Monday, September 9, 2013


Some guys, while feeling perfectly entitled to discuss WGs publicly and privately in great detail, often personal and private, sometimes getting facts wrong or deliberately making stuff up, balk at the notion that WG share information about clients. Funny that.
Information was shared from the time immemorial. Yes, it is quicker to do so now, with internet and all the handy gadgets one can carry in his pocket, but it is a two-way street.
Guys share info about WGs to save money and have the most amount of fun possible for their $$. WG share info about guys to prevent time wasting, loss of revenue, to avoid stalkers and in some cases of violent and unstable clients to avoid being hurt or killed

And before anyone jumps in with analogies, it's actually the same in every business.

Shops post the photos of shoplifters in their windows and in the papers. Despite the fact that these people are customers (or were at some point), management wants to prevent the loss of revenue.

Motel owner have their own "internal" message board, not visible or accessible to guests, where they list "bad" clients.

Businesses share information about "slow" or non-paying clients.

Rental companies share "bad" tenant info and, in fact, require extensive references (from other rental companies and landlords) for all new tenants. And tenants do the same about rental companies and landlords.

Examples are endless.

Fact is, if you have fairly visible profile on a public forum, there is a good chance people are talking about you.

Guys participate in this forum for fun and amusement. Forum is visible to everyone, even if they are not members, so one does not have to join to read reviews. One only has to join only if one wants express his opinion publicly for others to see.

WG take part in the forum to promote their business. Not many are brave enough,as with benefits comes a downside: girl could become a subject of attack at any time.

Often times when guys don't like what a WG has to say, her opinion, or what she stand for, they immediately make disparaging comments about her appearance or service instead of putting forth a constructive argument.

I wonder how guys would feel if every time one of us didn't agree with their opinion, we'd say things like:'"Well, you have a small dick", "You can't get it up", "You are crap in bed", "you think you're ace at oral but you actually have no fucking clue" instead of addressing specific topic being discussed.

Personally, I have lost count of times I've been attacked on here. Most recent was last week and today when someone implied I wrote my own fake review.
I don't bend or brake easily. This forum is child's play compared to what I had to deal with when I was a Real Estate Agent and Property Manager in Las Vegas. That's truly a "good 'ol boys" club, that's for sure. 
I was called every name in the book, screamed and spat at, files (and in one case paper weight) been thrown in my face and guys came up with obscenities that would leave the most hardened criminal blushing. 

I take it all in stride. I am well aware that I am not universally liked. 
Some don't care for me, some don't like what I stand for, some dislike me, some hate me with passion and wish the Earth would swallow me whole and some like me a great deal.
If and when I grow tired of it all, I'll go on DND and bid farewell to this forum.

But a lot of girls are not tough. They are afraid of being pulled apart publicly-just as they see done to others.

Constructive criticism in order to improve service or calling out bait and switch and other unsavory practices is one thing. Deliberate "bashing" and "bagging" without any basis in order to inflict commercial harm is quite another.

Why do some guys think they entitled to do it, but feel the same can not be done to them?
If you don't want people to talk about you, don't participate on the forum. 
Many WG adopted this tactic and it works great for them (although they are not on DND). 
It works fine for guys as well-trust me, I know, as quite a few of my clients either don't know about this forum, do not want to know or read it without joining.

There are plenty of punters with a lot of reviews under their belt whom never had any controversy surround their names despite beig members on here for years: Midnight Cowboy, Dreamcatcher, Jayr, Jazza, Acid, Rule69, Gric, GingerBaker, Cruggy, Zappa10 and many, many others.
It has to do with the fact that they view/approach sex industry the way they should: they pay to have some fun, do so respectfully and leave. End of story. 
I've never see them complain about being discussed by "Hen club" as one guy put it,as they don't care either way: they are safe in knowledge that they haven't done anything to warrant adverse discussion.

WG don't "set punters up"- what the hell for? This is business for us, not entertainment. 
Ideally, we wish every client would make a booking with plenty of advanced notice, confirm shortly before, turn up on time clean, well-presented and good smelling, pay our advertised rate without haggling, clearly communicate his wishes/desires, treat us with respect and depart promptly when the time he has paid for has run out.
I do realise it's not realistic or feasible, but that's why they call it "ideal".

Bottom line: treat others as you want to be treated yourself. And remember that all actions cause an equal and opposite reaction.


  1. Love this post and the previous one. I was going to comment on the previous one as I'm amazed at the stuff that you and others have to put up with. Then you still able to provide us with a great time.

    I can understand why some people avoid the forum and do not read reviews.

    The industry can bring out the worst in people, or is that the worse people Now that they can hide behind the anonymity of the internet they are provided with somewhere to inflect themselves.

    Looking at the reviews from a slightly different angle. I would love to know that the ladies I seen really think of me, but would find it difficult to feel I was getting honest feedback.

  2. I think a lot of the extreme wariness about being reviewed/discussed by both punters and girls stem from the precise lack of self-awareness, fortitude, and an unhealthy self of entitlement you identified. Of course, it is the punter who pays but at the end of the day if you mistreat someone or just generally behave like as ass, I am at a loss to understand why some people feel like they are owed some cloak of non-judgment.

    This leads me to my second point. I believe the notion of "discretion" is frequently abused by all participants in this industry to the point that it's almost becoming a "dark art". IMO, the discretion that participants are entitled to are the keeping secret of things that are shared beyond the normal course of booking (e.g. real names) and matters that are genuinely relevant to people's privacy. But if "Bob" meets Sally and Sally finds that Bob, a person who is 5"10, slightly built, and comes to his bookings wearing a shirt from the well-known fast food chain of Jolala has the tendency to behave like a ass to Sally and his working friends, I don't see why she can't share this. Yet if you fill this example out with real information (but not going beyond the bounds stated here) and if Sally were real and posted this on the likes of AF, you can expect that she'll be supported by some yet hugely lambasted by others for some supposed breach of discretion.

    My mind boggles.