Monday, April 22, 2013

Value of friends

It is my firm belief that friendship is the most valuable commodity.

True friends will be there for you in your hour of need or just to keep you company and prevent loneliness taking up residence.

Friends will support you when things are shitty at work and will commiserate with you, bagging your boss, evil co-workers or whoever makes your life stressful, regardless of whether or not you are in the right. It doesn’t matter to them, because you are their friend.

Friends will come to your rescue when you’ve had too much to drink to drive and need a lift home.

Friends will visit you when you are ill and lift up your spirits and make you a cup of tea or chicken soup.

Friends will help you out when you found yourself in unexpected financial hole here and there.

They will offer you a place to stay if you suddenly found yourself without the roof over your head.

They’ll feed you when you are hungry.

Friends will offer a shoulder to cry on and unconditional support when your personal life takes a dive.
They’ll keep you company when you are depressed.

Friend is someone you can trust with your deepest secrets, someone who won’t judge and won’t think less of you.

True friends are precious and hard to find.
Sometimes we are very careless with our friends and don’t realise true value of them until we’ve lost them.

Parents and siblings could become distant, lovers come and go, but true friends are the ones who go the distance, who stick around, because they like you for who you are, warts and everything.


  1. Yana, love your words and agree with you. I have seen first hand how you live by these words and are truly a great friend.

    And while, unfortunately, I am unable to be counted as a friend I am honored to have met you and thank you for the guidance that you gave me.

    You are an awesome person.

  2. Hello lovely Yana,

    It has been a while. I am slowly quietly peeking back into friends life's as I am so often guilty of neglecting friendships Myself. Possible an insolvable character flaw, My ex always did say I loved computers more than people. I just wanted to comment though since this is My first visit to your blog in many months, that perhaps it is not that all of us are careless though true many are. Few take the time to consider and understand the value of the people who make Our lives worth living. They are few and far between and if they have shown they are deserving of love or friendship then one should give them whatever they can. Friendship doed not just enrich life it most likely makes it worth living.