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Payments and refunds for sex services

Payments and refunds for sex services

Internet changed sex industry: along with online advertising and review forums it brought higher expectations and standards.

In words of Madam Becky (from her book “Madam: Prostitutes, Punters and Puppets, Memoirs of a very British Brothel”):
“Clients these days are fussy. Not grateful, like they used to be. Not delighted and fascinated to find a smoothly mown lady garden under a racy pair of panties. With all types of porn just two clicks away, most boys seem to grow up not realising that girls even have pubic hair or small deflated breasts. People want it all now. They want it cheap and they want it quick”.

These days one hears a lot of demands for a refund when a punter feels his expectations weren’t met.
Fair enough- I have no problem with that at all.
Just how much of a refund one is entitled is a tricky issue,though, due to the specifics of the industry: the service is very personal and intimate and not at all tangible.
But in a way, it’s quite similar to other businesses.

Say you are at a restaurant for dinner. You see fillet mignon on the menu, described as tender, juicy, cooked to perfection with pink moist centre and “guaranteed to melt in your mouth”.  It comes with sautéed potatoes and some veggies.
Your mouth water just reading the description and you order it as soon as waitress approaches your table.

However, when the waitress reappears several minutes later carrying what was meant to be your fillet, you see a New York strip on the plate that looks like an old tough shoe sole before you even tasted it.

Your immediate reaction should be “I am sorry; this is NOT what I’ve ordered. I’ve asked for fillet mignon.”

If the waitress apologises for her mistakes and delivers the correct order, all is good.

If she says “Sorry, but the Chef informed me that we are out of fillet mignon, so he sent this instead”, you should politely refuse to accept and either select something else from the menu that you find appealing or leave. In latter case the establishment should not charge you for the drink you had while waiting for your order, as they failed to inform you in timely manner that fillet you wanted was not available.

If the waitress did come back very shortly after taking your order (2-3) min to apologise about the unavailability of the fillet and offering you to choose something else, all is good-proceed with another selection.

If the fillet you’ve ordered has, indeed, arrive a rule of thumb that is used in better eating establishments is “two minutes/two bites”.
It means the server should come back in about 2 min (or after you’ve taken two bites of your meal-whichever comes first) to check that everything is to your liking. If yes, all is good, if not, they should offer to fix the problem (depending on what it is) by either cooking your steak more or offering you another menu selection.

If you have eaten most (or all) of your steak (which constitutes the biggest part of the price of the meal), full refund (or replacement with another meal) is no longer an option.

If the waitress came to clear your empty (or nearly empty) plate and you start bitching about how the steak “wasn’t what you expected” and “didn’t taste that good” or the vegetables were overcooked (or undercooked), etc, she would be surprised to hear all that when you’ve eaten most (or all) of the meal and haven’t attempted to complain at any time prior.
The most you could expect at this stage is offer of a free drink or dessert.
You main meal (steak) won’t be “comped”

Above scenario could be used as approximate guideline for sex services.
When you turn up for a booking (having seen WG’s ad online and having fairly good idea of what to expect), you should imagine a clock/time counter in your head that is set for the duration of the time you’ve booked-say 1 hour/60 min (similar to the one pictured at the top of this post).
This counter/timer is sitting still while you knocking on the door and are greeted by a WG.
If the WG is NOT AT ALL what was portrayed in the photos, the best thing to do is to beat a hasty retreat (no need to be rude-just politely tell her she does not match her ad).
At this stage the time counter never moves and you owe no money.

If a WG does look like her photos and you enter her premises and start a conversation, the time counter starts moving (slowly at this stage).

When the girl takes her clothes off, the counter moves a bit faster. You put your hands and/or mouth on the girl, it moves faster yet.

Once you’ve inserted your penis in her vagina and start pumping, the movement of the counter becomes a blur: similar to the electric meter on Invercargill house in the dead of the winter when a heater cranked up to the max in every room.

As sex services are billed in time increments in New Zealand and Australia, duration of overall booking is of importance as well.
If  the girl looks great and everything is fantastic, but she attempts to kick you out after you’ve ejaculated on 25 min mark, you should ask for a refund in the difference between the price of half a hour and one hour booking.

If a WG looks great, but lacks in attitude/enthusiasm/skills department, you should inform her of this as soon as it becomes apparent and either stop the booking demanding partial refund (amount will depend on what took place so far) or ask for immediate adjustments.

If a WGs specifically advertised certain things/sexual acts you are fond of and you explicitly clarified on the phone (while making a booking) that they are, indeed available, but upon commencement of the booking a WG is suddenly unwilling to deliver on her promises, please follow the script above (stop the booking-ask for partial refund-or ask her to deliver services/acts promised).

If you chose to have a conversation with a WG for most of the duration of your booking, the counter was, indeed, moving (if it was her doing that in an attempt not to do what she was booked to do, you should bring this to her attention fairly early ad ask to move on to the "main event". If she didn't do so after a couple of prompts, revert to the same script above).

If you have certain things in mind and/or like the flow of the booking to be in particular order, you need to inform the WG of this clearly. Communication is the key. She can’t read your mind. It is really unfair NOT to ask for things and later write a bad review complaining that they weren’t performed.

Exception would be things that are very definition of a full service commercial sex: oral and penetrative sex (in New Zealand some sort of massage is also included in FS). These you certainly don’t need to ask/prompt for: they should be readily available and eagerly delivered during a full service booking.

If you went through with the booking, stayed the entire time you’ve paid for and had sex with WG, you cannot expect a full refund.

If there were issues, such as the state of the premises, interruptions (WG answering her phone during the booking, for example) or you are truly unhappy with WG’s performance (“star fish”), etc, you should communicate this to the WG (or the agency manager/receptionist) while you are still on the premises and either ask for a partial refund or a discount on the next booking (provided you were assured the next time your experience will be better).

In case agency/WG refused to rectify the situation, you have every right to pen a scathing review. But please try to do so in respectful, constructive manner, stick to the facts and don’t over exaggerate or make things up-it will only make your review less credible.

Obviously, in real world not every situation is easy or clear cut, but in general terms, if everyone does the logical thing, it will make it easier on everyone and will save lots of money, time and stress.

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