Saturday, March 2, 2013

Content and process (some aspects of sex industry in modern world)

I've had several discussions with amazing Ava G and she is the one who suggested this.
I admire Ava a lot-to me she represents the benchmark of the industry's standard of service and presentation.
I can talk to her for hours: she constantly offers new angles of looking at things and has a very keen perspective.

Discussion started with me bringing up "time-wasters" and "phone-wankers" as well as guys who call and ask seemingly pointless questions.
Ava invited me to look deeper into the issue : bypass the actual content of conversation and instead consider the process.
A lot of guys can not afford services of WGs (especially WGs they REALLY would like to spend time with)-it's simply beyond their means.
So they've discovered the next best thing:  being in contact with those WGs, talking and receiving (often very pleasant) responses via phone/text.

These guys gotten smarter as time went on as well: rather than calling and asking right off the bat "tell me what you're gonna do to me" or "what are you wearing?"(they would only get a "click" in response, as any half-smart WG would know what they are), they now call and start the conversation politely by saying they would like to make a booking and inquiring about availability.
Of course, any professional WG would carry on with inquiry, so a clever time-waster can stretch the conversation for as long as 2-4 min.
That's the ONLY thing they are after: the process, i.e. a nice conversation with a WG. They have no intention of actually going through with the booking.

Internet and technology has changed sex industry a lot in the last few years. Those changes benefit clients as much as they benefit WGs.
Gone are the days when hardly any WGs knew each other well and communicated on a regular basis.
These days we stay in touch a lot more. Smart phones make it easier as well.

I am a big supporter of networking and cooperation amongst WGs. I spend fair amount of time promoting this notion of solidarity. I've seen time and again that working together nets better results and everyone makes more money-it's a fact.
This benefits a consumer as well (very much so), as girls who tend to work together usually represent a certain kind of standard that is encouraged and those who don't measure up are forced to "up their game". It is a sort of "self-policing" process that occurs naturally.

To illustrate the above with a simplified example:

WG "A" became friendly with WG "B".
One of WG "A"'s regulars (client X) wants a variety (or a bi-double) and she knows she's better off to offer him some "variety" options by recommending some other WG, as this will : A) Retain the client X in the long-run  B) Very possibly bring some "fresh" business, as the other WG would most likely return the favor by sending some of her own regulars to WG "A".

So WG "A" carefully and in great detail explains to WG "B" what standard of service her regular client is accustomed to.
If WG "B" is lacking some elements of desired service, she will, most likely, do her best to "up her game", as she wants this business and a continuing business relationship with WG "A".

Another side of the coin is that the client X, if he enjoyed the service, will most likely recommend WG "B" to some other punters and WG "B" will now have to uphold the higher standards of service permanently in order to retain this new found referral business, as it is strictly based on experience as described to fellow punters by the client X.

This, in turn, will possibly cause some other WGs experience a loss of clientele, as their standard of service does not measure up.
Smart ones will question their clients as to the cause, read reviews on the forums, try to network with WGs "A" and "B" to understand what the standards are-and bring their own standards up to par in order to continue in the industry.
Stupid ones will leave the industry due to the lack of income, because they don't want to or don't know how to improve.

DISCLAIMER: this is a VERY simplified example. Nothing is this simple or black and white, and there are always nuances and complications. But in a nutshell, this is it.

This type of networking benefits WGs as well, obviously. They can share experience and compare notes. And  it's not just the obvious  "Oh, this guy is a time-waster (or whatever)"-it goes much deeper with sharing of experience, explaining finer points, etc.

So back to the original "Content and process" issue.
Sometimes guys genuinely don't understand that the way they communicate raises red flags to WGs.
And sometimes they get angry because they don't understand why we ask certain questions.

For instance, I employ a certain strategy while talking on the phone to a potential client. If client's questions/requirements seem vague, I ask him to clarify (sometimes in detail). This is done so I can understand clearly what's expected of me and prevent any possible disappointment for the client.
If I ascertain through the phone conversation that I won't be able  to deliver, I will not accept the booking.
Client "Do you offer passionate service"
Me "What does it mean to you,specifically"...  You get the idea.

This brings me to comments some guys make on the forum about reviews for certain girls being always good.
Well, I don't know about everyone, but several WGs I know well use the same model as I do: we don't accept every booking that comes our way. We are quite selective in "filtering" potential clients. This ensures the best possible match of service and expectations-hence consistent good reviews.

As for time-wasters... Yes, they are a part of life for us, WGs, regrettably. But most of us are very good in figuring them out pretty quickly:

-Guys who keep texting endless one-liners

-Guys who call from blocked or land line numbers and refuse to provide cell-phone numbers (there is very small exception to this rule, but it's less than 1%)

-Guys who make a booking and then start endless texting demanding you to describe what you will be wearing, or telling you what they would do to you or going on about the size of their penis,etc-you get the idea.

-Guys who refuse to do a voice call confirmation, even if we offer to call them (on our dime) at the time they specify

-Guys who call and start out by saying "I want to make a booking", but then ask what you look like and what service you offer.

-Guys who ask you to "walk them through" a booking in phone conversation

-Guys who ask very general questions which require long-winded answers.
I want to explain this one a bit: it's perfectly fine (and very much encouraged) to ask specific questions pertaining to you booking, but be prepared to receive a short, to the point answer: if you are expecting a long description, it raises a red flag.
For instance, instead of asking "So what lingerie do you have", the question should be "I would like to see you in corset and stockings, do you have those?"
Or instead of "What fantasies do you offer", it should be "I would like to <insert your fantasy>, do you offer this?"

-Guys who demand to know your adress before they even made a booking

-Guys who text and ask "Are you working"-it's a pointless waste of time, because; A) If I've paid good money for the ad, then, yes, I am working and B) What you ACTUALLY want to know if I am available at the time you have in mind for the length you have in mind, so THAT'S what you should ask. I've pointed this out to a gentlemen last Sun, as a matter of fact, as I was, indeed, working (as per question he posed), but I was fully booked for that day, which is what he REALLY wanted to know.

Example of a good text/phone call:

Hi, Yana. I saw your ad on NZGs. I would like to see you today (or whatever day) sometime between 2pm and 5pm for 1 hour. What do you have available? Thank you, Punter.

And once we established that I am, indeed, available, you can move on to asking specific questions, making requests re. the booking, if you have any.

This will result in a very pleasant conversation and more often than not a booking will eventuate. Easy.

Another group of time-wasters cropped up recently whom I call "blockers": they ring several girls, making a booking with each (hence "blocking" the time), until they find a bargain deal they were hoping for.
Guy makes a list of WGs he wants to see (some he prefers more than others and they all charge different prices).
He calls me at 10 am and asks for a half-hour booking at 11am. I accept.
He then calls another WG (whom charges less, for instance) on his list and tries to make a booking with her at the same time (safe in knowledge that in case that fails, he already has a confirmed booking with me). If she accepts, he either cancels with me or no-call/no-shows. If she is not availale, he continues down his list.
Very common excuse 'blockers" use when they actually bother to cancel is "Oh, sorry-have to cancel-work called". Sometimes they forget that they've just told me a few minutes ago that they WERE, in fact AT WORK and planning a booking for their lunch break.

Mutual respect is the greates foundation for any relationship-whether business or professional.
If all of us inject more respect in our daily interactions with others, I do believe everyone will benefit in the end.


  1. I have already run into the WG's that are friends with each other. Have a few 'interesting' comments that initially startled me but on reflection was perfectly OK. I must work on the WG "A" vs WG "B" service and see who does it better - Thanks for the idea Yana.
    I hadn't considered how much of a kick some guys must get ringing up the WGs. I can't see the point in it but from snippets I hear I'm never sure if it's punters or the competitions friends.
    I have had a few WG's ask me to reschedule due to previous punters bad time management and have always been happy with that. My only cancellation was late notice but have since rebooked.

  2. Great post, Yana! I have to admit to also admiring Ava. She is one clever chick and great to converse with - she's full of good ideas.

  3. Good stuff, Yana ... Thanks.

    The networking and cooperation element, is a different issue, I feel and would be worth its own post.

    I've had two instances where I've asked a WL to recommend another girl for me:

    In one case the WL said that she could have done so, but that the WL was now retired.

    In the other, we'd talked about having a double with a WL friend that she'd mentioned, but the (original) WL kept making excuses, hence "wasting" my time (just a little ... not being a big deal, of course, for me, as a punter. I guess she had her reasons.)

  4. I often start with "are you working". I do this in case I have dialed the wrong number or accidentally called the wife as it can be read many ways. When I hear the WG's voice I know I get onto making a booking

  5. Ummm... Not sure what you mean by "when I hear WG's voice"... How do you determine she is a "WG" by voice if you are worried you've dialed the wrong number?
    Isn't it easier to:
    A) Make sure you are disling the RIGHT number
    B) Adressing the WG you are calling by name, e.i "Is this Yana?"