Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great steak is well worth going the distance ;)

So you happen to like a steak. 

You really enjoy it cooked to perfection: rare, with the outside just done and inside nice and pink, but not cold. 

As you truly savour every bite, you want your steak to be of a good size, so you can enjoy it for a while.

You also want the restaurant where you happen to eat your steak to have a nice ambiance: you don’t want to be rushed or worry about cleanliness of the kitchen or even the very table you’re sitting at and the cutlery/crockery.

In short, you want to whole steak-eating experience.

Unfortunately, the city you live in doesn’t seem to offer this. 

Strange as it is, as you live in the country which has a very robust and visibly thriving beef cattle farm industry, there doesn’t seem to be a place in your city where you can get the “steak-eating experience” you desire.

Some places advertise their “tender, juicy” steaks “fresh from young calves”, but when you turn up there, all you get is tough old piece of meat which resembles a shoe sole in both texture and taste.

Other places still have passable cuts of beef, but they charge you extra for everything, even such basics as salt and pepper to spice your steak up, not to mention side dishes. 

They often charge you for one cut, but when your steak is delivered, you find entirely different cut on the plate.

They also rush your steak-eating experience, as their restaurant is quite busy, so they ask you to hurry up and “swallow your steak now or you go”, as another customer is waiting to sit at your table.

Cleanliness at some of those places leaves to be desired as well.

Plus, those places tend to be crowded and you are often sharing the dining room with other diners of whom you are acutely aware.

Now, you are not exactly independently wealthy, so you have to budget for your steak. Unfortunately, your bad steak-eating experiences, where you’ve left very unsatisfied, angry and frustrated are mounting up. The money you’ve spent on those is now in the hundreds.

Then you hear about an awesome steak house in another city.

Apparently, according to dozens of testimonials of fellow steak enthusiasts, this restaurant’s steak is EXACTLY as described and pictured in their adverts.

Not only that, the restaurant is very private-boutique format- and only caters to one customer at a time.

While not the cheapest out there, it is very reasonably priced, considering the fact that all side dishes/accompaniments are included in the price.

The proprietor of the restaurant also insists that you eat all the steak you can possibly consume during the time of your visit. In fact, a lot of other steak lovers confessed that they were offered a lot more steak than they could possibly eat-they were physically not able to consume another bite!

Quick check of the airfares reveals that with enough advanced planning, you can have the steak experience you so richly deserve for a lot less money that you’ve wasted so far on those substandard restaurants in your home town. And you can do it all on a Saturday evening and be back home fast asleep before 1am!

You are overjoyed! 

So you put your plan in motion and it gives you a lot of pleasure to prepare for the event, thinking of all the ways you will devour your steak. You picture its juices slowly dripping, your tongue coming in touch for the first time with the pink centre... You can almost feel its delicate texture. You can’t wait!

You communicate with the restaurant proprietor and make sure all your requirements will be met.
The whole thing is an adventure for you; something exciting to do on otherwise dull and boring Saturday, which you would otherwise spend laying on the couch in front of TV.

When you finally take a first bite of your steak-WOW!! Fireworks! Your taste buds explode with dozens of different sensations all at once! 

Your experience is fantastic! You can’t stop thinking about it on the way home and, in fact, for several days after the event.

You vow to save up your money and repeat it in a few months ;)

P.S. Yes, the post is allegory. Moral: save your pennies and travel to see consistently well-reviewed WG instead of wasting your money on frustrating bait-and-switch shops

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