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WGs STEALING CLIENTS (truth comes out eventually)

WGs Stealing clients (truth comes out eventually)

As any business, sex business is not immune to dirty tactics employed by competitors.
Here is a story from as told by a very experienced prominent punter:

I have seen two credible reports of it in European forums.

Dave the punter makes a booking to see Suzi the escort. Suzi tells Dave to go to a well known bar and to ring her from outside the bar's entrance. She can see him there from her window and when he rings she directs him to the door to her building and tells him to enter 3197 on the keypad.

Dave does that and Suzi answers the door intercom and tells Dave to take the lift to the fourth floor, turn right on leaving the lift and walk along to room 422. She then buzzes him in and goes to the door and waits.

Dave rides up to the fourth, turns right and starts looking for 422. As he passes one door, it opens and a voice inside says "are you here for me? I am Suzi." Dave is slightly aware that this might not be room 422 but he may have misheard and there is no number on this door so he goes in for his punt. 

Meanwhile in 422 the real Suzi is wondering where the **** is her client. She cannot believe that another client just vanished and she is also worried that he now knows her address.

One day, one of the disappearing Dave's posts a review saying the Suzi is nothing like her photos and her service was rotten. 

That's when the **** really hits the fan.

And here is a true story. Happened to yours truly.

Before I’ve decided to go private in NZ after working for an agency for a while, I’ve done my homework: I’ve started writing a blog a few months prior, had a professional website built and joined online forum for sex industry (the only forum of its kind in NZ)

I lived in Wellington when I first started working privately, but moved to Auckland a few months later.

I worked hard on building my clientele and reputation. As I travel abroad frequently, I used to post updates on my travel dates on the forum-sometimes I would be away from New Zealand for as long as 2-3 months.

Online forums are very good marketing platform for WGs, but discussions and debates there could quickly escalate and become personal. Comments made towards WGs could be unkind to say the least.
As one WG put it, forums are “rough kind of places” and could become soul-destroying.
They are not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

A lot of girls read them, but only a handful actively participate.

One of Auckland WGs decided she could have it both ways: reap the rewards of active forum participation without actually doing it.

She started by adopting my working name for herself: she suddenly changed all her advertising to “Yana” (after having two other  working names prior to that).

Now, lots of girls have same names, but those are usually common ones: Anna, for instance or Katy or even Samantha.

Yana is not a very popular name, definitely not in Western world. I chose this name to highlight my heritage (Russian).
That girl (the one who took my name) was Asian (Malaysian specifically), so Yana was not a common name in her culture.

There is no law that prevents girls from taking other girl’s names ad usually it is not a big deal.

It is slightly different in NZ, as it is a small country and has only one online forum. 
It makes a huge difference here when a prospective client sees an ad for “Yana” and puts a search for that name on the forum looking for reviews: that girl didn’t have that many reviews and I had a lot and it wasn’t always clear which “Yana” the review was for.

Although that girl advertised as SM (sensual massage), she offered FS (full service) if the client so desired, which made things even more complicated.

According to her reviews and comments from her clients, she offered great service, so I can only assume she aimed to increase her business by appropriating my name.

One might argue that I would benefit from this as well, but reality is far from it.

I specialise in GFE (girl friend experience) and FS. This means my premises are set up to accommodate this: everything is soft, plush, upscale and is designed to create an atmosphere of slow unrushed intimacy. I worked really hard on eliminating anything that would give an “institutional”, “clinical” feeling.
This means I do not have a massage table, there are no vinyl anything or hard surfaces.
I also do not use oil, as it makes condoms break.

So when a client calls and asks for a massage with “happy ending”, I:
A)   Tell him that I charge my normal rates for that (they usually expect it to be cheaper)
B)    Explain that my premises are not really set up for massage and I do not use oil
This usually means that no booking eventuates.

But for that girl it was a win/win situation, as she advertised SM and offered FS for additional fee: she got the best of both worlds.

But she didn’t stop there, as I found out later.

Every time I went overseas, I would get random texts occasionally always asking for a massage with happy ending. I couldn’t figure it out: my ad was not running, so why these guys were contacting me?
I just wrote it off to people saving my number (which still didn’t explain SM requests, though).

Then one day, when I was in Hong Kong, I got this text: "Hi yana. How much for 1hr massage and relief? Where on new north are u?"

I’ve decided to dig further and asked the texter where he seen my ad and whether it was specifically for massage:

This was his reply: "Was in nz herald but think it was old add maybe!" "Sorry, I saw it tonight after googling this area around new north rd! Yes, was for massage"

And then it finally dawned on me: that girl cloned my phone number! She assumed that I have a separate “work” phone which I turn off when I go away and watched the forum carefully so she knew my departure/arrival dates.

There is absolutely no doubt about it, as I have never advertised in NZ Herald for a massage and I have never worked anywhere on New North Rd: which is the information she clearly put in the ad, as the client searched the internet for “massage New North Rd”.

I did advertise in NZ Herald ONCE when I first came to Auckland: it was for 3 days only and the ad did not state my name, nor did it offer  a massage. That ad stated “CBD” as well for location (NOT "New North Rd")

All the pieces fell together. 
I now understood all those stray texts asking for SM when I wasn’t even advertising and some strange threads started on the forum by unknown members that in retrospect were clearly designed to figure out how long I would be away and my exact return date.

Armed with proof, I’ve contacted the main advertising medium both myself and that girl were using and asked them to demand a "cease and decease" of  her activities using my name.
By then I have secured exclusive rights to my working name by paying a yearly fee, so my request was reasonable.

The girl in question is now retired from what I heard. Realistically, she probably got several thousand dollars from using my name.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery... Well, maybe. But it is a small comfort when one works really hard and someone else reaps significant financial rewards of that hard work. There is a word for it-stealing. And the person doing it is nothing but a thief.
I am not impressed.

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