Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blurred lines of Dom services

There has been discussion on Adult Forum regarding escorts offering fetish and Dom services.
The issue is actually quite complex.

It used to be that Pro Dommes specialised in kink only and no sexual gratification of any kind was available to their clients. Sex relief of any kind was the domain of escorts.

Struggling economy changed that and at least some type sexual relief is now on the menu of many Dommes.
A lot of escorts are offering some type of fetish and Dom services as well along with standard GFE fare.
Boundaries have been blurred significantly to a point where it’s hard to distinguish pros from amateurs any more.

Internet made it even more complicated, as there are hundreds of  thousands of clips of “Pro Dom sessions” out there (many performed by amateurs and others are pure theatrics), making people believe that there is nothing to it and anyone can buy a whip, a paddle, some shiny boots and voila-a new Domme is born.
Reality, however, is that kink, when administered by someone who has not been properly trained/educated could lead to serious harm and in extreme cases, death.

The other side of the coin is that clients, in search of a bargain, put pressure on escorts to cater to fetish/kink market.
They see an ad of a WG wearing patent leather boots or corset and they call and ask for “Domination” services.

Some kink is easy to cater to. Foot fetish/worship and golden showers are becoming more and more mainstream and do not require much preparation or training.

Some guys like only the trappings of a Dom service: they want to see a WG dressed in thigh-high patent leather boots and corset, whip in her hand, maybe a bit of a strong personality shown through conversation. But that’s all they want: once they indulged their visual senses (for about 10 min or so), they want regular sexual intercourse. They certainly don’t want WG to actually use that whip.

There are clients whom like “tie-and-tease”. They want to be lightly restrained, blindfolded and tickled with hand relief as culmination. To them it’s a once-in-while activity which brings variety to their sex life.

All of the above described services could be performed by an escort safely and without any special training/skill. Some would be better than others at those, but no physical damage could be done.

Strap on is another service that’s gaining popularity and I have written about it in another post. This service requires a bit of training/knowledge, but still is fairly easy to perform.

Problems start when clients contact escorts in search of more serious Domme services.
I get calls like that fairly often, although I do not advertise as a Dominatrix.
Here’s the example:
Phone rings.
Me: Hello
Guy: Hi. I saw your ad on NZGs. Do you do Domination <SIC>
Me: I am not a Dominatrix and I don’t advertise as such. BDSM box in my ad in not ticked. But I can offer light, “make believe” play bondage, tie-and-tease, and I cater to some fetishes.
Guy: Yeah, yeah. That’s what I mean. Yeah, can I make a booking?
Me: Could you tell me a bit more of what you expect from a session?
Guy: You know tie-and-tease. Do you have boots and PVC corset?
Me: Yes, I do.
We proceed to make a booking in two hour’s time.
15 min later I get a text from him: “Do you have latex gloves? Long ones, over the elbow”
I reply: No, I don’t.
5 min later another text from him: “How about a full face hood and a ball gag for me?”
At which point I inform him that his booking is cancelled.

Several problems with that exchange:
First of all, he called someone who clearly advertises as an escort, not a Domme (most likely because my price of $200/hr is much less of that of Pro Dommes and he can expect full sex from me as well-this is what I advertise for, after all).
Expecting an escort to have serious Domme equipment is not reasonable. Putting your life in hands of someone whom is not trained properly is just crazy!
Full hood and ball gag mean that unless WG knows to (and how) monitor client’s vital signs frequently, he could die in under a minute (if she didn’t know what she was doing and applied pressure where she should never have) and she wouldn’t even know...

These sorts of requests happen a lot.
That’s part of the reason so many escorts are now offering some sort of Domme service: economy is tough and guys keep asking.
Often times a WG would agree to do this for one client and if he was happy with what she delivered, she assumes she is now an expert and starts offering the service to everyone.
It’s a dangerous way of thinking: that’s how many negative reviews are born. Just because someone liked something (that suits his particular view and preference) does not set the benchmark for service in general.

Kink/fetish clients (especially those whom really explored it at depth) are very complex and each one has to be assessed carefully, as they all have very specific needs that vary widely from one another.
No two clients are alike.
Not everyone wants to lick your boots. Not everyone wants to be spanked/beaten. Not everyone wants to have strap-on used on them.

Many of those clients require very advanced state of “mind fuck”, which is not easily achieved, certainly not when self-proclaimed “Domme” does not have her own shit together, so to speak, and is an emotional mess.

Blatant use of someone’s money/credit card is not what domination is, either.

I’ve said it before: we are all adults and as such our own keepers.

It’s irresponsible for someone to offer (potentially dangerous) services they are not trained for and know very little about. Administering a beating or tying someone up improperly could do some serious (and lasting) damage.

It’s equally irresponsible to solicit such services from someone whom does not advertise those and obviously not an expert, just because you want to save a few quid (potentially putting your health and even life in danger).

Think before you act.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Who is to blame (importance of thinking things through)

Today I was dealing with aftermath of something my Dad (who died 6 months ago) has done.

Apparently he had fathered a child 29 years ago: in a different city and what is now a different country from Russia.

It came out during probate process: the child (well, now a 28 year old woman) somehow found out my Dad had passed away and put a claim for 1/3 of his assets.

Tricky part is that Dad's assets are comprised solely of our Moscow condo, which I have purchased (free and clear) for my parents and put my Dad's name on the deed because I didn't want them  to worry about a roof over their heads and was trying to avoid any legal complications (seeing how I don't live in Russia).

The situation is not black and white. Not at all. Just like the OP (and I agree with Cadet's assessment of that one from different viewpoints).

To me it all comes down to taking responsibility for one's own actions and never losing the sight of the "big picture".

Sure, having extramarital affair was not the right thing to do for my Dad. But I know that he was deeply unhappy and unfulfilled in his marriage. And my Mom is seriously impossible person to live/deal with (those whom are close to me know just how seriously-it goes way beyond "difficult" personality).
Also, my Dad always took care of our family (emotionally and financially). But he should have thought carefully about complications and consequences of fathering illegitimate child.

The woman who had my Dad's illegitimate child. Not nice to have an affair with a married man. But she probably knew he was unhappy and genuinely loved him.
Yet, in the end, it was her body and her decision to become pregnant and keep the baby. She, too, should have thought of consequences.

My Mom, although nearly impossible to live with, worked very hard all her life. She contributed a lot to our family's financial well-being and took care of it, albeit in her own way (but she genuinely thought she was doing what's best). She supported my Dad (again, in her own way) and took care of him when he was seriously ill for a few years.

My dad's illegitimate daughter. It's not her fault she was born in these circumstances. She probably feels abandoned by my Dad and is very resentful. 
However, we all have some sort of "hard life" story. For instance, I was on my own, at a young age in a foreign country (USA) with $300, a bag of clothes and a visitor visa (no source of income or any financial support). I've made it (all by myself), and, no, it was not easy at all.
When later my Dad lived with me in US for 6 years, he had a massive heart attack. As he had no health insurance, it cost me $83K (US) in hospital bills. I paid it off myself. 
Back in Russia, my Dad had two strokes in one week. My Mom took care of him and hospital bills.
Dad's illegitimate daughter was nowhere around, not even with a phone call or letter to ask how he was doing (yes, she knew his address and the phone number,as it became clear in probate hearing-in fact, her and her mother kept a watchful eye all these years).
Yet she attempts to claim 1/3 of assets that she hasn't work for from a man she had nothing to do with for 28 years.

Myself... Well, I don't need to tell you what I had to do to make my money... 
I love my Dad. Although I cannot live with my Mom, I do care about her.
It was heartbreaking to hear her screaming down the phone line: she was blindsided by the news, felt betrayed by my Dad and scared that she would lose her home at the age of 72...

I have financial resources and good lawyers to make this go away. I already have, in fact. But I certainly could have done without the stress and expense.

So I ponder the situation: several people made decisions that affected not only their lives, but the lives of others (even after death), people whom they loved and deeply cared about (at least at one time), people whom cared about them.

We should always, always think about the big picture, not lose the sight of forest for the trees. What we do today might have a huge ripple effect years from now. 
I said it before and I say it again: we are our own keepers.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Devil's Advocate or Why I Never Want To Own/Run an Agency/Parlour

I am often asked why I don’t own agency/parlour.
People comment on my years in the industry and experience and tell me that I’ll be a great success.
I have absolutely no desire to get involved in any way in running other WGs business.
Below are the stories which illustrate why.

I was either participant, eye witness or got those stories from the source (my GF has been brothel receptionist for years in many different brothels in Melbourne).

I quite intentionally withdrew editorial comments, as often times is not all black and white and you “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”-hence my lack of desire to own an agency/brothel.
To be honest, I am very hesitant to do bi-doubles even, and only offer those with very few select WGs I trust.

Disclaimer: please understand that these stories do not depict entire industry or cover all angles.
They are just some real-life examples. There are many others when things are done intentionally to deceive and scam.

Story #1:

Client calls a “madam” to make a booking with a particular WG for the next day at 11am.
Madam texts said WG and receives a positive and enthusiastic response (“Yes, I will definitely be there! Thank you so much! I really need money!”).
She then gets back to the client and confirms the booking.
The next day client confirms the booking with madam via text. She says “Yes”, as she hasn’t heard otherwise from the WG (meaning all is going according to plan).
At 10:50am, when the WG is not at the agency, madam (slightly concerned) texts WG. No answer.
Madam calls WG 5 min later-the call goes straight into the voicemail.
Client turns up at 11am sharp and is ushered into the room and told “XYZ will be here shortly”.
Madam frantically tries to reach WG via phone and text to no avail.
As she is facing a prospect of an angry client and loss of her own revenue (room fee), she decides to offer the client another WG, whom arrived for her shift on time, but has no bookings.
Client accuses her of “bait and switch” tactics, storms off and writes a nasty review on online industry forum.
WG in question turns up for work few hours later and casually says “Oh, sorry, I’ve overslept and didn’t hear the alarm. I won’t do it again, I promise”. Madam (in most cases) has to let her  work, as she doesn’t have many girls on that day and this one is young and pretty popular.

Story #2:

WG arrives for her shift in a brothel in a bad mood. She really doesn’t feel like working that day, but wants money.
Situation is not immediately apparent to manager/receptionist as WG is pleasant enough to her and other girls.
WG gets picked out by client in the intro. Money is paid and WG gets her portion before going upstairs with the client (standard practice in Melbourne brothels).
Not 3 min later receptionist hears raised voices and both WG and client storm out of the room (both fully dressed).
What transpires is client requested lights to be turned up brighter for a booking and WG flatly refused, made a huge issue of it, and started an argument and now client wants to leave and his money back.
WG shouts: “I am not giving back anything, he is an asshole” and storms in the girl’s dressing room out back.
Receptionist is left to deal with angry client (keep in mind, this would be subtracted from receptionist’s wages which is generally about $250/shift in Melbourne brothels).

Story # 3:

WG from a different country contacted an agency owner stating her desire to work.
Sex work is clearly and openly discussed as well as financial arrangements: the owner would pay for WG’s ticket ( to be paid back from WGs earnings) and provide housing at agreed upon cost. The split is negotiated as well.
WG agrees to all terms, arrives in the country and starts working.
Clearly she is not the only WG working at that agency/parlour and, although quite busy for the first couple of weeks, business has significantly slowed down for her in the next few weeks.
As WG assumed she would be making a lot of money all the time, she wasn’t really saving her earnings those first few weeks, opting to go shopping and partying instead.
She wants more money. She tries to re-neg with the owner who is not so inclined.
WG starts telling her clients and friends a sob story about the owner “exploiting her” and “taking all her money” in an attempt to put the pressure on the owner (and possibly get some extra, “pity” money from her clients).

Story #4:

Clients contacted an agency owner requesting three girls for specific time, as there are three of them.
It’s Sunday afternoon and the owner only has one girl on. She frantically calls different WGs and asks them nicely if they would like to come in just for this booking.
She managers to find two WG whom are willing to abandon their plans and all is set.
Two additional WG arrive promptly and get ready.
At the appointed time clients are not there. Owner asks WGs to wait and they patiently do.
Clients arrive 45 min late (without communicating their late arrival). Miraculously, WGs are still there, chatting amongst themselves.
Three guys start making comments like “Right... Well, let us think about this...” (despite the fact that said agency has a website with actual photos of WG and those are exact WG provided).
The guys still there 5 min later, not making any move to leave, but still making comments which could only be interpreted as “How about a discount if you want us to stay” (they are from a particular ethnic group which is famous for that sort of thing around the world).
The owner has had enough: she tells them none too nicely to get out, as they are disrespectful and time wasters.
One of the guys proceeds to write a nasty review on online forum, omitting a lot of essential detail.

Story #5:

Absolutely gorgeous, stunning, truly “model” like 19-year old applies for a job as a sex worker at an agency.
Owner talks to her at length to make sure the girl know what she is getting into. She explains all the ins and outs, and client’s expectations.
Girl wants to start right away, she says she is ready and when asked by the owner, tells her that she will be happy to provide GFE (owner explained carefully what that entails).
Obviously, owner takes girl’s word for it, as no one could make a WG to do anything (it’s illegal).
It transpires that the only experience with sex the girl had (unsurprisingly) was with horny young guys her own age that were exceptionally grateful to have any kind of sexual intercourse at all and lasted all of few minutes.
Basically, the girl genuinely believes that allowing men to touch her and have sex with her is all that’s required: she lies down and let’s them go at it. She thinks she is doing fantastic job.
She is not prepared for 1-hour long intercourse and when guys take longer than a few minutes to cum; she rolls her eyes and often tells them to hurry up. She wraps up the booking as soon as client orgasmed.
Also, just as with many of her fleeting boyfriends,  she doesn’t always feel like kissing at all or not deep French kissing in some instances(depending on her mood, time of the month, how appealing the guy is to her-reasons are unpredictable and endless).
However, she is happy to do it occasionally (again, reasons are unpredictable and varied).
As a result, reviews of this girl are varied. Clients want the owner to produce “consistency” of service by that girl.
Owner has no idea how to remedy the situation (and neither has she any legal way to do so).

Story #6:

WG has been with an agency for a while. She is reliable and trusted. She has many great reviews.
A client (previously unknown to the agency) books her.
He later posts a negative review.
Owner is surprised. When she questions the WG, it transpires that not only the client was disrespectful and had a bad attitude; he attempted unprotected sex and/or sex acts WG does not advertise and has no desire to perform.
The client is now contacting the owner to demand a refund due to poor service.

Story #7:

A WG was picked out in an intro in a parlour. It is half an hour booking.
She collects her share of money, takes the client upstairs to the room, performs a health check and tells the client to take a shower.
She then proceeds to go back into girl’s changing room and takes the next 20 min to smoke, have a cuppa, and re-apply her make-up.
Although booking does not start until the girl comes back in the room, client only has limited time for this. He keeps buzzing the receptionist asking where the girl is.
Receptionist already told WG 5 times to go up “Now, please”.
The guy has now decided to abort the booking. Naturally, he wants his money back.
WG refuses to give any money back, saying she is now ready to proceed.
Client starts an angry exchange with the receptionist, while the WG saunters back to the girl’s room.

Story #8:

Parlour/agency has five WG rostered for the shift. All five have confirmed the night before.
Owner is taking bookings for them.
Shift start time comes and goes and only one WG actually turned up.
Two called in sick, one cannot be reached and their phones are turned off and the other one tells the owner her “car broke down”. When the owner suggests she’ll send someone to pick the girl up or pay for her taxi fare, WG declines.
Owner is frantically calling other WGs, begging them to come in as well as clients, trying to make excuses and re-schedule. It’s a mess and everyone is stressed and unhappy.

Story #9:

This agency is low-price, high-volume type. It’s been around for a while and a lot of clients know its location. Many just come over without a booking, hoping to either ogle the girls for free or grab whichever they like.
A lot of clients who make bookings there end up not turning up or turning up significantly late (or early).
A client makes a booking with a WG “XYZ” for 4pm. At 3:55pm a guy (some guy) rings the doorbell.
“XYZ” whom is very young, pretty and new opens the door and inquires if the guy has a booking. He takes one look at the girl and says “Yes, I do. With you”.
“Are you Brian?” XYZ enquires (she knows she has a booking with “Brian” at 4pm).
“Yes, I am” the guy says and she takes him into the room (he is not, but he really fancies this girl and can care less about fellow punter).
At 4:02pm the “real” Brian turns up. The owner doesn’t want to upset him (or lose the money), so she asks him to wait 20 min.
As “XYZ” breezes by on her way to the shower, owner wants to make sure that Brian understand there is no “bait and switch”, so she asks “XYZ” to say “Hi” to Brian (so he knows he is not waiting in vain).
Brian is not happy about the wait and “XYZ” in her wisdom (not wanting to lose the money) tells him that it’s not her fault and the owner “makes” her take bookings back-to-back.

Brian later writes scathing "expose" about the agency/owner on online forum.

Story #10:

It is made clear to all WG when they are hired that it is their responsibility to clear/tidy the room after themselves: change the linen, put the towels into the washing machine, empty the rubbish bin, wipe down the bathroom and clean the toilet.
Almost every day an agency owner is confronted with piles of dirty towels thrown haphazardly around the laundry room, bins full of used condoms that start to smell,etc.
When trying to talk to WGs about it, they all claim to do their part and point fingers at each other.
She ends up doing most of it herself, in order to preserve a good image of her agency and avoid complaints.
She is also a "dumping ground" for their constant bitching and moaning about everything and sundry.

Story #11:

It's an old, established brothel in suburbs. It seen better days.
Clientele is mostly guys who live around that area.

There is "core" of regular WGs, some of them have worked there for years and some seen "better days" as well.

Obviously, every time a "new" girl starts there, she gets most of the business, as all the guys want to try her, and for the "regular,core" girls it means slow times (even slower than normal, which is pretty slow).

A new, young, pretty girl starts in that brothel and she is instantly a great hit with clients.

"Old" girls are not happy. Although new girl is pleasant and tries her best to make friends with all the girls, they give her a very cold shoulder, mostly just ignoring her.
New girl is uncomfortable and receptionist tries her best to make her feel more welcome (business is business and the owner wants revenue, so new girl attracting more clients and getting lots of bookings works great for him).

"Old" girls trying their best to run the new girl off. It culminates in new girl going up to her assigned "work" room with her next client only to find a piece of fresh excrement (yes, human feces) placed in her nightstand drawer (she actually dipped her hand in it when she reached there for a condom).

New girl runs out of the room crying, gets dressed and leaves the brothel for good (with her portion of the money for that last booking which was not completed).

Client comes downstairs angry and demands a refund from receptionist.
Receptionist is the one whom has to clean up the room as well.

"Old" girls are snickering, but feign shock and surprise and deny any participation.

I’ll be the first to say it: there is a percentage of WGs whom  are unpredictable, unorganised, moody, unreliable and unable to conform to any structure/discipline.
Then there are those amazing ones, whom are cool and composed and have everything under control. They know why they are in this industry and what they want in their lives.

That’s why when you (as a client or as owner/operator)discover  gems which can be relied upon, trusted and provide consistently great service, treat them well and hold on to them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Strap-on service INS and OUTS (pun intended :)

In the last few years strap-on service became quite popular.
It’s a fairly common request these days (not sure what to attribute it to-probably porn).

Quite a few guys have indulged in this service for years, while others are curious and want to try it.
This post is for the latter ones, mostly.

To enjoy strap-on service, one has to be prepared-as in one’s bowels have to be clean. This means enema has to take place very shortly or immediately before the service.
This is an absolute must to prevent accidents, as often (more often than one might imagine), after vigorous strap-on session (especially the one which ended in orgasm), bowels will void (involuntary and uncontrollably) as strap-on is pulled out.
This actually applies to anal sex as well. There are few threads on different industry forums where guys complained of s...t hanging from their penis upon pulling out from WG’s anus.
I was told a story of a WG who’s bowels emptied completely at the end of anal session-and she was doing outcall to client’s hotel room! Imagine his bill (and embarrassment).
Although this situation is not a given, it is most likely to happen if the receiver of anal sex has recently had a meal or haven’t emptied his bowels that day.
It’s very similar to “queefing” (vaginal farting), which happens when air is forced into vagina: usually during doggie-style sex, especially if the guy gives his strokes a big amplitude (meaning he takes his penis almost all the way out and then forces it all the way in at each stroke).
Pro Dommes demand clean bowels of any client whom desires strap-on service (or do it themselves upon client’s arrival).
Keep in mind that Pro Dommes have especially equipped dungeons where there are vinyl-covered tables and concrete floors. In case of an accident, all they have to do is use hospital-strength disinfectant they all possess copious amounts of and voila-all good.
It is a lot more problematic for regular full service sex providers (such as myself) whom only offer strap-on service as an add-on.
We mostly cater to GFE a client, which means we invest a lot of money in ambiance: comfortable mattresses, plush bedding, high-thread count sheets...
If accident in the sort I’ve described above happens, it effectively writes off our bedding and mattress (along with whatever else got in the way), as there is o way to clean it properly and completely when that..errr...stuff...seeps in. That’s hundreds of dollars-hardly worth the risk.
Hence my adamant stance in requiring clean bowels before strap-on service commences.
I have professional, hospital-grade enemas and am happy to use them (at additional charge, naturally).
The most common mistake of the “newbies” to the service is perception: they watched a lot of porn and ask for “the biggest” strap-on WG has.
Trust me guys: I’ve performed this service on truly “seasoned veterans”, whom indulge all the time and even they require quite a bit of “warming up” with smaller toys or fingers first and cannot take in a huge strap-on (like the ones often pictured in porn photos).
Anal “Fisting” is not as common or as easily achieved as porn would let you believe: in most cases it hurts like hell (and can rupture very delicate, paper-thin tissue inside your anus)-and that’s when the “giver” was actually successful in achieving the feat (in most cases it simply does not happen).
I have a “realistic” size strap-on: it is 8.5” long and about 5.5” in circumference at it thickest point.

This is an adequate size for most people.

Hope this explains things a bit. Happy exploring J

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Online forum's "fan" clubs

Advent of online forums and their growing popularity has changed the industry dramatically.
Mostly for the good, especially in countries where prostitution is legalised: forums made the industry more transparent and dispelled some myths, hence helping both clients and providers.

With online reviews came heightened expectations as well, which elevated the level of service (at least in most cases).

Forums are a great place to gauge someone’s personality as well, thus enabling a client choose a WG that suits his desires best.

Like everything else, forums have a good and a bad side.
It is much easier to affect someone’s business these days: by posting a false negative review or “outing” a WGs real identity.
Even more damaging is private messaging of other members claiming to know things (negative) about a WG and giving it an air of authenticity-that’s how rumours start. In this case WG would not know what’s been said about her, so she can’t defend herself.

On all industry forums I participate in, there are always people complaining of “fan clubs” (i.e. clients whom are “fans” of a particular WG).
But what exactly is a “fan club”?

Usually those are the guys whom had a booking with a WG and found the service very good or outstanding. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with “clicking” between the parties (i.e. personality match). Rather, it is about meeting (and exceeding) the expectations and paying attention to every little detail: are the premises warm, clean and inviting (overall ambiance), are the towels soft, is there selection of body washes, mouth wash, mints, did music match the mood, was a drink offered, did the service feel unrushed, was all that’s advertised  on offer, was WG presented beautifully/dressed in a way requested or portrayed in her ad photos, was WG focused on the client, free of distractions (not answering phone calls/texts), was the conversation appropriate (in subject and length), did WG appear “into” the proceedings, was she willing accommodate requests and did so seamlessly ...
It goes without saying that WG should not appear/be under influence of any substances.
There are also a few little things that don’t really mean much on their own, but add to the feel of luxurious experience.
If all the above matched with a reasonable all-inclusive price and is done consistently, it is a sure way for a WG to gain a “fan club”.

We learn/appreciate everything in comparison. Once someone experiences the “not so good”, he appreciates the “really great” even more.

There is another side to this as well: everyone wants to be treated nicely and with respect. It is human nature to respond in kind.
When someone is nice to us, we want to be nice to them, when someone is arrogant or nasty; it hardly produces warm fuzzy feelings in return.

Here’s an excerpt from the book “Confidante: The Escort (Confidante Trilogy) by Lilliana Anderson.

Unfortunately, there are a percentage of clients who have this attitude. They may not express it in exactly same way, but they exude it the moment they walk into the room.

A booking that starts with clients expressing such attitude will never be good. Even if WG decides to proceed, and delivers the service she was paid for, she will resent the client and he will sense it.
That’s how some of reviews that state “we didn’t click” come to be.

I want to stress that there are plenty of cases where providers are the ones whom failed: they were too tired/had personal issues/whatever yet still took the booking and proceeded with lacklustre attitude that spoiled the whole experience for the client.

Pricing has to do with this somewhat as well.

As a private WG, I set my own price ($200/hr). I studied the market carefully, gave it a lot of consideration and came up with what I believe is a winning formula.
I also answer my own phone, so I can decide whether or not to accept a booking from someone –I don’t see every guy who calls me (I have a “filter” process to avoid unpleasant/stressful  bookings).
I choose my own hours and only work when I am truly “up to it”.
Due to all of the above, when I see a client, I am in a good mood and if he is nice, so much the better: I feel a whole lot more inclined to try my hardest to please him.

In contrast, when I worked for an agency, I had to see whomever the manager booked for me and had no idea what they were like until they’ve entered the room.
I also only got $90/hr (later $100/hr).
That’s less than half of what I am making now! As a result, although I always provided full service I was paid for (massage, oral, sex), the rest of it (conversation, enthusiasm, level of acting and GFE) was really dependent on how nice to me the guy was.
Anyone whom expressed the attitude quoted from the book above got back my own attitude: trust me, I can give as well as I can take ;)  (pun intended).

“What goes around comes around”- this saying is ancient. The principle is simple. Yet so many forget to apply it in their everyday life.

For a while, forums were a great tool for punters only, not so much for WGs. In fact, many WGs were afraid to join (or post), in fear of being attacked and pulled apart.

It’s a bit different these days: tables are not exactly turned, but playing field is more levelled, in my opinion. Forums are great networking tool for WGs: we can gauge client’s attitudes and warn each other of unpleasant/violent/undesirable ones (very similar to guys PMing each other about us).

More and more WGs elevate their service level and as a result value their time more. No one wants their time wasted with no-shows and no one wants to have an unpleasant person to deal with.

Just as punters have a choice in whom they want to book (via Internet display sites/ads), WGs now have a choice as to whom they want to see.
A client who has a reputation for being nice and respectful will always get a priority over someone who is not.

I am always willing to shuffle my personal schedule around to accommodate those whom treat me well (and I don’t mean tips $$$, although these don’t go amiss, eitherJ).

Although it is possible to have a totally different online “persona” from that in one’s real life, most people express their true views, especially when discussion gets heated, online.

Guys whom have genuine respect for women are easy to spot from their posts.
For instance, Adult Forum member “afriendofours” (whom I have never met personally) comes across as such person. There are many, many others (Acid,  Dreamcatcher, Solipsist, MusicMan, GingerBaker, Conrad-the list goes on).
These guys are often accused by others of “kissing WG’s asses”. Really? To what end, I wonder?
Being nice is not going to give them a discount, I assure you. But they will be treated in kind.

#BeNice   #BeKind   #TreatOthersAsYouWantToBeTreatedYourself