Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Online forum's "fan" clubs

Advent of online forums and their growing popularity has changed the industry dramatically.
Mostly for the good, especially in countries where prostitution is legalised: forums made the industry more transparent and dispelled some myths, hence helping both clients and providers.

With online reviews came heightened expectations as well, which elevated the level of service (at least in most cases).

Forums are a great place to gauge someone’s personality as well, thus enabling a client choose a WG that suits his desires best.

Like everything else, forums have a good and a bad side.
It is much easier to affect someone’s business these days: by posting a false negative review or “outing” a WGs real identity.
Even more damaging is private messaging of other members claiming to know things (negative) about a WG and giving it an air of authenticity-that’s how rumours start. In this case WG would not know what’s been said about her, so she can’t defend herself.

On all industry forums I participate in, there are always people complaining of “fan clubs” (i.e. clients whom are “fans” of a particular WG).
But what exactly is a “fan club”?

Usually those are the guys whom had a booking with a WG and found the service very good or outstanding. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with “clicking” between the parties (i.e. personality match). Rather, it is about meeting (and exceeding) the expectations and paying attention to every little detail: are the premises warm, clean and inviting (overall ambiance), are the towels soft, is there selection of body washes, mouth wash, mints, did music match the mood, was a drink offered, did the service feel unrushed, was all that’s advertised  on offer, was WG presented beautifully/dressed in a way requested or portrayed in her ad photos, was WG focused on the client, free of distractions (not answering phone calls/texts), was the conversation appropriate (in subject and length), did WG appear “into” the proceedings, was she willing accommodate requests and did so seamlessly ...
It goes without saying that WG should not appear/be under influence of any substances.
There are also a few little things that don’t really mean much on their own, but add to the feel of luxurious experience.
If all the above matched with a reasonable all-inclusive price and is done consistently, it is a sure way for a WG to gain a “fan club”.

We learn/appreciate everything in comparison. Once someone experiences the “not so good”, he appreciates the “really great” even more.

There is another side to this as well: everyone wants to be treated nicely and with respect. It is human nature to respond in kind.
When someone is nice to us, we want to be nice to them, when someone is arrogant or nasty; it hardly produces warm fuzzy feelings in return.

Here’s an excerpt from the book “Confidante: The Escort (Confidante Trilogy) by Lilliana Anderson.

Unfortunately, there are a percentage of clients who have this attitude. They may not express it in exactly same way, but they exude it the moment they walk into the room.

A booking that starts with clients expressing such attitude will never be good. Even if WG decides to proceed, and delivers the service she was paid for, she will resent the client and he will sense it.
That’s how some of reviews that state “we didn’t click” come to be.

I want to stress that there are plenty of cases where providers are the ones whom failed: they were too tired/had personal issues/whatever yet still took the booking and proceeded with lacklustre attitude that spoiled the whole experience for the client.

Pricing has to do with this somewhat as well.

As a private WG, I set my own price ($200/hr). I studied the market carefully, gave it a lot of consideration and came up with what I believe is a winning formula.
I also answer my own phone, so I can decide whether or not to accept a booking from someone –I don’t see every guy who calls me (I have a “filter” process to avoid unpleasant/stressful  bookings).
I choose my own hours and only work when I am truly “up to it”.
Due to all of the above, when I see a client, I am in a good mood and if he is nice, so much the better: I feel a whole lot more inclined to try my hardest to please him.

In contrast, when I worked for an agency, I had to see whomever the manager booked for me and had no idea what they were like until they’ve entered the room.
I also only got $90/hr (later $100/hr).
That’s less than half of what I am making now! As a result, although I always provided full service I was paid for (massage, oral, sex), the rest of it (conversation, enthusiasm, level of acting and GFE) was really dependent on how nice to me the guy was.
Anyone whom expressed the attitude quoted from the book above got back my own attitude: trust me, I can give as well as I can take ;)  (pun intended).

“What goes around comes around”- this saying is ancient. The principle is simple. Yet so many forget to apply it in their everyday life.

For a while, forums were a great tool for punters only, not so much for WGs. In fact, many WGs were afraid to join (or post), in fear of being attacked and pulled apart.

It’s a bit different these days: tables are not exactly turned, but playing field is more levelled, in my opinion. Forums are great networking tool for WGs: we can gauge client’s attitudes and warn each other of unpleasant/violent/undesirable ones (very similar to guys PMing each other about us).

More and more WGs elevate their service level and as a result value their time more. No one wants their time wasted with no-shows and no one wants to have an unpleasant person to deal with.

Just as punters have a choice in whom they want to book (via Internet display sites/ads), WGs now have a choice as to whom they want to see.
A client who has a reputation for being nice and respectful will always get a priority over someone who is not.

I am always willing to shuffle my personal schedule around to accommodate those whom treat me well (and I don’t mean tips $$$, although these don’t go amiss, eitherJ).

Although it is possible to have a totally different online “persona” from that in one’s real life, most people express their true views, especially when discussion gets heated, online.

Guys whom have genuine respect for women are easy to spot from their posts.
For instance, Adult Forum member “afriendofours” (whom I have never met personally) comes across as such person. There are many, many others (Acid,  Dreamcatcher, Solipsist, MusicMan, GingerBaker, Conrad-the list goes on).
These guys are often accused by others of “kissing WG’s asses”. Really? To what end, I wonder?
Being nice is not going to give them a discount, I assure you. But they will be treated in kind.

#BeNice   #BeKind   #TreatOthersAsYouWantToBeTreatedYourself

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