply cannot tell anyone else. We provide emotional support and sometimes guide them out of very dark places. It is an amazing feeling when we succeed!
A lot of WGs are generous with their time and give plenty when they feel a client really needs it or they are the only support system a client has (sometimes it becomes quite obvious).
Trust is essential in these situations and once achieved will most likely remain for a long time, if not forever.
Sex workers the world over do amazing job helping people every day. These clients are forever grateful and I know from personal experience they don't forget your kindness and generosity of spirit.
Which brings me to another point.
These loyal clients take personal affront when some random anonymous person (or persons) who never met/booked their favorite WG launches an attack on her on Internet forums. They take a very dim view of that.
Truth is, you never know who is who (as in real life) on the forums: that guy you are calling " a loser", "wanker" or "pussy whipped" (or accuse of being “fake”-as in non-existent person with the profile created by WG herself) could be a banker in charge of granting your next loan, a councilman in charge of granting your permits, a person in charge of inspections of your business or simply a consumer/potential client for your goods and services.
There are plenty "keyboard warriors" out there who don't even partake in the industry, yet don't hesitate to offer their opinions on everything and sundry make snarky remarks about WGs, their service and appearance. Usually these are guys who are deeply unsatisfied with their lives, but instead of making an effort to better it, they chose to spend their lives complaining, whingeing and put others down every chance they get to make themselves feel better.
I realise some might be stuck at a "dead end" mindless job that allows plenty of time to spend online. Well, perhaps use that time to take an online course or two which will help you to earn more money which in turn could help you propel yourself out of the situation you're in? Just a thought.
Christmas and New Year is upon us. Traditionally, this is the time for New Year resolutions. Let us all resolve to be kinder to each other and the world will be kinder to us.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Monday, November 10, 2014

50 Shades Of Cray. Repost of a hillarious review from a blog that is now gone-TheSponsoredLady

Goods Received: Fifty Shades of Cray Cray
Cost to Sponsored Lady: $0, found on Internet
Payment to Sponsored Lady: -$500 in income loss due to live-tweeting the experience of reading

Let it first be plainly said, your reviewer is an enormous fan of wanking.
Arithmetic might be of help in reckoning the total number of times I have seasoned my fish.  It is of no help, however, in extending that sum.  Whatever the figure, it’s a lot.  So much, in fact, that I sometimes run out of material with which to scratch the patch.

Therefore, it was with private hope I began the Fifty Shades trilogy; a BDSM blockbuster aimed at persons of my demographic who had run out of things to fluff their faps.  Or, to use the language of the works, things to amuse themselves  “down there”.

Always eager to deposit in the spank-bank, I picked up a stray copy of E L James’ strange shame left lying carelessly on the floor of the Internet.  This should be good for a fiddle, I thought.

No stranger to vertical pleasure – nor to porn depicting edge-play – I prepared, as often I have before, to wank at my personal computer. Viz.  I popped on some elasticised trousers and closed the curtain.  Yes. The romance of self-love is dead.

It was during the first chapter that a clamp shut down my “down there”.  Possibly for good.  This is not even literary snobbery. This is my broken vagina talking. Fifty Shades constitutes not only a failure to use the alphabet; it is a collapse of all my climactic hope.

I do not understand how this “writing” is stirring to any organ save for the human gastrointestinal tract.  This is not erotic so much as it is emetic.  This is felt as soon as we learn the name for our heroine: Anastasia Steele.

Anastasia MotherFucking Steele; this is a name rich in sugar-vomit.  Even Harlequin genre-romance disposed of this absurd taxonomy years ago.  Why not just call her Jiggles St Faire or Cans McNally or Lady Vag Sponge-Worthington for all the veracity this stupid fucking joke-name lends to the text? And, if that were not sufficient nonsense, Steele’s room-mate, an aberration outstanding for being no sort of narrative device at all, is named Katherine Kavanagh.

Please note, the revulsion I feel for this “writing” is not based in morality. I believe BDSM practise to be both entirely legitimate and enormous fun. But as a novice Bottom, I can detect some very false notes and as a Queer, I am terribly annoyed by the way in which the taste for edge-play is seen as some sort of disorder.
Plus, as an English speaker, I just really want to hurt myself.

Yes, BDSM is medicalised in this awful book to which no learned eye should ever be affixed.  The titular dom Christian Grey – oh, I know, why didn’t she just call him Cockington Jizz-Bisning – enjoys “dirty” sex only because he is, according to the text, “Fifty Shades of Fucked Up”.

Grey likes bondage because he is damaged by abuse; the heroine likes it chiefly because CHIRISTIAN GREY IS SUCH AN AWESOMLEY HOT GUY, WHOA.  This is a topsy-turvy world where awesome turns to adverb and BDSM turns to sickness.

As with any consensual sexual practise, bondage is not evidence of a disease.   Conversely,  WANKING TO THIS BOOK IS EVIDENCE OF A DISEASE. “You’re very beautiful, Anastasia Steele. I can’t wait to be inside you.”  I urge anyone who masturbated to this sentence to seek immediate medical aid.  Medical aid and a copy of Strunk & White.

You will find no grist to the gynaecological mill in this place.  That so many women have ground their corns into maize can only be evidence that my sex life is much, much spicier than I had previously thought.

Anyone even casually acquainted with actual sex will not be shocked into arousal by the, say, four or five extended pornographic scenes of the first volume.   At one point, Billionaire Christian Grey and Jaunty Submissive Anastasia Steele violate State health and safety codes by fornicating at an International House of Pancakes. Then, there’s a bit of spanking and an unfulfilled promise of anal.

I did a word search of Part 2 – AKA Fifty Shades of Grade School Grammar –  and the word “anal” appears just twice. DAMN YOU ANASTASIA STEELE!  I was promised sodomy. I’m calling the bum-sex ombudsman if it doesn’t happen soon. But after one-and-a-half-volumes, whoa, I can’t go on. I’m afraid I’m done not being offended with this work.

Oh, there is one carnal thing that really did appal me; so big ups to you for that, Missus James. In a scene that depicts a little-known peccadillo, Christian Grey “sensuously” removes our plucky heroine’s sanitary-wear.
“He reaches between my legs and pulls on the blue string… what! And… a gently pulls my tampon out and tosses it into the nearby toilet.”  Sensuously.

What do we even call this? Kotex-play?  Of course, like nearly everyone, I’ve had a bit of crime-scene sex and regretted it only in the laundry.  But eroticising the actual tampon?  I thought only Crown Princes were permitted to do that. But, to quote our protagonist, “whoa…is this really happening?”.  Apparently it is. Jeez.  Whoa.   HOLY MOLY.

We have bad sex and we have an entirely embarrassing Thomas Hardy leitmotif.  Just as Michael Cunningham won the Pulitzer with his nod to Mrs Dalloway, James wins my Grand Prix de scorn with her lumbering references to Tess of the d’Urbervilles.  Co-ed Anastasia Steele is a Literature major, dontcha know.

A Literature major whose specialty is the Nineteenth Century novel; which makes her prose all the more confounding littered, as it is with ellipses, unforgivable repetition and the word “whoa”.
Whoa.  Please consider this soil sample from the poison tundra of Shades “My mouth goes dry and desire blooms in my body… whoa.” Whoa appears 17 times.  In Part One of the Popular Bondage & Delicatessen series, the word “jeez” appears 81 times.

 Jeez, could I feel any more self-conscious? Jeez, he remembers how I like my tea. Jeez, I’m a quivering, moist mess, and he hasn’t even touched me.

THESE ARE ALL ACTUAL SENTENCES WRITTEN BY AN ACTUAL HUMAN WOMAN.  Our Anastasia is impenitent also in her use of “inner goddess”, “holy crap” and “Anastasia Steele”.

The lyrics to Who Put The Bomp (In-The-Bomp-A-Bomp-A-Bomp) are more finely crafted than the passages of Shades.  There are Home Hardware catalogues more gripping and plugs of cold snot more arrestingly erotic.  Also – and this is just a quibble but one that has given me a rash from all the head-scratching – why does Handsome Billionaire Christian Grey give Plucky Co-ed Anastasia Steele a fucking BlackBerry?  She is clearly the sort of douche who’d prefer an iPhone.
Also, why does Salty Sadist Christian have “lips that quirk up in a smile” seventeen fucking times.  Also, why is everyone cocking their head and smiling?

He smiles a dazzling, crooked smile, his head cocked slightly to one side.  He cocks his head to one side, and I see a trace of a smile.  He cocks his head to one side and gives me an artful smile.

Head-cocking and smiling. Are these supposed to be people or Labradors at Crufts?

Oh. And another thing. How does anyone become a young billionaire in the United States of America via onshore manufacturing and why does the Marvellous Master say something as flagrantly ignorant as  in Chapter 10 (by which, might I add, they have done it JUST ONCE and NOT EVEN with restraints) “The Pinot Grigio here’s a decent wine, it will go well with the meal, whatever we get.”  Now, I’m no fucking sommelier but I know for damn sure a fruity, dry Italian with notes of grapefruit is not doing ANY favours to red meat, game or fish with cream based sauce. Pinot Noir is a much better one-size fits most varietal.  Jeez. Whoa.  Holy Moly. Why the fuck didn’t she do some Wikipedia?

Apparently a moist nation-state of mamas was too busy furiously knocking the top off frustration to give half a shit for detail. Or sentences.  Or a book that didn’t actually insult them by describing the taste of the hero’s cock as “my very own Christian Grey flavor popsicle.” THIS IS AN ACTUAL SENTENCE WRITTEN BY AN ACTUAL HUMAN WOMAN.

Oh.  I should mention.  As Christian Grey is Terribly Cultured, his favourite film is The Piano. For some reason, I found this uproariously funny.  I just genuinely hope that no one tells Jane Campion as she seems like a nice lady and would probably be devastated by such unfortunate news.
It’s SO AWFUL.  Actually, it’s almost seductively awful in that Showgirls way.  It’s a rare example of  Susan Sontag’s unintentional camp; the author is clearly unaware of the dazzling kitsch she’s produced.  If you have a reading group who likes to laugh at stupid people doing clumsy things, it’s an indispensible artefact.

“You have such a captivating, sexy ass, Anastasia Steele,” says Billionaire BlackBerry Gift-Giver Christian Grey.  Perhaps I will have the words “You have such a captivating, sexy ass, Anastasia Steele” tattooed on my captivating, sexy ass.  And change my name to Anastasia Steele.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thailand: budget travel

This post is designed to help discount travellers. Those who have unlimited budget and/or used to travel 5 star all the way will not benefit from it.
Please note that recommendations given are my personal opinions and in no way represent gospel truth. I just thought I'd give back to travel community,as I have benefited tremendously from other's posting their experiences.


Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok is great and very easy to navigate with prominent signage in both Thai and English languages throughout.

Upon arrival exchange some money straight away, as you will need Thai Baht to travel to the city. Airport exchange rates are not the best, so only exchange what you need for that day-about $100US is usually plenty.
In the city, in my experience Asok money exchange has consistently the best exchange rates (located around the corner from Clinicneo, it's just a small window manned by Asian guy-NOT Thai).

The best way to get to the city is the train. Taxis are available, of course, but there is usually a line AND road congestion in Bangkok is horrendous.

Train is fast, clean, air conditioned, goes every 20 min or so and costs a fraction of a taxi fare.
Train does not operate past midnight or before 6am so make sure to book a flight that arrives well within train operating hours.

Follow the signs "Train to the city" to the basement level. There are two trains available: express and regular (all stops). Difference in travel time between those is only about 15-20 min and the amount of people on the train-regular one gets crowded with regular commuters. Total travel time is about 30-40 min.
Regular train price is 45TB and express is 90TB. In comparison a taxi ride would be about 500-600TB.

Purchase the token for the train from the token vending machine-it is user-friendly and all you need to do is touch the screen for the station you want to go to. If you are going to the city, you will need the final station: Phaya Thai where you can interchange for Sky train (city train) network and to MRT.

Personally, I prefer to stay in hotels located along Sukhumvit District (this for me includes Siam and Thong Lo). The area is great and Sky train network runs along it, so even if you are walking, there is no way to get lost.
The area is famous for it's street markets, massage places (both regular and erotic variety), street food and fine restaurants, amazing shopping (many malls of Siam, famous MBK mall) and various reputable beauty clinics (for those who are interested in cosmetic tourism).
Couple of traditional Thai "red light" districts are located along there as well.

Sky Train travel:

Once you arrive at the Phaya Thai station on airport train, follow the signs to Phaya Thai Sky Tran station-it's a 2 min walk along covered walkway.
You will need to determine which station you need to travel to (where your hotel is). There is a map of Sky train network posted by ticket machines.
Next to each station is a circled number-that's the price of a train ride to that particular station. Recently there were machines installed that accept bills in addition to coins-only machines, but there are cashiers that will exchange your bills for coins. Note that cashiers do NOT sell actual tickets-they only exchange the bills for coins. You will need to go back to ticket machines to purchase your ticket.

Thai station attendants are generally very friendly and will let you through the big gate if you have a suitcase or a large bag. You will need to give them your ticket so they can run it through the machine. Make sure you hold on to your ticket, as you will need it to exit at your destination station. If you lost it, you will be asked to pay a full fare in order to exit.


There are literally hundreds of budget hotels in Bangkok.
The best site to choose one in my opinion is I recommend reading the reviews carefully,as many hotels do not look exactly like the photos shown and rooms could be very small and/or windowless.

My personal favorite is Sawasdee Sukhumvit Inn Hotel located just a couple of minutes walk from Thong Lo station. Not only is is clean and has many amenities that other similar priced hotels don't offer, their price includes full  hot cooked breakfast in the morning. They also have desk staff 24/7 which is not always the case in budget Bangkok hotels.
To find this hotel, exit Thong Lo station on the side your train was and continue walking in the direction the train was going. Cross major Street (Thong Lor) and keep walking until you come to the corner on which big Marriott Hotel is sitting. Turn into that Soi (small street) and walk all the way to the end. Sawasdee Inn is located there. It's painted bright yellow and purple, so you won't miss it. Understand that it is not visible from the beginning of the Soi, so don't hesitate.

Things to do in Bangkok:

Shopping: plenty of street markets and proper Western-style malls along Sukhumvit.
MBK (located at National Stadium station) is well-known for it's bargains.
One of my personal favorites is Terminal 21 mall located at Asok station.
The only famous market that is NOT in Sukhumvit is Patpong, but you can easily catch a Sky train there (Sala Daeng station)

Food: street food is perfectly safe to eat, but if you are not a fan, Terminal 21's food court (located in the basement) offers "sanitised" version of it along with many other scrumptious treats.
There are also dozens of restaurants of all types from moderately priced to extravagant all along Sukhumvit.

Beauty tourism: many reputable clinics located here. They offer variety of procedures from microdermabrasion to lasers to surgery. Clinicneo, SVJ Laser Clinic, Lollana are just a few examples.
Note that good clinics are not dirt cheap (contrary to what some believe), but they are cheaper than their counterparts in US,New Zealand and Australia. Many also offer treatments that are not available in New Zealand.

Tours/sightseeing: There are many agencies located along Sukhumvit where you can chose your entertainment.:Zoo, animal sanctuary,floating market, temples, elephant riding. They have books and brochures to show you and can combine several attractions. Make your arrangements there and they will come and pick you up from your hotel at arranged day/time.

Massage places: Most are pretty good, but do shop around and look at the prices. As a rule, the closer you get to Siam, the higher the prices. Places that offer "erotic" massage are fairly obvious (it's the way the girls are dressed and how they approach you).

Travel to other Thailand destinations: Thai trains are great! Train to Chiang Mai, for example. You can book an overnight one: it's much cheaper than flying (and actually is faster, considering all the time you save having to arrive to airport in advance and all the hassles of checking in and collecting your luggage at arrival) and very comfortable. It also saves you one night of hotel stay.
Unfortunately, you cannot book train tickets online. you have to buy them at the station. It's located right at Hua Lamphong MRT station.
Make sure to plan and buy your tickets in advance, as they do sell out-trains are very popular with both locals and tourists.
I recommend buying S class: second class air-conditioned. What an experience!
To learn more about trains, check out this site:

If you want to catch some rays by the sea, the fastest and easiest way to do this is taking a bus to Pattaya. Bus depot is located at Ekkamai Sky train station and buses depart every hour from 7am until 10 pm. It's about 2 hr ride (depends on traffic).

Other popular Thailand destinations are Phuket and Koh Samui. You can catch overnight  intercity bus to those. You have to be careful to choose VIP first class air-conditioned one and try to book a seat on the second level OVER the driver-it will give you huge leg room. At the bus station you'll find many ticket agents stick their heads out of the windows and call out trying to get you to buy tickets for their bus company, so make sure to ask what you are getting and look at the seat location map carefully.
VIP first class buses in Thailand are better than some airlines: they are clean and the seats are wide and recline almost horizontally, you are provided with bottled water (and sometimes a snack) and a blanket.There is one big TV upfront, but movies (mostly Western) are often translated in Thai. Sometimes they are only subtitled in Thai, though.
Overnight intercity buses make a couple of stops and there are vendors with great selection of fresh hot and cold food and drink waiting.
There are toilets on the buses and the the stops.
Interstate bus station is located at Mo Chit station, but you will have to catch either a taxi or a one of those motorcycle guys to get there from the station-it's not quite walking distance, especially when you have luggage.

BTW, motorcycle guys are perfectly safe, but be careful to discuss the price before you mount the bike and especially for those who go from the bus station to Mo Chit, make it abundantly clear that it is Mo Chit you want to go to, otherwise they will strike up a conversation asking what your final destination is and take you there (at significantly higher cost that Sky Train).

If you live in New Zealand or Australia, the best travel insurance for travelling to Thailand is from 1 Cover, NOT Southern Cross. Southern cross only covers public hospitals (NOT private) and the difference in Thailand between the two is HUGE. Also, 1 Cover will cover all injuries sustained on any licensed mode of transportation-this includes motorcycle guys.

I find Thailand pretty tourist-friendly and reasonably safe as long as you follow common sense precautions:

Leave your Rolex at home.
Same with your expensive jewellery and designer handbags.
Keep your bag in front of you at all times and don't leave it unattended
Only carry whatever cash you might need (many places accept credit cards). Don't flash wads of money.
Don't get drunk in (any) public places.
Don't accept drinks from strangers.
If some guy tells you to come with him to a "special" shop where his friend will give you a great deal on *whatever* probably don't go.
Avoid making ATM withdrawals in dark/isolated alleys. Generally stick to major malls and banks,as there are "fake" ATMs that will "skim" your card.
Choose hotels that have in-room safes, BUT understand staff has codes to open them. So hide your documents/cash in several different spots. Use hotels with many, many good reviews-less chance of theft.
It's best to be back at your hotel by midnight, but I realise many (especially guys) go to Thailand to party all night, so it's up to you.

Have fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My country

I love my country. I did not leave it many years ago because I didn't like it or things were bad for me there. Not at all.

I had a very happy childhood: my parents weren't exceptionally rich or powerful, but they earned well above average living and had successful careers. They were both athletes: Mom was a member of the Soviet National Volleyball Team and Dad was first a member of the Soviet National Yachting Team, then a Chief Coach of that same team.

Russians are well-known for their patriotism. My family was no exception. Yes, of course my parents worked to earn money, but they also genuinely took pride in doing their best to make their country proud.

Professional sport is not for the faint of heart, as any professional athlete will testify: training is grueling and seemingly endless and just as one competition ends, preparations for the next one begin.
Us Russians are also known for our stoicism: we work through the pain to get the result. That's why very popular Western concept "I did my best" does not wash with Russians: we don't really care if you did your best, your worst or your medium,as long as you have achieved the goal set forth for you (desired/expected result).

Mom had many injuries inflicted during training and competitions and Dad had 5 heart attacks, 2 strokes, ongoing liver and kidney problems, stomach ulcers and various other health issues brought on by stress of his chosen career which span several decades.
But you should see the pride on his face when he (and later his charges) brought home Gold medals from Europe and World Championships! He was proud to do his bit for his country. And his country rewarded him for his efforts-hence our comfortable lifestyle.

I grew up in a beautiful city-home to people of many different ethnicity's. We all got along great!
Sure, my country wasn't without problems, but neither is any other country.

I am grateful for so many things:

-FREE medical care, including doctor's home visits (even in case of a flu). Medicines cost next to nothing as well.

-FREE education (you could study for free all the way up Academical ladder-to be a Professor if you wished and had the necessary aptitude)

-FREE and GUARANTEED job placement according to one's field of study immediately upon graduation from University or college

-Heavily discounted (almost free, really) vacation stays if you were a Union member (most were)
-Extremely low cost of utilities, produce and public transport.

-FREE housing. Sure, you had to wait for it, but ultimately none of us had rent or mortgage.

I really do appreciate all that, especially after living in Western countries for a long time (US mostly), where rent/mortgage often eats 60-80% of one's earnings and many young people graduate Universities with over $100K worth of student loans debt and no realistic prospects of work. Not to mention the cost of medical care, where one can literally be left homeless and penniless as a result of serious illness or accident.

I do realise that things did not go great for everyone in Russia. Some people struggled. Some really got the raw end of the stick. But you can find this in every country: I travel a great deal and am yet to find a land where every single person is absolutely happy and content and no one is complaining about anything.

Yes, Russia was rife with bureaucracy. Bribery was common. But overall life was good for the majority. There were plenty of honest hardworking people and the system (although definitely not without fault) worked.

Russia went through some seriously rough times in the 1990's: my country nearly perished. But it survived and rebuilt itself. It is doing fine now.

I was there just last month and was happy to see that overall people (as in your average folk)  are doing good and are happy with their country and it's leadership. I stress that they are not afraid to "show their true feelings"-they are genuinely happy and content.

It also felt good to "belong", be a natural part of something. Only those who lived for a long time in countries other than their own (especially those with a completely different language) would know what I mean. It's all good and well (and cute and entertaining) to be asked "Where are you from" on your holiday. It's entirely different feeling when this happens several times a day for years on end in the country where you lived most of your life and are a citizen of: you feel excluded, like you don't belong.
When I was in Moscow, no one asked me where I was from-they naturally assumed I was from there. People addressed me by my proper name in a respectful manner (Russian way of doing this is using one's first and middle name-it's very culture specific). I was asked for directions by passersby on the streets. When I inquired about a job (just out of curiosity), no one asked me if I had a proper visa-they assumed I did. It felt good to be on a Metro (subway) and be surrounded by people all speaking my native language.

Many will do well to remember that in today's age of media anything and everything is a subject of a "spin": whomever gets the most print/TV/Internet space in any given territory wins public opinion. It is very rare to get a true objective information on anything: whatever country you live in will put it's spin on it. Add to that the fact that opinions (and truth itself) are very subjective based on one's interpretation, which is often colored by one's personal (past or present) experience.

I quite deliberately avoid any political discussion here: I do not wish to engage. I do have an opinion (quite strong one), but that's not the point of this post.

I was brought up to be grateful. To remember all the good that was done to you.

So I say this again: I love my country and will not forsake it in order to please somebody/anybody. It was (and is) good to me and I shall never forget it.

So please do not prompt me to any political discussions-it's a pointless exercise. While you are perfectly entitled to your opinion, kindly do not try force it on me or attempt to "convert" me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Different ways people self-promote (it's all about agendas)

Disclaimer: if you think you recognise yourself in my blog post, I'm afraid you're just being vain. But don't worry, we are all susceptible to a bit of vanity.

Self-promotion. Important marketing tool in every business. For consumers to discover how good/amazing/fantastic you are at what you do they first need to know you exist.

With many media platforms available today it's an easy task. What varies is how people go about it.
Some are very subtle and chose product placement over direct "in-your-face" advertising, some flood media platforms with endless blurbs, others post occasional tidbits to peak interest.

I support self-promotion-as long as it's not done at the expense of other workers. There is no harm in shouting how good you are from the rooftops as long as you are not putting down someone else to make yourself look good in comparison

Some people think they are very clever and do the putting down in ways they think are untraceable and/or not obvious.
The biggest mistake one could make is underestimate others.

Attempting to present oneself as innocent and "white and fluffy" while subtly implying (by the virtue of stating one's innocence) that others are guilty is one way to attempt to garner followers/attract business.

One has to be careful with tactics like that, though: everything secret becomes...well... NOT secret eventually." For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open" Luke 8:17. As they say in the vernacular:It can bite you in the ass.
If one decides to climb on a high self-righteous horse, they better be absolutely sure they are... well.. righteous. At least in the specific area they are championing.

If one actively participates in certain situations, taking great steps to protect their friends/coworkers (very admirable, by the way-I applaud that) and goes as far as creating a "secret" handle on public forum to expose the doer of bad deeds (again, good on them-it was a right thing to do), one shouldn't really claim "aversion" to such situations later and "out" someone else's "secret" handle-it's just not a good form.
Similarly, if one actively and aggressively supports/promotes/defends people they happen to like (no problem there-it's human nature and we all do it), they shouldn't condemn others for doing the same (for people THEY happen to like). Or attempt to single themselves out as "innocent" and "ignorant" of any such things in order to present themselves in the best possible light while casting shadows on others.

Let's face it: no one is perfect. We all guilty of prejudice based on personal likes/dislikes. Some people warm our hearts while others (for no apparent reason) just rub us the wrong way. It's really not a big deal and has been happening since the days immemorial.

We also all have agendas: sometimes those agendas overlap with other's agendas and sometimes they are directly opposite. It's OK, too: make your allegiances clear and fight an honest battle for them.
True, you are sticking your neck out there by doing so, but you can never be all things to all people and please everybody anyway. Some will love you, some will hate you and majority will give it a passing glance and move on, completely disinterested.

No amount of mud slinging (in obvious and/or subtle fashion) will make a difference: people like who they like, everybody has an opinion and as a rule they stick with their opinion and act accordingly. It's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The difference between “coffee date”, “dinner date” and “booking” in commercial sex service environment.

 I gave my pricing a lot of thought and came up with the structure that is, in my opinion, fair and enables a client to pick and chose just the right service (or combination of services).
However, apparently some guys are confused.

So here’s clarification:

“Coffee date”: pretty much what it sounds like. Having a coffee in the morning or during the day in a cafe (public place) while dressed in appropriate day time street clothes. 
Coffee dates are designed for those clients who wish to talk (usually about things they cannot discuss with anyone else due to various circumstances) or want to get to know me a bit before deciding on a booking. There is no touching of any kind or any explicit sexual conversation. Certainly no sex is involved. 
*Very low*price tag of $50/hr reflects all of the above.

“Coffee date” is different from a “booking” which takes place inside my premises (or client’s hotel room in case of outcall) where I am scantily clad in lingerie (or whatever outfit client requested) for his visual stimulation, client is able (and very much encouraged) to touch me (or himself) at anytime and there is no limit to explicit sexual conversation. Role playing could be part of the booking (if client so desires).
Different clients have different needs, so although complimentary refreshments, kissing, DFK, DATY and full sex are all definitely the elements available (and are included in stated rates), some clients chose not to partake in some (or all) of those. It is their decision and does not affect stated rates, as I’ve calculated those carefully based on time, expenses (on my part), market comparison and physical and emotional energy required for the booking. 
Simply put, I would not be willing to see clients for intimate services for less than my published rates.

“Dinner dates”. I offer these in recognition of the fact that many of my clients want to start multi-hour evening bookings with those. Again, I do so because I endeavor to be fair in my pricing.
For dinner dates I wear alluring evening wear (unless client stipulated otherwise). Conversation could be a bit more flirty, some touching and mild PDA is common (unless client instructs otherwise). Price tag is $100.
However, if you desire to boost your adrenaline and planning some daring acts (sex in a public bathroom, for example), this will be classed as a “booking” and charged at appropriate rate or higher-due to increased risk factor such as arrest for indecent exposure. Plans like this should be discussed in advance and agreed upon (as I may not wish to provide such services).

Attempts to play with my pricing structure in order to gain cost advantage are not appreciated.

Examples of such attempts: 

-Booking 1 hr dinner @$100/hr with 1 hr FS @$200/hr to follow and rushing through dinner in 1/2hr in an attempt to get 90 min FS at cut rate.

-Attempting to book a “coffee date” inside my premises requesting that I wear lingerie

-Attempting to secure a booking of unspecified length (saying you want to “chat a bit” before booking) and for unspecified remuneration

I research the market constantly. I firmly believe that I offer extremely competitive rates (in fact, some of my clients think my rates are low with the view of VFM) for all that I offer inclusive of those rates.

Kindly do not insult me by attempting to low-ball or “outsmart” me. If you wish to make a booking that combines several of my services, please describe what you desire (including specific length of time for each segment) and ask me for the total price.

Thank you for your patronage. I know there are a lot of choices out there and I appreciate you choosing to spend your money with me.