Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sex,lies and consequences

-Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive- "Marmion", by Sir Walter Scott

Once upon a time there was a working girl. She was very pretty, had a great body and was quite articulate.
Seemingly fine on the outside, this WG had  many demons raging on the inside. She was consumed by insecurities, jealousy,greed,fear and anxiety.
Prostitution was far from best profession for her, but she soldiered on. Everywhere she went, she left a trail of destruction.

In one of establishments where this girl worked (let's call it "Darls mansion"), she accused owner/manager (let's call her Mecca Randamson) of stealing her phone and "outing" her to her family...
Mecca did not do any such thing. Mecca used to be a WG herself and anyone who knows her background would realise how ridiculous that accusation was.
But this WG, driven by jealousy, took her accusations to police, NZPC and newspapers and nearly cost Mecca to lose her business.

WG then moved on to another, newly opened establishment (let's call it "Greek Goddess").

By now this WG has come up with new, clever plan. Why work hard when she can collect the same money from gullible punters by being clever (or so she thought)?
Why not create an air of mystery about oneself and present blatant rip-off as "something different"?
So she would tell unsuspecting punter "I want to try something different", place a blindfold over his eyes, cock ring on his penis and vibrators along his balls (sure way to get a guy to come quickly).
She  would lightly whip his legs and body with cat o'nine tails.
She will apply a hand job and voila, a guy would blow his load off in under 20 min, after which WG would ask him if he would like to lay and talk with her for a while (many guys would just shower and leave).

WG really thought she was smarter than anyone else: while advertising "full service" (which implies oral and penetrative sex) and GFE ("girlfriend experience", which implies kissing, DFK,DATY and more) AND charging premium rates PER HOUR, she got away with being in client's presence for about 25-35 min and NOT doing any of the above.

A lot of guys were too shy to say anything. Others did try to tell her that they don't want her "something different", but would rather have good 'ol full service, to which she persistently urged them to "give it a go" and "live a little"...
Needless to say, WG did not have any repeat business, but she figured that numbers were on her side and there are plenty of "fresh", "un-initiated" gullible guys out there to last her for a long time.

Anyway, back to "Greek Goddess" club, where this WG was setting up a camp...
It was newly purchased by a nice couple, whom did not know anything about commercial sex business, regrettably.
They did a smart thing, however and hired Madam Mimosa to manage it.
Madam Mimosa is a prominent and well-respected member of the only online forum for sex industry in New Zealand. She used to be a WG herself in the past and has very keen and in-depth understanding of the industry.
Not only that, but Madam Mimosa has extensive, active and ongoing network within the industry. She is highly regarded and liked by punters and WGs alike and has a lot of "pull".
Punters (and Madam Mimosa knows a LOT of them personally) would listen to her recommendations and support an establishment  because she is running it.
I have no doubt that given time (Rome wasn't built in a day) of about 10-14 months, madam Mimosa would have made "Greek Goddess" a very successful and profitable enterprise-it is approximately how long it takes for any establishment (or private WG) to develop a good,solid reputation (provided there is consistency and continuity of good service present).

Well, it wasn't meant to be...
Our (in)famous WG, after initially being busy for a few days, started to have quite "slow" days of one no clients (due to her "different" service described above)...
All the while other girls working on the premises were getting busier and busier, especially a pocket-rocket firecracker Asian girl (let's call her "Suru").
Suru had very different approach: she believed in exceeding client's expectations. She was energetic in the room, kissed passionately, offered many  positions, INSISTED on multi-shots and often run "over-time" without charging extra.. It hardly comes as a surprise that her business thrived.

Our WG, instead of improving her service, decided to go down the same path she always had: web of lies and deceit.
She concocted numerous fibs about her own accomplishments, past jobs,hell, even country of origin (which was really stupid, as she couldn't speak the language of the country she said she was from).
She also played on people's kindness by claiming that she is terminally ill and only has few months to live.
She didn't stop there, either. She told elaborate lies to the club owners to make Madam Mimosa look bad in their eyes (I suspect because she was afraid that Madam Mimosa was on to her and would expose her sooner rather than later). Eventually Madam Mimosa was let go (and not paid full amount owed to her, either).
WG told the owners she can be a manager herself. But remember, one of her demons was greed: she wanted to be both a hooker AND a manager and it's quite impossible to manage an establishment when you're in a room with a client.

Things started going downhill rapidly.
Next on WG's agenda was getting rid of "competition"-Suru. She went on telling club owners that Suru was unprofessional and disturbing WG's clients(non-existent at that point).
She even tried the same thing she did to Mecca: accussed Suru of stealing her phone and "outing" her to her family (how many times can one be "outed"??).
She kept making up stories culminating in owner storming into Suru's room mid-booking (while client was there) and demanding she left the premises immediately.
Suru had no choice, so she complied.

Having achieved all this did not bring our WG desired results: she was not getting more clients (in fact, she was getting hardly any).

So on she went to the next thing: she decided to go independent.
Being quite articulate, she very quickly developed a persona on the online sex industry forum and made herself look "legit" by commenting on prominent poster's thread in a way that implied they (posters) know her and are,in fact, her friends Basically, piggy-backing on their reputation).

This sharade went on for a while. Few ladies who did meet her noticed WG's very peculiar traits and were left with feeling of unease and "something not quite right"... WG herself posted on the forum quite a few times things that made little sense (like the fact that her drink was supposedly "spiked" in a bar and she ended up in a hospital-on FOUR( !!)  separate occasions in two different cities in a span of three months).
As the "well" (of gullible guys) was going dry in the city WG lived, she moved cities.
That's where things started unravel rapidly.

First off, this WG went to visit a well-established agency with great solid reputation and very well-educated upmarket selection of ladies.
While there, a girl who spoke multiple languages addressed her in WG's native (or so she claimed) tongue-WG coudn't reply and it was very embarassing.
During that same visit another girl who's travelled the world extensively asked WG about a certain part of the foreign city WG was supposedly spent a lot of time in-again to no avail.

Then a very prominent, exceedingly well-reviewed and highly respected girl asked WG out for drinks-only to find out that WG was:
-at first talking serious nonsense (in a very puzzling manner)
-trying to slander another girl.
-trying to slander establishments she's worked for in the past
-refused to give any coherent answers about her training in a specific area of the industry (in which she claimed to be an expert).

The big crash-and-burn came when a punter got seriously upset with WGs "different" service and wrote a tell-all review.
She tried to cover things up, but he wouldn't back down and provided specific details, so there was no question of authenticity.
This brought out an avalanche of other punters who supported the original poster and claimed to have similar experience to his.

WG lost her cool. She went on crazed rants, at some stage portraying herself as suicidal (which she later denied and deleted the posts)... She claimed a death of a relative (first one, then changed it to another in the same thread)... She said she is planning to leave NZ for good... (all lies).

A lot of girls whom WG lied to in her previous communications felt betrayed and were justifiably upset.
Working ladies tend to stick up for each other, as this could be a rough industry, self-esteem  crashing and life destroying. So it really hurts to the core when you find out that you were defending and supporting a fraud who took you for a fool.

Ultimately, WG lost all credibility, good will and support of punters and other girls alike. In the process, she also lost the right to promote herself on the online forum, which is the ONLY forum of it's kind in NZ and is a very powerful marketing tool.

-Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated- Lou Holtz


  1. Wow, I had no idea she was THAT bad... Thank god we didn't end up meeting for coffee. Her weirdness was a bit disconcerting/annoying but to mess with other people's lives and livelihoods is abhorrent.

  2. Great read. Thanks for completing the whole story. I met her once, not knowing what had happened, and was lucky to get away with an ok experience, if not a little weird.

  3. I met this attractive lady and indeed looked very 'shagable'. However I had already heard the warning bells as she was at the 4th establishment in the city of sails. The rumours and the pugs unfortunate experience overrode what the little head was telling me.
    Looks can only get a lady so far. Attitude and the rest of the experience is what brings the repeat business. OK - Add value in the mix too.

  4. Nasty bitch. Gives the rest of us WG's a bad name!!

  5. What!!??? The manager had no right to burst into a room in the middle of a booking. Doesen't matter what she was being told, or by whom. This girl whom you are attacking cannot be blamed for that.

    1. I am not attacking anyone-just telling a story as it unfolded. Which part of it did you perceive as an "attack"?
      As to manager bursting in the room in the middle of the booking: the girl in question (the one the story is about) had her convinced over the period of several days that Suru was a serious threat to the business.
      She did the same with Madam Mimosa, which is why Madam Mimosa was sacked without pay.

    2. P.S. And yes, of course the girl in question is to blame for Suru being kicked out of the those premises, as she was undertaking a very deliberate campaign to that end and it was her prime goal. If not for our "main heroine" the owner would've kept Suru as long as Suru wanted to be there,as she was (and still is to this day, working privately) very,very busy, hence a great revenue producer for the establishment. No one I know would willingly cut off their revenue stream unless they were made believe (through other's convincing) that their entire business is somehow in danger