Thursday, September 26, 2013


Don’t make a rookie mistake

It happened to every man at least once: during passionate lovemaking he called his girlfriend by his wife’s nickname or vice versa.
Women take dim view of such things.

However, there is an easy solution to preventing that error from occurring ever again. It’s simple.

Here’s some sage advice from the book “Escort-The true Story of an Orange County Call Girl” by Sacha Haughtee and Max Spacer

There are two steps for staying out of trouble; the first step is to pick some common term of endearment that the wife likes and then you use it like a nickname. It doesn’t matter what the nickname is. It can be: snuggles, honey, sweetie, darling, etc...

Then the second step is that you simply always call her by this nickname and you never call her anything else. You call her this in bed. You call her this at breakfast. You call her this on the phone. The drill is: you use this nickname and you only use this nickname, both in, and out of, the heat of passion. The trick is that you also use this nickname for every other girl you are ever with, especially when you are in bed. The nickname will become a reflex.

Eventually you will call out only this nickname from habit, no matter how excited you are. That way you never call out the wrong name.

The other very important thing to learn to do is: you never, never, never talk while you’re fucking.
The problem is a guy can’t think while he is fucking, that’s a proven medical fact. That’s because all of his blood is down in his pecker.

Guys tend to say things they don’t really mean, have no intention of doing or unable to deliver on during fucking. Best keep it zipped. Even if you want to utter a compliment-don’t.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard from my upset girlfriends that their man said something to the effect “You are so much better a fuck than all those other girls” during sex. Big mistake! You’ll never hear the end of it.

Hope this helps J

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Both bookings happened on the same day, in quick succession.

Ideal booking J:

It’s Sunday and I just left my apartment to go for my daily walk. My phone rings. I look at the caller ID and it’s one of my regulars: Sunday is his preferred day for “entertainment”.
I’ve seen this guy well over a dozen times since I’ve moved to Auckland a year and a half ago.

I answer the phone with a smile “Hi, John. How are you”? He wants to see me and says he could be there in an hour. I gladly accept.

I go back inside and get myself and the room ready.
John turns up right on time (as he always does).
He usually showers just before he comes over, so I don’t bother asking if he wants one (a shower).
I get the bed ready while he undresses and we chat amicably.

Within 2 min of his arrival we are in a tight embrace, kissing passionately (something he enjoys doing at length).
He switches to another activity he enjoys after about 10 min and we do that for a while.
He then asks me to position myself on the bed-he likes it certain way and I know what it is, so it’s a smooth move. We then engage in activity he likes more than anything else. It’s nothing out of ordinary, but some girls balk at the length of time he likes to enjoy it at, he’s told me.
I am comfortable and happy with it and we continue for good 25 min or so. John is clearly enjoying himself.
We finish with me riding him cowgirl style.

I give him a relaxing massage for a few minutes and he goes to take a shower.
We chat some more when he comes out, about our travels and plans for the next few weeks.
We are comfortable with each other, so conversation is easy.
Johns leaves shortly thereafter, very happy and tells me he’ll see me when I get back from my holiday.

I am relaxed as I take a shower and reflect on how much I am looking forward to my bookings with John.

NOT an ideal booking L:

I check my phone: there is a missed call, but no message or text (a bit annoying, as I can’t be sure what the caller wanted and whether or not I should call back).
As the call was only few minutes ago, I call back.

A young ethnic guy answers. I tell him that I have a missed call from him. He tells me he saw my ad on NZGs and wants a half an hour booking. I ask him what time he had in mind. He says 2:15pm and adds “I am in CBD now”.
My favourite saying is: Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

“It’s just after 2pm now” I say. “If you saw my ad, you know I don’t offer “now” bookings”
“But I can actually see you at 2:30pm” I add (as John just left and I only need to change the linen, straighten the room and fix my make-up).

He agrees to 2:30pm booking and just when I am ready to hang up, he springs this on me: “I want bondage. You know, BDSM”...

WHOA... Stop the presses...

“I am not a Dominatrix. BDSM box in my NZGs ad is not ticked” I reply.
“I only offer light “play” bondage. I have no Dungeon and no proper equipment” I add.
He is undeterred “In your ad it says you had training”
“It does. It also says I’ve been married four times. It doesn’t mean I want to do this at present or ever again. The sentence you’re referring to is a brief description of my life’s experience, NOT in the section “services offered”-I say.
I ask him what exactly he is looking for in a session. Although his English is pretty good, he is unable to articulate his expectations.

I am ready to flag it. He senses it and gets annoyed.
I explain to him that I don’t want to rip him off and take his money while unable to deliver what he is really after.
I tell him that I’ve done “tie and tease” sessions in the past, but that’s as far as I go.
He latches on to that. “Yes, that’s what I want: tie-and-tease”.

I accept the booking with trepidation.

He turns up 8 min early (closer to the time he originally wanted rather than what I booked him for), but I am ready.
I offer him a smile and a hug, invite him to make himself comfortable and offer him a drink.
I pull up my NZGs ad on my laptop and show him my “service offerings”, pointing out that BDSM is NOT offered.
I ask him to describe to me specifically how he envisions the booking. It is like pulling teeth, but finally he manages to give me some idea and, boy, am I glad I was persistent, as it is quite different from what I would normally offer in tie-and-tease session.

He says he doesn’t need a shower, so we proceed with the booking.
In a couple of minutes he complains that music is too loud, so I get up and turn it down.

Within 10 min I have him panting excitedly and begging for release. But he mentioned before that he doesn’t want a “quickie”, so I am intent on giving him the real tease and full value for his money ;)

With about 7 min left on the clock (he only booked and paid for half an hour) he suddenly asks if we could make it an hour. I agree, but then he says he’s got no cash on him, so could we just do it and he will then go to ATM and get the money after the fact.

It is a well-known fact that sex worker’s service only has value before the client has ejaculated. The value rapidly decreases to zero once ejaculate has fully left client’s body.
I don’t assume every client is out to rip me off, but in our business money has to be paid in advance, especially in cases of first-time clients.

I tell him we will finish the half an hour he’s paid for and then he can go get some money and come back for another half an hour while only paying the difference in price of hour’s booking.
He asks me how much an hour is. I tell him.

I proceed with the task in hand when he asks for another activity he didn’t mention at all before.
I am happy to oblige, but he is clearly unprepared for it and apparently has never done it before and he yelps as I attempt it.  I stop.
I get back to my original ministrations and he climaxes.

We already a little over time due to his continual interruptions, so he goes straight into the shower (no time left for massage).

He takes the longest time in the shower –nearly 10 min-despite his assurances that he “just had one” when he arrived, only 35 min ago.

When he finally gets out, he takes his time dressing and wanders around the room, asking inappropriate personal questions about a person pictured on the photos hanging around. It’s not that the person’s identity is secret (I wouldn’t display the photos if it was), but I have no desire to discuss this person with some random stranger whom I’ve known for all of 40 min and not likely to see again.
I try to steer conversation to general subjects, but the client lingers over the photos, making me uncomfortable.

He is finally dressed, so I give him a hug and thank him for taking time to see me.
He is out of the door at 50 min mark (his booking was for half an hour)

I am exhausted.
I resolve to not accept his bookings shall he call again.

I try to wash away the stress with long hot shower.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

History of legalised prostitution in Nevada: what's legal and where (then and now)

Many are confused as to what is legal and where in Las Vegas and Nevada in general.
This excerpt from a great book explains it well:

Monday, September 9, 2013


Some guys, while feeling perfectly entitled to discuss WGs publicly and privately in great detail, often personal and private, sometimes getting facts wrong or deliberately making stuff up, balk at the notion that WG share information about clients. Funny that.
Information was shared from the time immemorial. Yes, it is quicker to do so now, with internet and all the handy gadgets one can carry in his pocket, but it is a two-way street.
Guys share info about WGs to save money and have the most amount of fun possible for their $$. WG share info about guys to prevent time wasting, loss of revenue, to avoid stalkers and in some cases of violent and unstable clients to avoid being hurt or killed

And before anyone jumps in with analogies, it's actually the same in every business.

Shops post the photos of shoplifters in their windows and in the papers. Despite the fact that these people are customers (or were at some point), management wants to prevent the loss of revenue.

Motel owner have their own "internal" message board, not visible or accessible to guests, where they list "bad" clients.

Businesses share information about "slow" or non-paying clients.

Rental companies share "bad" tenant info and, in fact, require extensive references (from other rental companies and landlords) for all new tenants. And tenants do the same about rental companies and landlords.

Examples are endless.

Fact is, if you have fairly visible profile on a public forum, there is a good chance people are talking about you.

Guys participate in this forum for fun and amusement. Forum is visible to everyone, even if they are not members, so one does not have to join to read reviews. One only has to join only if one wants express his opinion publicly for others to see.

WG take part in the forum to promote their business. Not many are brave enough,as with benefits comes a downside: girl could become a subject of attack at any time.

Often times when guys don't like what a WG has to say, her opinion, or what she stand for, they immediately make disparaging comments about her appearance or service instead of putting forth a constructive argument.

I wonder how guys would feel if every time one of us didn't agree with their opinion, we'd say things like:'"Well, you have a small dick", "You can't get it up", "You are crap in bed", "you think you're ace at oral but you actually have no fucking clue" instead of addressing specific topic being discussed.

Personally, I have lost count of times I've been attacked on here. Most recent was last week and today when someone implied I wrote my own fake review.
I don't bend or brake easily. This forum is child's play compared to what I had to deal with when I was a Real Estate Agent and Property Manager in Las Vegas. That's truly a "good 'ol boys" club, that's for sure. 
I was called every name in the book, screamed and spat at, files (and in one case paper weight) been thrown in my face and guys came up with obscenities that would leave the most hardened criminal blushing. 

I take it all in stride. I am well aware that I am not universally liked. 
Some don't care for me, some don't like what I stand for, some dislike me, some hate me with passion and wish the Earth would swallow me whole and some like me a great deal.
If and when I grow tired of it all, I'll go on DND and bid farewell to this forum.

But a lot of girls are not tough. They are afraid of being pulled apart publicly-just as they see done to others.

Constructive criticism in order to improve service or calling out bait and switch and other unsavory practices is one thing. Deliberate "bashing" and "bagging" without any basis in order to inflict commercial harm is quite another.

Why do some guys think they entitled to do it, but feel the same can not be done to them?
If you don't want people to talk about you, don't participate on the forum. 
Many WG adopted this tactic and it works great for them (although they are not on DND). 
It works fine for guys as well-trust me, I know, as quite a few of my clients either don't know about this forum, do not want to know or read it without joining.

There are plenty of punters with a lot of reviews under their belt whom never had any controversy surround their names despite beig members on here for years: Midnight Cowboy, Dreamcatcher, Jayr, Jazza, Acid, Rule69, Gric, GingerBaker, Cruggy, Zappa10 and many, many others.
It has to do with the fact that they view/approach sex industry the way they should: they pay to have some fun, do so respectfully and leave. End of story. 
I've never see them complain about being discussed by "Hen club" as one guy put it,as they don't care either way: they are safe in knowledge that they haven't done anything to warrant adverse discussion.

WG don't "set punters up"- what the hell for? This is business for us, not entertainment. 
Ideally, we wish every client would make a booking with plenty of advanced notice, confirm shortly before, turn up on time clean, well-presented and good smelling, pay our advertised rate without haggling, clearly communicate his wishes/desires, treat us with respect and depart promptly when the time he has paid for has run out.
I do realise it's not realistic or feasible, but that's why they call it "ideal".

Bottom line: treat others as you want to be treated yourself. And remember that all actions cause an equal and opposite reaction.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sex industry is not a dating scene

A lot of heated discussions took place in past few days on Adult Forum. 
It had to do with power games people play and attempts at blurring the lines between clear cut “sex-for-money” situation and “boyfriend/girlfriend” personal relationships.

One WG summed it all up pretty well: “Sex industry is not a dating scene”.

It would appear that it’s simple enough: one pays "X" amount of money in exchange of "X" amount of time of intimate interaction with a WG, yet many people continue to view sex industry as a source of potential partners.

Opinion was expressed that it is absurd to believe that someone would pursue a WG for months after she refused to see that person/accept their booking.
One would think so, as there are literally hundreds of hookers in Auckland alone. 10-12 pages on NZGs, not to mention the ones advertising in the newspaper and those working under agency/parlour umbrella.
A hooker declined your booking? Well, just dial the next one. That would be normal, healthy reaction.
Yet we deal with various obsessive, stalkerish types weekly.

Here are a couple of examples.

Well over a year ago I had a half an hour booking with fairly young non-Kiwi guy. Although booking went OK, the guy gave me a bad vibe (things he asked, the way he acted) and I resolved to never see him again.
He has been attempting to book me ever since every 6-8 weeks (I guess he thinks I’d forget who he is and his patterns). I recognise him because he asks for certain specific things and when I confront him, he admits that it IS, indeed, him.
I have told him many times (verbally and via text and email) to not contact me again. Yet he persists. He has tried to book me using 5 different SIMs so far (again, I know it’s him because when I challenge him, he admits it).
I have no idea why he zeroed in on me, but his behaviour is certainly disturbing.

Another guy has been calling me repeatedly in the evening asking for a late booking. I only take very few evening bookings and they have to be made in advance, and I’ve explained it to him many times.
Finally, during one of those evening calls (when I said “NO” yet again), he made a booking for the next day in the morning.
Well... Drum roll... He pulled a “no call/no show”.
Naturally, I logged him on my phone.
When he called again, a couple of weeks later, I told him to not contact me again. He kept on texting, blatantly lying (even in the face of hard cold facts).
Here are some texts I received after he was told that (to not contact me):

Remember, this person has never seen me before. Clearly, this shows unhealthy tendencies (not to mention the fact that I really wonder now why he always wanted to book me late and after dark).
There is also a story of the stalker whom made my life very difficult for a long time. I actually am not sure if he really thought he was in love with me or simply was after my money (I am financially secure and he repeatedly broke into my house unbeknown to me and went through all my records).
Here’s that story:

This is the reality of WGs daily lives: dealing with types such as these. 
I know, I know, people say “it’s your job, so just deal with it”, but we signed up for providing sex and companionship for money, nothing more and nothing less.
Yes, there are nutcases everywhere and one encounters them in all lines of work, but sex industry seem to attract them more than any other.
A lot of guys are quite clever in how they go about it. They pick the most vulnerable WG: the ones whom are emotionally unstable or immature (or both), the ones whom keep sex work as secret from their family and friends, the ones whom do this work while on student/visitor visa...
 This sort of conduct is actually a form of abuse: taunting others with evidence, but denying that anything is going on. Instead, accusations of paranoia are hurled back at the victim in an attempt to dismantle their psyche.
We need to expose these behaviours constantly. Fear is a great motivator.

Shame is fundamental to preserving basic social norms. The threat of being publicly shamed is what inhibits us from behaving unacceptably.