Thursday, September 26, 2013


Don’t make a rookie mistake

It happened to every man at least once: during passionate lovemaking he called his girlfriend by his wife’s nickname or vice versa.
Women take dim view of such things.

However, there is an easy solution to preventing that error from occurring ever again. It’s simple.

Here’s some sage advice from the book “Escort-The true Story of an Orange County Call Girl” by Sacha Haughtee and Max Spacer

There are two steps for staying out of trouble; the first step is to pick some common term of endearment that the wife likes and then you use it like a nickname. It doesn’t matter what the nickname is. It can be: snuggles, honey, sweetie, darling, etc...

Then the second step is that you simply always call her by this nickname and you never call her anything else. You call her this in bed. You call her this at breakfast. You call her this on the phone. The drill is: you use this nickname and you only use this nickname, both in, and out of, the heat of passion. The trick is that you also use this nickname for every other girl you are ever with, especially when you are in bed. The nickname will become a reflex.

Eventually you will call out only this nickname from habit, no matter how excited you are. That way you never call out the wrong name.

The other very important thing to learn to do is: you never, never, never talk while you’re fucking.
The problem is a guy can’t think while he is fucking, that’s a proven medical fact. That’s because all of his blood is down in his pecker.

Guys tend to say things they don’t really mean, have no intention of doing or unable to deliver on during fucking. Best keep it zipped. Even if you want to utter a compliment-don’t.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard from my upset girlfriends that their man said something to the effect “You are so much better a fuck than all those other girls” during sex. Big mistake! You’ll never hear the end of it.

Hope this helps J

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