Monday, April 1, 2013

Sex is seldom FREE

Sex has been used as currency since time immemorial.
People use sex to gain status (marriage), to ensure their financial comfort (marriage/divorce), to move up professional ladder, to get ahead of competition while closing a deal-the list is endless...

Someone I know enjoyed "free" sex for a couple of years only to be trapped in a marriage (through "sudden" and "unexpected" pregnancy) which brought sheer misery to him for the next dozen or so years (and NO sex, funny that) and life-time ongoing commitment that invades his life almost daily, although marriage is long over.  I am sure we all know stories like that.

 There is a famous saying: "One does not pay a prostitute for sex. One pays for her to LEAVE".
So true. 
Sex is something that a person needs and craves. Often that craving leads people to make some really silly decisions, some of those with long-lasting consequences.
Centuries ago our ancestors figured out the way to avoid this-hence the advent of prostitution. One gets to have "sex on demand" for an agreed upon price and walk away scott-free.

It always surprises me that in this day and age some people still perceive any sex as "free".
There is no such thing.

A girl/woman you date would normally see sex as a "next step" in your relationship, in which the "last step" is marriage/committed relationship/living together. And we all know marriage is far from "free".

That hot random chick that seems to be desperate to get in your pants is most likely to have an agenda (and it's not gonna be "free" to you in the end): child support is just one possibility. There are many others, some quite ugly: like extortion/blackmail because she is actually underage and only looks mature.

Even when you come across a woman who genuinely just wants to "get her rocks off", there is a possibility of emotional attachment after sex has taken place.
During sex men and women release the bonding chemical: oxytocin and the reward chemical: dopamine-it's a highly potent combination that not only makes you crave more sex, but actually ties that craving to your sexual partner. Oestrogen (abundant in women) enhances it.

So now when you want to have your beer/surf the net/watch the game/hang out with your mates in peace, you can't because that "no strings attached" tryst became something more and she needs attention at the very least-such as the price of "free" sex.

One should tread even more carefully as far as "free" sex is concern while in a commercial transaction (i.e.prostitution).
It is, undoubtedly, very flattering to the client when a hooker seems to want to have sex with him "for free", above and beyond paid-for time.
I call it "Pretty woman" syndrome: just like a lot of women want to find their prince charming, who will whisk them away from it all and take care of them forever, many men want a woman who throws it all away just for them.

Reality is somewhat different, however.
If a hooker suddenly wants to give you sex for free, she might have grown attracted to you and wants a lot more than a "professional" relationship. If that's how you feel and what you want, then great.
However, often times it's not at all the situation.

Good examples of such happenings and consequences are described in these threads

Granted,once in a while it might be a genuine situation.
For instance, a client books me for 3 hours outcall to his upmarket hotel/very upscale house (in my home town).
Upon arrival he gives me $100 as a tip on the top of my rate ($500)-so I now have $600 in my pocket.
We proceed into relaxing conversation and sex.
Time flies by. I find the client very interesting to talk to and having a great attitude. I am very relaxed in his company.
Client cooks us a meal (or orders  room service). We soak in the jacuzzi. Client offers to give me a nice relaxing massage (or orders masseuse from hotel's spa for both of us in the room).
I most likely will stay a while-quite a bit longer than 3 hours and will offer him more sex in the process.
HOWEVER, any reasonable client will know that it is an EXCEPTION rather than the rule and would never expect it, let alone make it a benchmark for future bookings (with myself or any other WG).
He would also NOT mention this in a review (if he so inclined to write one), as others might expect the same (often without offering the same tip/extra treatments themselves).
That's why in this Hemisphere we have very clear-cut pricing: we sell TIME, i.e. $200 for an HOUR, $500 for 3 HOURS,etc. This makes things easy and uniformed for all, WGs and clients alike.

If and when a WG willingly offers you "overtime" without extra charge, accept it graciously and cautiously. Weight the situation carefully in your mind before proceeding. 

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