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It was brought to my attention that it's a bit of work to look up my reviews on the forums-it has to do with the fact that I generally post a fair bit and it could be a tedious task to look through pages of posts to find an actual review.

So here's a compilation of my reviews from and

Slowhand, November 23,2016:

So I had a booking with Yana  recently. A lovely relaxed time, catching up, shooting the breeze, having a laugh or ten, which then switched easily and effortlessly into a particularly fine time letting our bodies do the talking. I was treated to all sorts of wonderful sensations; featherlight fingertips from head to toe and all points in between, that seductive smile and those eyes sparkling, other particularly good sexual and sensual delights, and I realised again that I was in the hands of someone who really does enjoy showing a man a good time, and is particularly good at doing it. A beautiful woman in a beautiful place whose mission is to show me the door with a smile on my dial, bliss in my heart and a happy sag in my flag.

But to be fair this review is just a smokescreen for me to talk about Yana the woman. She's headed away soon so I thought it a good time to bring the subject up. I've always respected Yana, yet I've been on the receiving end of her sharp tongue, which actually only served to strengthen that respect. And to be even more fair I'd say there's many a thing she and I wouldn't see eye to eye on, vive la difference, Vive ла разница, but one thing I know for sure is that Yana is a woman of huge integrity who isn't going to be quiet when she's got something to say. 

And I'm aware of her dedication to the industry and her concern for the welfare of the girls in it and also, I've seen, the punters.

And I admire her. Like a lot of you girls, she's living life on her terms, and she's doing very well. It's a life less ordinary and an enviable lifestyle. Heaven knows what route she took to get where she is, but she's blazed quite a trail and earned a huge amount of respect on the way.

So this simple country boy gets to party with a sophisticated, sexy, strong, woman of the world, those beautiful eyes sparkling when she tips her head back in laughter, and it's a wonderful thing.

Good on ya Yana. Go well. я приветствую вас. Thank you. As is so often the case with the girls I meet, my life is better and richer for knowing you.

Justin Cyder, December 23, 2016:

Where do I start............ A bit of background first. A few years ago I was in Auckland and tried to arrange to see Yana. Unfortunately it was a business trip and other people had ideas about how I should spend my free time. So my proposed booking with Yana fell through. I really mucked her about a bit on that occasion but she was very patient with me, and as a result we have kept in touch intermittently since then.

I discovered that she was making a discreet, unadvertised visit to Wellington, so after a bit of communication to and fro we arranged to meet for a nice meal in a good restaurant on Cuba St, followed by a trip to her hotel for dessert. Then the earthquake happened and I had visions of having to cancel again as I was now working well away from my usual Wellington office as it was closed. But after some manipulation of my work schedule I arranged a night in town and, a bit of serendipity, both Yana and I ended up staying in the same hotel.

So the evening arrived and I arranged to meet Yana at the restaurant. I was very nervous as I normally am meeting someone new for the first time. And especially someone as well known as Yana. It was a lovely evening in town and as I loitered around Cuba I couldn't quite believe this lovely vision coming towards me. I often think photos don't, and maybe can't do justice to ladies. In this case I was absolutely correct. The camera cannot catch the sheer personality she projects, which just enhances her natural beauty. So into dinner and she is quite remarkable at making you feel as if you are the entire centre of her world. She skilfully led the conversation, the choice of food and I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent getting to know each other. We have a few things in common due to both of us having travelled the world extensively and it was great to meet such a like minded person. It was almost with regret that we left the restaurant to stroll back to our mutual hotel.

So up to her room and as to what followed, I can only describe the experience as truly remarkable. Yana obviously has a wealth of experience in all matters physical but she maintains a freshness and enthusiasm I can only envy.  And it was both mentally and physically immensely satisfying.

It was with a lot of regret that I wandered away to my own room later................

Yana has made no secret of the fact that she is departing NZ permanently in 2017. She will be a big loss and if you get the opportunity to see her before she goes, don't even think about it, just do it.

Thanks for an incredibly wonderful evening Yana.


Steve, July 30, 2015:

Are you disabled and need some TLC from a hot girl? We all have our reasons for seeing working girls. 
For me an accident left me paralised years ago. One of the biggest challenges for me has been the effect on my sexual function. 
The accident left me impotent with no feeling down there either. The sexual urges are still there. I have medication that will make it stand to attention but with no feeling where it counts there is no relief. The result is a huge amount of sexual frustration. A long term relationship just ended for me and I'm not looking to rush into another one. For now I just need sex.

I found Yana on NZ Girls and she had a link to her personal website which had lots of photos of her showing of her amazing body. She also had lots of photos of her apartment and I realised she had a wheelchair accessible bathroom. There was also lots of information about Yana which gave a good picture of what she is like. 

I find it difficult to pick up the phone and ring a WG. I was able to email Yana and politely tell her what I wanted. She responded promptly and we made a time for our fun. She required a voice call to confirm appointment but her email response had put me at ease and I found it very easy to make the call.
Yana was thinking about my needs and explained she had no parking but that there was a public car park just up the road. One small issue was a steepish hill up from her apartment which she raised as she wasn't sure I could wheel back up it. I'm a low level paraplegic and it was within my limits and it was only a short hill. So it was very cool that I could manage all this independently which is really important to me.

So Yana buzzed me into the building. I heard her call my name and went toward the sound of her voice. When I got to the door she greeted me looking absolutely divine in a red corset, black lace panties and stocking. We chatted for a while and then she ordered me to get naked saying, "I have plans for you" - and she did!

I found Yana to be very professional, she was very interesting to talk to, very comfortable with herself and very obliging. Man, can this girl kiss! I wish I could have felt what that tongue was doing when she was giving me head! Oh well it was nice to watch.

I booked for 3 hours and she is certainly not a clock watcher. I left feeling like a million dollars and went off to a meeting grinning like a Cheshire cat as my time with Yana flashed before my eyes. 

I have seen a few WG's over the years and I would have to rate Yana as the best overall. Yana is a true a Courtesan. She is so much fun and knows how to relax and please a man. I would recommend her to anyone wanting an awesome naughty experience, but especially guys in similar situations to me. I will meet someone in time but for now I just need some naughty fun which is the only way I can relieve sexual frustration. If you are disabled you will know what I mean.

Yana's professionalism and thoughtfulness removed the barriers that make so many things in the disabled world such a challenge. Forget society's opinions around WG's. Sexual pleasure is really important to balance your life. Face your fears and treat yourself to some naughty pleasure with lovely Yana. You won't be disappointed!

"The Russians are Coming" Yana's Clock-Free Promotions (by AFF member Evan Dale)

I recently enjoyed the pleasure of an exciting day with the lovely Yana well away from the CBD and city fringes in the lovely coastal rural setting I call home.

Due to transport constraints her original "All Day" promotion was somewhat curtailed, but nevertheless our almost all day tryst was something unbelievably sensational. Fortunately it was a lovely day and the beautiful scenery on the journey both to an fro no doubt set a mood for Yana who must surely have wondered what she was letting herself in for.

As I anxiously waited at the rendez-vous point, my heart all-a-flutter, nervous, excited, wondering, my thoughts turned to the movie "The Russians are Coming". As a retired seaman this 1960's chaotic American comedy sprung into mind about an off-course Russian submarine, the "Octopus" running aground off the North Eastern Coast of America. Would my day be full of panic and confusion ? Would she grip me like an octopus and smother me with kisses and cuddles like she did the last time we met ?

Luckily Yana arrived on time looking fantastic, smiling, waving, and seemingly excited, and then wham. I got the octopus hug as if I was a long lost relative. Casual dress for Yana is still very sexy and alluring. She looked magnificent as I proudly walked her back to my car.

For the next hour or so, I gave Yana a sightseeing tour of our little corner of the world, stopping off at a couple of local art galleries before lunch on the balcony of a lovely local restaurant overlooking a beautiful sandy beach with views along the coastline stretching forever. Yana's radiance attracted the attention of everyone who saw us. I felt so proud to be with her, and no doubt will often be asked .."who was that lady ? Wow".

Yana all the time was perfectly relaxed. Talking, smiling, gracious and charming. Not only is she strikingly beautiful, she is sexy yet stylish. Yana can say a thousand words, just using her eyes. For her, the eyes do the talking, and it would be fair to say, I was mesmerised. Yana treated me as if I was the only man in the world. I remember telling her that this day is for her, and not about me. It was my turn to spoil her. So many times does Yana and her colleagues please us men with their fabulous service, their whole being, just to give us pleasure and excitement. How many times have we felt like a million dollars after just an hour or so with a beautiful lady. Imagine then what half a day would be like in your own back yard, with people who see you left wondering.

After a tasty lunch and the leisurely drive along the scenic coast, we came to my humble home. We showered, enjoyed each other carnally as Yana describes it so sweetly in her blog, showered again and then went outside onto the verandah to enjoy a tasty "High Tea". I had fortunately prepared it earlier and included some of Yana's favourite food items.

Like all good things, our soiree needed to end, and time to catch the transport back to reality. Yana never worried about time. In fact she stayed somewhat longer than I had planned. All the time she was with me she was relaxed and at ease. She frequently commented about the beautiful scenery, how many different shades of green, the shoreline, the beach and my humble abode. I began to panic a bit. I didn't want her to miss the transport back to the city. I was so anxious I forgot to serve Yana the dessert - our very own Pavlova. Definitely next time !

After a series of goodbye hugs and kisses, my thoughts turned to the "Octopus" as Yana left for the city. In the movie the "Octopus" sailed away peacefully escorted by dozens of local boats and well-wishers, as the US Fighter jets peeled off to return to base. There had been no disaster, life goes on...happily ever after. What a relief.

The all-day-clock-free promotion was out of this world for folks like me. After over 50 years travelling the world, I have never encountered anything quite like that day. Yana, the Russian Courtesan, is a delight and great value at any time in any of her regular sessions. With Yana, what you see is what you get. She is readilty available, she is courageous, she's beautiful, she's intelligent, witty, radiant, stylish, gracious and oozes sex. Imagine being able to enjoy this all day ?

 I openly admit that this type of option that Yana provides is not for everyone. Yana is targeting a very selective niche market which in my case she provided exceptionally well. For me, it was one of the smartest things I have ever done financially. Would I do it again ? Most certainly.

On my drive back home I reflected somewhat on the movie "From Russia with Love" where the gorgeous Tatiana is recruited to seduce James Bond. I am no 007, but.....

Thank you Yana. You are so gracious and a true courtesan. I am forever grateful.

Posted on Jan 18, 2014 in NZG Member's Lounge:

Dear fellow Kinksters…..

This is a review of Yana in Her “Alternative modus operandi”….

As a boy, two movies spring to mind when the word “Russia” is mentioned: James Bond in: “From Russia with Love”…..and the family movie: “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming”……(such is NZ’s isolation)…

But now there is “Yana”….

Although this submissive comes from 18 years of Domme/sub play, but this sub has been  was seeking something more than that….a more mysterious, more sensual, more exotic way of exploring Kink.
May this submissive COMMEND to you dear reader the LUSCIOUS and ANGELIC “YanaTheRussian”….(Her Fetlife name)..or more simply: “Yana”

Yana agreed to a café meeting after this sub made an email approach, (through her own website) …
A tall, Elegant Woman, black bobbed (with “green splash” in the coiffure), bedecked with sparkly bracelets, rings, purple enameled nails, wearing a sexy black keyhole top with black “Capri” style pants and chunky heeled boots, complete with black studded handbag strode confidently into the café…

The café has a back room and although i thought W/we were going to talk “vanilla” or at best “in code”…it was an surprisingly candid chat, (i was also impressed that Yana had checked me out prior on Fetlife)…but what really turned my head was the heavy French perfume WAFTING…together with Her elegant choker….(OMG, how did She know i had a soft spot for Perfume and chokers….)…and what made the tribute TOTALLY worthwhile was (whilst mid-story) the way She mimicked how She had Mounted a recent first-timer slave on a 30minute session, via a gesture of arms bent, fists clenched, and erotic hip thrust…when She saw my reaction She LAUGHED…and She knew i was “hooked”…purrrrrrrrrsss

Unlike many ProDomme’s who like to control the whole session, (although they allow the sub to outline areas of interest to Them)….Yana encouraged me to write in full how i saw the session panning out…and She did a great job of ignoring the email till late in the “intervening wait”…knowing “Anticipation” was everything…then merely replying: “Sounds Good..See you tomorrow.”

i wont bore you dear reader with the session details but just to say Yana gave a ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS amount of lots of tactile, hands on play , with and plenty of eye-contact during: strap-on play, kinky food play, and extended golden shower play with her new submissive, (with additional caring little touches like using sub’s own  name to make it more personal)…but what was MOST special was the large amount of time devoted to Her, and Her allowing me to “Mistress Worship” Her…and although i failed repeatedly, and hence a second visit is mooted and so the second named film above may come true??…….fingers crossed….

Kneels submissively and kisses the ground where She once walked……

11 out of 10….to the SUBLIME Yana

Much of it has been said before but I would like to add my 2 cents worth about Yana.

Given Yana’s awesome reputation and the fact I am only a month away from my sixtieth I was somewhat apprehensive and a little concerned that I was being too ambitious. However I decided sometime ago that I wasn’t going to die wondering so what the heck – just do it.

Before the booking I sent a message saying I find thigh high stockings and a slinky black dress a real turn on. In retrospect I didn’t need to do that as I now realise that Yana would look hot even if she was wearing a potato sack.
The door opened and there was this gorgeous women dressed exactly as I had asked. Within a few minutes she had me totally at ease and feeling special. It’s fair to say this old fella worked up a good sweat so we had a half time break. After oranges and a little exchange of views we were into the second half.

This was 90 minutes of good fun with a very special person. All aspects of the encounter were professional, personal, energetic and plain enjoyable. The conversation was stimulating. Yana is adorable.

This was a memorable experience, one I will recall with fondness.

Thanks Yana for being you and giving me a good time.
I look forward to coffee and laps around the CBD (I think) once I get back from Oz.

p.s. We spend the last 30 minutes chatting.
While there are more than enough positive reviews of Yana for punters to make an informed decision, I thought I would share my own experiences, as I suspect they differ from the norm.

I will have to summarise my own situation in order for this to make much sense. I am in my late forties, and in a long term relationship, where my partner is also my soul-mate. Sadly our sex life is not what it was in the past. I found myself asking the dreaded question that no man wants to face, am I just getting old and past it? I decided to visit a 'professional' to find out if I needed a 'change of scenery'.

The girl I chose was local (Hamilton) and was close to my own age (I have no desire to see someone 1/2 my age). The result was that I certainly proved everything physically still worked, but it has to be said that I left thinking that intellectual stimulation was sadly missing. I started searching for somebody older, who could offer intelligent conversation, and decided to 'splash out' for a 30 min session with Yana when she was touring.

My initial reaction was similar to the comments from others, Yana is tall, attractive, and has a figure to die for. She was well presented, and impeccably clean. The booking, being only 30 minutes, was over in no time, but I left very satisfied, being physically pleasured, relaxed by a wonderful massage, and mentally stimulated throughout. I made a resolution to see Yana again, but for a much longer booking. Suffice to say I had come to the conclusion that quality was worth paying extra for.

I had worked hard all year, and as it was Christmas time, I bought myself a Christmas present, a three hour booking with Yana. It was simply outstanding. I confirmed I could still do everything I could do at 18, and left the booking satisfied beyond anything I could ever describe.

I became a regular visitor to Yana. The combination of physical and mental stimulation was clearly having a very positive effect, and I started to discuss this situation with Yana at some length. Around the same time Yana threw a curve ball. I had genuinely forgotten to pay up front, and asked what I owed her. Her reply was significantly less than I was expecting. When I challenged her, she informed me that since we had spent the first half of the booking talking, she had considered it a 'coffee date', followed by a 1 hour booking. I felt I was already getting 'good mileage' but Yana was adamant she was happy with this arrangement.

We started to explore the reasons why things had improved so significantly in my personal life. I look back at my situation 6 months earlier, and can't decide if it was stress, depression, or just mid life crisis. I still haven't decided, but it was most likely a combination of the three. While I cannot suggest that Yana is an approved alternative to professional help, she certainly was in my case. At one stage I told her she was effectively making herself redundant, as she was clearly improving my relationship at home, but she carried on regardless. It was very apparent that she was finding the results personally rewarding. I am now significantly happier than 6 months ago, and my own relationship is better than it has been in years.

I continue to see Yana regularly, and occasionally other local girls. Make no mistake, my feet are securely on the ground, but my relationship with Yana is now more akin to that of a friend, than a professional one. Regardless of what may happen in the future, I will always be grateful for the positive impact she has had on me personally, and my relationship with my partner.

Some here may see similarities to themselves, as I doubt my situation is unique. I am certainly not prepared to suggest that everybody will get the same benefit, but it has certainly worked wonders for me.

What saddens me, is that based on a few recent posts, some here appear to see Yana as little more than an immigrant hooker who is fair game for a forum bashing. To those people, I urge you to know somebody before you judge them. I, for one, cannot sing her praises highly enough. She is a very intelligent lady, with many, many, talents. I doubt anybody who had actually seen her would complain about the quality of the service she provides.
Hello Sailor

Finally got around to seeing Yana, in her new modern apartment in Eden Terrace region. As expected, she was on form for our little midday tryst. When asked if I opened this little Russian doll, what would I find another one inside, see dared me to try and see for myself. I needed no more encouragement and it wasn't long before that thick Russian accent was engaging in dirty talk, demanding more of what she was getting.

When all was said and done, we wound down from our brief but intense encounter by watching her new vid of Naru giving her a nuru massage. I then walked out to the warm midday sun to a text from a well known AFer, wanting to know why I had been pocket calling multiple times.

Blame it on the ginger Russian I replied.....

Well....what can I say?
What a way to finish 3 days of sinful pleasure.....3hrs of absolute pleasure with Yana!!

One of the few working ladies I've met who took the time to talk...question and craft a session to suit my desires before playing me like a harp to produce sexy harmony.

In the last 10yrs I've met three truly outstanding ladies.
Betty who no longer works, Ms Venom and now Yana.

I'll definitely be back for more...and next time we'll invite Naru to join the fun


Intrigued by all the very positive reviews, I had to book for myself. I was lucky enough to spend several hours with Yana on Saturday afternoon.

Oh. My. Freakin'. God.

Yana greeted me at the door wearing a corset and a huge smile. Following her up the stairs, looking at that lovely posterior, was like ascending to a higher plane.
I have to say, my performance was not great. I was knackered, stressed out and rather nervous. Yana cured all these maladies with her charm, warmth and skill. I went from a limp biscuit to a raging bull in one minuite flat. I swear Yana could almost raise the dead.

Not only was the horizontal aerobics excellent, Yana is a Courtesan in the true sense of the word. From her perfect presentation, intelligent connversation, soft lips, and wonderful button nipples, to the fresh chilled fruit platter, Bubbly, and immaculate room, everything was just right.

No bullshit, hands down, 10 out of 10.

Guess what I did, today?!

I spent the whole morning frolicking with Yana!

And what a wonderful time I had!

I intended going in to work this afternoon, but instead drove here and there in the Port Hills; ending up overlooking Governor’s Bay, eating my smoko (Yes, Yana, I had plenty left! ) and remembering all of the many, many, many, many great moments that we enjoyed together!

I mentioned to Yana, over a year ago, that I’d like to see her if ever she came to Christchurch. A few weeks ago she let me know that she was paying a visit.

I planned a series of about a dozen “fantasy role plays” with four key elements: erotic, sensual, intimate and fun … with me "doing all the driving"! With clear boundaries set, “Do you want to know the details, Yana?” I received the reply, “Surprise me!”

Yana opened the door even before I’d knocked … and from there Yana fulfilled my fantasies to the letter, delivering exactly the service that I wanted ... and with a few little touches of her own.

Yana’s New Zealand girls profile is spot on:

Yana is smoking, super hot ... with a youthful, toned body ... and with the poise that comes only with a life rich in experience and joie de vivre.

Her face is absolutely gorgeous; a classic Russian beauty. Teeth, mouth, nose, eyes ... OMG. Eye contact is as I like it ... Double OMG!

Mmm, what else can I say, my fellow punters? Well, I’m not going into any detail (I’ve “evolved”! ) but I do want to add some personal observations that may be helpful …

1/. Yana claims to have a “strong” Russian accent, but it’s actually light and very, very sexy. Yana likes to talk, but you can put your finger to her lips and say, "Enough." She doesn't take offence. (I like to enjoy my girls, quietly, you know! )

2/. At the start of our “date”, I knew that I had more than enough time to “enjoy” Yana, so I took things very, very, very, very, very slowly ... I slowly “unwrapped” her (I’d told her that she was my present to myself after a year of hard work!). Yana very happily obliged.

3/. I have no interest in “clicking emotionally” with a WL, but there were several times when I felt a very close and deeply intimate connection with Yana. This, of course, is her skill as a professional courtesan.

4/. Yana is a truly sensational kisser. Also, she knows how to hold herself oh so very, very close to you, in a tight embrace.

5/. I found that by telling Yana what I wanted and what I was going to do; with clear and concise “instructions”, was very helpful for both of us. “Lie on your back, please, Yana. No, not that way; with your head here.” etc … Yana very quickly clicks back into “sensual” mode and so this doesn’t “break the mood”.


You may have seen the BBC documentary on very high class prostitutes, from a few years ago. The women who go way, way beyond the standard GFE, for phenomenal fees, to extremely rich clients. Guess what? We have one in Christchurch, right now … and her fees are more than reasonable!!! As we say in Yorkshire; “Bloody marvellous, lad!”

This is Yana’s first working visit to Christchurch. She has high expectations! Come on lads! Make the Mainland proud!

The Venue

The venue is very easy to find with lots of on-street parking, and a discreet entrance.

It's modern and spotlessly clean ... and the room has an en-suite.

The room has very good lighting, but Yana had some candles burning, if you want a softer mood.

Yana had an excellent selection of music on her laptop. (Feel free to ask for what you want, and turn it up or down as you please.)

As we had a "multi-hour" booking, Yana had a delicious platter of nibbles on offer. Enjoy! (Use your imagination! )
Tom Baker (GingerBaker)

I have to, and completely agree with Tom. I spend some wonderful time with Yana in Sunday afternoon, can't stop thinking/dreaming about Yana, and that includes my 4.5 hrs driving back to Dunedin today. It is a wonder that I arrived back in Dunedin in onee piece.

Damn you Tom, for writting such a great review about Yana, for cover everything that ruining my unposted review , and damn me for not bringing a laptop with me, and let others had the first page.

Yana, thanks again for the wonderful time you gave me

First time with Yana as well , all research has paid off and some ,

Met at the door by Yana dressed in exactly what was requested , followed her to event centre , man what a lovely figure Yana has ,

showered and in to make ourselves known to each other, another tall lady for the leg loving man , YUM YUM YUM , do like to unwrap a gift

enjoyed DATY , and what a nice Y we have , superb oral , this lady is well full of energy and really enjoys the fella , was left rather spent at event end ,

not a problem as Yana offered a relaxing massage , such a fantastic lady to chat to , definitely not a clock watcher,

think we should encourage Yana to stay down here with us in CH CH , we will promise to look after her ,
rocco daman

I cannot say I am jealous of tombaker as I too have experienced the wonders of Yana both yesterday and today.

I was extremely nervous as the reputation of Yana is so high, thinking “am I worthy” As I have experienced some of NZ and Aussie top girls, like The lovely Lucy Stone, the hot Heidi Scott and Scarlet Marie. The glamorous Lacey at PC Wellington and super GFE Susena in Auckland. Plus as an aside the two top Aussie girls I dated Cristal Hot Babe and Emma English are both friends of Yana, I felt vindicated with my choices of ladies over there. BTW they were very good. Anybody going to Melbourne or Canberra please PM me I have knowledge.

So felt it is worth a punt to try the Russian experience all nerves aside.

So I had non sex coffee date yesterday, I cannot believe how great it was to talk to a well-travelled and intelligent women. This is always great but to be thinking tomorrow I will have sex with her made it even more stimulating. Sat at nice coffee shop and talked about heaps of things. But experienced the thing many of us have had; there was some nosey parker beside us kept butting in and asking us questions about our travel destinations, so we had to talk in heavy code, but finally the wanker left and we had some us time.

Today was "The date" there are no details required but at the door dressed in her very high heels and corset was almost too much for me and the walk up the stairs behind that bottom OMG. I was lucky to last the booking time out without going off half-cocked or unloading my gun early, I felt on the brink many times but I lasted. Have been told by many of the ladies that my oral skills are of a high standard and unprompted Yana comments on this, so I felt a million bucks, we had discussions about this and other areas of the industry, all illuminating and super interesting.

I was not sure about the coffee date before play date but it added a whole new aspect to the play date, like we were friends rather than strangers. I hope other ladies could offer this. At $ 50 this is a bargain and adds so much to the playtime experience.

So words do not fail me but not many are needed; best nouns are Professional, followed by skilled.

Am I worthy you may ask, well Yana made me worthy.



Well after reading this thread along with some of Yana's fantastic blogs, and knowing that Yana is a good friend of Mistress Venom, I just HAD to meet her during her CHCH visit!
This afternoon I was lucky enough to do so and yes, my expectation that this must be a very special person was confirmed. It is very rare to meet someone so interesting, professional, fun and stunning.
I'm not exactly a 'man o the world' but I'm pretty sure Yana is among the very elite of international courtesans. We are so lucky she is in NZ!
Thank you for a wonderful time Yana

Well what can I say.


A coupe of weeks ago I was talking to Naru about her meeting with Yana and I quickly found out how much Yana had touched her, and to be honest I think Naru fancied Yana more than just a little.
A plan was hatched to have a for a fun threesome for my birthday just before Xmas. However it was not to be.
Anyway when Naru got back from her break a couple of days ago and mentioned on this forum that she was still keen I jumped at the chance and a time and place was organised for this afternoon.

As time time approach I could not have been more nervous.

The door opened and there was Naru in a loverly white dress and I noticed Yana, in a leather corset and and black stockings. I think I stood there with my mouth open and probably drooling at the stight of these two beautiful women in front of me.
After being greated with a loverly kiss from both women I was ushered into the bedroom. Now i was not sure what I should do and although I felt like a kid in a candy shop I was a bit worried about how I should start. I should not have worried, whilst Naru went to get refreshments Yana grabbed me and with a very pasionate kiss my worries were gone in an instance. By the time Naru returned clothing had been discarded and Yana and I where exploring each other, Naru not wanting to be left out lept in.
I won't go into details of the next 50 or so minutes but I was in Heaven although I was not the only one as my two partners in ecstasy also seamed to be enjoying themselves, I hope the walls were thick enough or the neighbours would have been entertained as well.

One of the many highpoints was these two sexy godesses enjoying each other and when a toy was produced, I cannot described the sight but it is one that I will always remember and I beleive it is one Naru will also remember as long.

All I can say is Thank You Yana and Naru for the best and hottest sex I have EVER had, It will be days before I come down of the high.

And to those out there that are thinking about it don't think too long!

Purple is definately Yana's colour.


Yana is a gorgeous, sophisticated, stylish young lady, who is a pleasure to spend time with.

Professionalism is a four letter word.

I caught up with Yana the Russian last week….and paid her $50 cash at the door…..AND she was happy about it.

Actually, there’s a bit more to it than that. A wee while ago I suggested the idea of prepaying for a WGs booking to minimize the risk of time wasting make the experience less of a financial burden for the punter.

So it was a bit of an experiment in lead times for bookings also…..”Instant gratification NOW” versus “Two weeks of anticipation”.

Yana took me up on it, so I made a couple of bank deposits into her account and left the balance of $50 to be paid when we met.

I like the idea and I’d do it again…..the combination of having to wait (having something to look forward to) and less emphasis on handing over so much cash was pretty relaxing. I’d recommend trying it, but only with a WG with a high level of professionalism!

Anyway, I’ll crack on…..

Yana met me at the door, immaculately presented in lingerie….big smile on her face, very welcoming and gorgeous….putting me in a good mood after a stressful day at work.

Shower-wine-"sit down and get to know you" followed.

Now Yana is a great conversationalist (she conversed while I listened)….very smart, interesting lady with a sense of humour….all delivered in a Russian accent. It was like having a “Bond girl” lay out her plans for world domination right in front of me….

Enough chit chat, she decides….”Would you like to inspect the goods?” she says, standing in front of me unveiling the goods……and the goods were GREAT!

Super hot body….she obviously looks after herself….complimented by “enhanced” boobies. Now, I haven’t been up close and personal with many pairs of modified breasts, but these are FANTASTIC...

I was wondering how she would shift from intelligent conversation into seething naked action while still being passionate..but Yana changed gears effortlessly….WOW..

The way she kissed me was ALMOST as if she owed me a whole lot of money and was trying to GET OUT of paying it back…intense.....

I’ll put a “CENSORED” sticker over the events that followed… your own bloody money to find out what happens….

Anyway, all 5 of my senses were stimulated in a good way….great fun.

Yana may not be some peoples’ cup of tea. She doesn’t suffer fools (ok…maybe I was the exception) and she has a finely tuned bullshit detector……so if you SUSPECT you’re one of those sorts, best you find yourself some amateur WG.

Thanks again, Yana

Hi all, i saw that Yana was visiting Hamilton today so took the punt and called her......I am so glad I did!

She has a body to die for and is very skilled at pleasing a man. She is into just about anything!

I would recommend her to anyone and will be seeing next time she visits hamilton....or i mite even travel up to Auckland to see her!


You cannot go wrong with yana<
You got that right. Quality act all around. Happy to see you, smart, interesting, responsive, and goes to the trouble of setting the mood*. Plus it helps she's stunning too

* I know as a guy I'm not supposed to care about candles, but bugger it. I do. So there.

Yana is glamorous, beautiful, intelligent and seductive and will make all your stress and troubles melt away with a kiss and a touch..highly recommended!

3 Weeks, 3 Cities, 3 Legends!

In the last three weeks I've been lucky to manage visits with three of the best! First Lacey in Wellington, then Naru in Auckland, followed by Yana visiting in Palmy. All three ladies proved for me that their AF 'legend' reputation is well earned! And then there's a new Hutt Valley up-and-comer (Sasha, and man, does she what!) who helped preserve the grin. All in all, one of the best punting stretches I've had. This forum can certainly help you find the gems out there. Thanks all for the pointers.

Christmas Comes Early - Yana Is Here

I have just been to see Yana and thought I would give all of you local punters in Tauranga the heads up that Yana is giving us a visit bringing along with her all her gorgeousness and hotness. Yana is here until Friday.
I have already reviewed her previously but needless to say she will tick all of your boxes and then some. Yana gives a first class service and leaves you wanting more more more. Definitely one of the most delightful ladies I have seen.
So come on guys lets give this lady a real good Tauranga welcome and you never know, it might just encourage other highly recommended ladies to give us a visit when on tour.

Originally Posted by MsAva: Yana comes highly recommended and is a smart and sexy vixen!

I can only endorse MsAva's recommendation,Yana is great fun and very skilled.Her rates tend to be pretty honest too.

What a lovely way to start the day, a fabulous booking with Yana. I have to say that my day has seen me walking around with a big grin on my face. After all of the threads that I have read about Yana I can say that she really is the real deal. Great talker, stunningly gorgeous and gave me one of the nicest most erotic experiences I can remember. Sensational and would fully recommend all u guys in Tga to make the most of Yana visiting the Bay

Yana is a fantastic lady. Great company and provides a very professional service. She made my wife and I feel at ease immediately and delivered exactly the experience we were looking for. We highly recommend her for couples. A very very sexy lady full of class. Thanks again Yana from both of us.

Having been busy establishing a new base in Aus I decided to sample the local talent and there certainly seems to be a lot about once we kiwis who get some of the cheapest but quality hookers to be found anywhere get used to the rates in Aus !

But as I was checking the listing sites who should appear but Yana who I had missed seeing several times back in NZ because of travel plans & needing to spend time down home rather than my Auckland base. So, easy choice given the ins & outs of punting in Aus still confuse the shit out of me - rang, got her voicemail but within an hour received a discrete text letting me know I could call back & after a very professional chat the booking for a few hours at my hotel was organised.

I received another text letting me know that she was on her way & she arrived at my door spot on time - then the good times started ! First off the photos are 110% accurate as is her description on her ads & website. She greeted me with a wicked smile, teasing kiss & let me watch her as she walked over to the champagne & nibbles waiting on the table along with the envelope containing the money. She was wearing a slinky dress, subtle but showing off her great body & proceeded to tease in a nice way as we spent a few minutes running over her services and both of our likes & dislikes then let me watch her butt as she sauntered off to the bathroom taking her bag with her.

When she came back in wearing a very fitting red velvet corset, g-string, stockings & stunning heels I knew it was game on ! We carried on talking over more champagne as she sat there making sure that I was enjoying the view, call me perverted but I like companions I can talk to as much as the sex & Yana's website is totally accurate - this is once very intelligent, well educated, world wise woman with attitude ! Time was passing very easily as she got up & came over & started kissing & teasing up against me so it was definitely time for a quick shower the joining her on the bed as she continued to tempt & tease as she slowly removed her lingerie.

She had my number based on the up front discussion we had & I was in heaven as she let me indulge in my favourite entrée of DATY, she's responsive, horny and very happy to let someone who does it right indulge ! That morphed into a blur of one of the better blowjobs I've had (covered - I wouldn't have it any other way, nor would she), sex laughter & a fucking great time !

She's in great shape, tactile & responsive. I don't normally go for larger enhanced breasts but hers have converted me & I won't go into graphic detail but the sex was full on, positions just seemed to flow from one to another in between breaks for drinks, nibbles & conversation. She's a consummate professional.

By now we were three hours into a four hour booking & I was enjoying myself on all counts so negotiated an overnight deal - very reasonable for her quality & class. I don't normally do overnights but the combination of a wide ranging discussion about sex, life intermingled with sex and very tactile play was a great choice in this instance.

We did get some sleep & after an intense "morning delight" headed out for a leisurely breakfast, her turning heads on the street, me the happy guy with a stupid grin. Just as well I'd kept the morning clear because after the kiss goodbye & watching her walk off to catch a cab I went back to the room & crashed a very happy man !

But wait there's more. early the next week I decided that I needed to do the repeat business check, we've all seen hookers where the second time isn't as good as the first so called Yana for a late afternoon two hour quickie. Same professional phone situation & the deed was booked. I'd told her that this time I was horny, bugger the conversation & wanted a bout of full on fucking & she delivered ! The pre-arrival text included a suggestion that I be showered & naked when she arrived - glad I obeyed because she took me straight to the bedroom pushed me down, pulled aside her g-string & guided my tongue straight to the happy place & proceeded to fuck my brains out including remembering one of my fantasies we'd talked about the last time by speaking Russian most of the time - sexy as fuck having no idea what she was really saying but it sure as hell worked for me. Two hours flew & she had that smile on her face as she dressed & left leaving me exhausted on the bed.

So, Yana is exactly what she describes herself in her ads & website, totally professional and ideal for the business punter who is looking for someone closer to their own age who can talk as a true companion as well as deliver great professional safe sex. I'd be happy to have Yana accompany me in any public situation (which I plan to do when I'm next back in Melbourne) but dinner service had better be prompt because I have wicked plans for desert !


Well done Slykiwi! I had the pleaure of a 3 hour session with Yana about a month ago and I thought i would be greedy and keep her a secret.Now you have let the cat out of the bag!She is definately everthing you say about her and I intend to repeat soon.

Yana's a gem

Agreed! Saw Yana a while ago when she was in Hams. Im a very ossasional punter these days (swinging scene has taken over..) but yep, agree with all above and more. Smart, sexy, fun, intellegent, etc... Top time, worth every cent!
I would hate to get on the wrong side of her!!

After six weeks of punting - AciDs multiple reviews:

I finally worked up the nerve to call someone after nervously and voyeuristically lurking here for awhile, and that person was Yana.

Yes folks, YanatheRussian was my first ever punt - we made plans to meet, and she answered the door, looking tall, sexy and slender. We made small talk, which flowed rather naturally, as Yana is a well rounded conversationalist, and got down to business after the business transaction..

I had warned her that i was nervous, and she slowly unwound me and made me comfy, and we headed to the bed. She was tender, sexy, and the thing that I enjoyed with her was that she genuinely wanted me to come, which I did - money well spent.

I have had the pleasure of meeting her

Great conversational skills, intelligent, witty and a killer body

Yana is a real delight...beautiful, sexy, intelligent, a great conversationalist, extremely generous (in soooooo many ways )and by a long way the most interesting girl I have met in my short but sweet punting career....I cannot recommend her highly enough.

It's already been said numerous times above, but I have been lucky enough to have seen Yana a couple of times. And all I can say is wow .....

Probably the most professional, honest and memorable ladies working that I have met.
Midnight Cowboy

Please Enter Service Provider's Information - Where unsure leave field blank

  • Service Provider's Name:Pickwood Lodge - July 2012 - Yana
  • Session Month:July
  • Session Year:2012
  • Type of Service:Parlour Worker
  • Name of Agency or Parlour (if any):Pickwood Lodge
  • Establishment Address (if any):120 Lygon St, Brunswick
  • Phone Number (Please add area code):(03) 9912 6877
  • Photos Authenticity:No photos available
  • Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest):$200
  • Location where session took place:Victoria
  • Incall or Outcall (Leave blank in Victoria):Establishment's Venue
  • Session Day:Weekend
  • Session Time:Evening
  • Estimated Age:36 - 40
  • Estimated Ethnic Group:Caucasian / European Origin
  • Nationality (Leave blank if Australian):Russia
  • Knowledge of English:Good
  • Hair Colour:Black
  • Hair Length:Medium
  • Eyes Colour:Hazel
  • Skin Colour:Pale
  • Height:Tall - Above 170 cm / 5'7"
  • Body Shape:Athletic
  • Estimated Body Size:8 to 10
  • Estimated Breast Size:C to D (Medium to Big)
  • Enhanced breasts?:Yes
  • Pubic Hair:All Waxed / Shaved
  • Any Tattoos?:None
  • Any Piercings?:None
  • Full Sex Available:Yes
  • Kind of Experience:Girlfriend Experience
  • Kissing Available:Yes, Light Kissing
  • Blowjob:Yes, CBJ (Covered Blowjob)
  • DATY / Oral On Her:Yes
  • Handjob Available:Yes
  • Massage Available:Yes
  • Overall Looks:Beautiful
  • Overall Personality:Outgoing
  • Overall Performance:Great service
I was cruising around and I stopped by the Lodge (after a few other places), just to see if anyone was around. Not much, but then Yana came down the stairs.

She's tall, with a black bobcut, high cheekbones and her cheeks showing in some sexy lingerie. I thought why not and booked for 45 minutes.

The first thing you notice of course is her accent. After all, who doesn't like the sound of one? She took me upstairs and you can tell right away that she is intelligent and refined. After a quick health check she left for me to shower.

On her return she stripped off. She has a sexy athletic body with some pert, enhanced breasts and small nipples. Yana said a few things softly, perhaps to entice with her accent before moving into some kisses.

After kissing and caressing her, I moved on to some oral on her that seemed to get her in the mood. She does exaggerate a little, but exactly where the line between acting and actual pleasure exists can be a little hard to tell.

She climbed on top and rode me before we switched and I took her from behind. Me on top, cowgirl, every which way. She's quite energetic.

On a side note, I'm taking a bit of a break from punting for personal reasons but she was a good way to finish off.
Also note that she isn't a regular there by any means, and you're more likely to see her through a private or one of the other places she works when she's in town. Perhaps message her on here.

Oh Yana!

You will be missed!!

I would have to say, that you are one of the most interesting women I have ever met... and I have met a few!

You are not a twenty something, but boy with your style, moves and fine body you certainly put most of them to shame!

I will certainly miss our long chats and adventures for sure and I reckon there will be plenty of Welly boys feeling the same way. Not to mention plenty of JAFFA's waiting in anticipation!!

Best of luck lovely Yana... you are a

Beachie xxx
NZ Beachboy

I had the pleasure of spending 3 hours with Yana when she was in Auckland over the New Year period.

I had been intrigued by some of the comments that had been previously posted about Yana's ad on NZ girls and some negative comment about her age. (I thought that her profile looked hot!) Since she was in Auckland I thought that this was too good an opportunity to miss. Made the appropriate arrangements and meet her for a 3 hour session.

Needless to say I couldn't have found a better way to spend a wet day in Auckland than with Yana.

In real life she is just as hot as her photo's and there was no disappointment on my my part!

We spent some time over some wine getting to know each other (before a tour of Mistress Venom's dungeon) then retired to the bedroom for a great afternoon of sex and conversation.

If you are after great sex with a hot hot Russian then Yana is the lady for you, but better still on a longer booking the conversation is great and then there is more sex.

A 1o out of 10 experience for me.

I am looking forward to my next booking with Yana either in Wellington (if I can find an excuse to visit) or on her next trip to Auckland.

Highly recommended!


I have enjoyed Yana some time ago. Excellent sex and an intellegent and cultured woman to boot. Awesome

Absolutely right !!!
Yana is one lovely lady - hope Auckland treats you well ... And New Years starts with a bang
Midnight Cowboy

decided to finally try AB, and had had a nice booking with Yana, She was absolutelu great, good massage, and nice french Kiss as well, very tight pussy and was nice to talk to. for 120/hour definetely a real bargain!!! highly recomended. (Yana I mean ) i haven had the chance to try other AB girls yet.

I had a little built up in my slush fund so checked out the AB website. The rusiian lady Yana loked pretty good so I booked her for an hour. At $120 (special) this is very good value indeed.

AGE: 32
BUST: D enhanced
HAIR: long red
EYES: Hazel
RACE: Euro
SKIN: silky smooth and creamy
CBJ: excellent got me very firm indeed
DEEP THROAT: yes indeed
DATY: fully shaved and very tasty
KISSES: Yes indeed
GREEK: Nope not her thing
Very elegant. Met at Pirie Street. She was wearing stockings, tight mini dress and immaculately presented. Is ex FI and only available at AB this week. When we finsished she gave me a great massage (qualified masseur).

An internationally experienced quality lady on the same level as Prada.

Again highly recommended


Friday, December 7, 2012

Internet Forums (behind the scenes look)

This post is prompted by THIS comment on Adult Forum.
It's going to be long, so please go get your beer and popcorn (or a glass of red, as case may be) :).

Although I agree with the original poster in principal and wholeheartedly support the sentiment in theory, REALITY of forum life is somewhat different.

First of all, people participate in different forums because the main subject of the forum interests them or because it relates to their work.
Sex industry forums are no different. They  usually  consist of two very different groups:WGs (sex workers) use those forums as a marketing platform (so for them it's work) and guys (clients) come there for fun-they read reviews in order to select a girl for their next punt, exchange banter,jokes,etc
There are also a few participants in every forum who are not directly involved in the industry, but either have a keen interest or USED to be a part of one of the two groups mentioned above.

I actively participate in sex industry forums because sex work is THE ONLY  work I do these days (and have been doing exclusively for the past 3 years) and I treat it as a business. I approach things professionally (as many who've met me would attest to).
I do know a lot of forum members personally and some of those became good friends. However, if I want to interact with my friends, I dial their personal phone, email them or go to MSN chat.
If I log in to the forum, it's work. Yes, I post jokes and have playful banter-it's not all dead serious, but I never forget that it's just like being in the office: thousands of people might be watching me and make assessment as to whether or not to spend some money with me.

WGs on the forums are like sitting ducks: anyone and everyone who has a personal agenda (competition, a client with a grudge,etc) can take a potshot and seriously impact girl's business (and income). Basically, it's all-year round "open season" on WGs.
One has to be pretty thick skinned and have the ability to keep their cool at all times to be able to navigate forum waters, which can often become murky and infested with sharks.
That's why so many WGs choose not to participate in Forums-they just can't handle it.
This said, there is no such thing as bad publicity-it's true. Often times people tend to feel sorry for someone who is under attack and it creates a surge of business for that person.
I speak from personal experience: I've been a subject of a few nasty and vicious personal attacks on Adult Forum and it actually netted me a significant amount of money (seriously)-probably as much as a very good reviews did.
It's basic human instinct: people often feel sorry for underdog .
So if a WG is able and willing to withstand some rough waters, forums are valuable source of income.

Here's the reality: on any given forum, if you have more or less high profile and a is a decent person, about 15% of members really like you, about 10% hate you with passion and the rest not bothered either way. They really don't care. Occasional post might interest them, but overall, they are not interested in background and behind the scene politics.
Every time there is a "storm in a tea cup" on a forum and it seems like the "REALLY BIG DEAL", you'll find that thousands of forum members had no idea it was even happening.
And 2 days later it will all be forgotten to be replaced by another "REALLY BIG DEAL" in a few days.
Members come and go. Some become less active and some decide to participate more. Often it has to do with people's personal circumstances (new relationship being the leading cause for ceasing active forum participation).
I've witnessed at least twice in the past year and a half departure of a prominent forum member with much fanfare and others bemoaning it as a "huge loss".  And a few weeks later everything goes on as normal, forum is still entertaining and no one even brings that person up anymore. A few months later, when the thread was started about one such member, it got only 3-6 replies.
Like I said: attention span is short these days and there is no such thing as "irreplaceable". There is always a shiny new interesting thing just waiting to appear.

Adult Forum has come long way since it started back in 2008. Yes, it is still a very open (and often graphic) exchange of opinions regarding sexual exploits, but it is more civilised these days.
which brings me to the point that original posted has made. There is a significant difference, in my opinion between "civilised" and "PC".
Here's a copy and paste of the post on AF from a few years back:

This was posted in Dec 2008 in this thread :

 Oh My Fucking God You Stupid Fucking Woman.....

You Reply To That Shit But Missed The Whole Fucking Point Of The Thread!!!!!!!!

I Really Don't Know How The Fuck You Manage To Run A Business You Dumb Idiot

Is that what you call freedom of expressing one's opinion?  Surely,not??
I don't care that someone is accustomed to speak this way or they don't have enough education-this is unacceptable and I don't want to believe that original poster is actually supporting this kind of behaviour. Besides, how exactly does forum  benefit from this language/attitude?

There are plenty of members who put forward a robust argument, but do so in a civilised way. Donald06 comes to mind: he argued many a point with me, but always respectfully. I may not always agree with him, but I certainly respect his right to have an opinion.

When someone blames a victim of violence for her own misfortune (insistently and repeatedly), it's not because he "just talks that way" or his lack of education. It clearly shows his attitude towards women (and not in a good way):"Like a compass needle that points North, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman" -Khaled Hosseini-A Thousand Splendid Suns. Well, maybe a sex industry forum is not the best place for people like that (just an opinion).

Sex Industry came leaps and bounds. Slowly it is becoming more accepted. The progress is painstaking, but it's well worth it.
I am passionate about my work. I try to educate people about it. Because in the end, it benefits everyone: happy WGs will make a client happy. People respond to the way they are treated in kind: if you respectful, you will receive the same in return. Often many fold.

That's why I encourage people to be respectful and considerate while addressing others and/or posting reviews.
It's all good and well to talk about "blunt truth" until it is directed at you specifically.
Some forum members expressed opinions as of late (to which they are perfectly entitled,of course), but I think they forget one small detail: as they do not participate in the industry directly, they are speaking from a sheltered safety of knowledge that's it's never going to be THEIR naked body described to the last stretch mark in crude detail, and no one is going to call THEIR breasts saggy and wrinkled and refer to THEIR "gape factor". You know what they say: walk a mile in some one's shoes first...

Sex Industry and escorts were always a subject of interest and fascination. This has been for many years a profession of the "shadows of night", not to be spoken about in polite company.
Hence quite a few guys wanting to get into WGs world, understand the "magic". Some of those guys turn into stalkers or blackmailers.
This is not an uncommon occurrence these days, prostitution is decriminalised in NZ and Australia and so girls are free to advertise their services/wares online. Many show their faces.

When I have decided 3 years ago to do sex work exclusively, I came clean to all my friends, acquaintances and family. Everyone knows EXACTLY what I do for a living.
I also write a blog where I am very candid about my life (personal and professional).
One of many reasons for this: I don't want to be a subject of any threats and/or blackmail.
We all know of a few prominent WGs here in NZ who fell victims to this and it destroyed their families and devastated their lives.
Still, being open does not shield me from stalkers, unfortunately. I've described my dreadful experience with one such individual who broke into my house repeatedly, all the while pretending to be my friend and even getting a job in the same restaurant with me (and I helped him get that job!).

I can deal with things like that pretty well, but I'd rather avoid this to begin with.
So when a prominent Forum member, who claimed to have never met me before, suddenly (without any provocation)  implies that he's not only SEEN me, but actually INTERACTED with me in my real, day-to-day life and refuses to say where, when and under what circumstances, what am I to think?
Is he trying to scare me: as in "big brother watching-I know who you are, I interact with you, but you have no clue as to my identity"??
Same with some random posting things like "I can see more dirt in your past than others can".
This will not be met with kindness- I value my Independence and piece of mind.
Probably, the guy is harmless, but how do I know?

I've said it before and I say it again: one must have just a bit of filter between the brain and mouth/fingertips. think before you speak/type.

We live in civilised society and we DO have to adhere to some basic norms and standards.

Here's an example (this been brought up on Punter Planet): Russians are often perceived by Westerners as grumpy, unfriendly,rude and sullen.
The reason for that is that we (Russians) are brought up to mind our own business. We don't waste energy on people we don't know or hardly know.
Unlike Americans' for example, we don't walk down the street with huge smiles plastered on our faces, making eye contact with everyone and sundry and saying "Hi" to everyone.
When I first moved to America, people often asked me :"What's wrong? You look upset". I couldn't figure out why, as I just sat/stood there with neutral expression, minding my own business.
I realised later that's because I wasn't smiling and engaging in eye contact/small (pointless) talk.
Same with greeting: in Russia, when we hardly know someone, we just give a short, curt "Hi" vs. doing the whole "smile,small talk" thing.

But I don't leave in Russia any more. So I make a conscious effort to act in a way that is acceptable in Western society. Some days it's a bigger effort than others, trust me.

Bottom line: we all should remember that decency and civility are values, too, just as much as freedom of opinion. Poisonous language doesn't advance our cause.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Seeking Arrangement

There is a thread going on (one of the Australian sex industry forums) about  sites like, and
The thread started back in June and is going at the top of the list for the past 6 months now, despite being closed once by mods.

At the heart of the argument is the question: do these sites provide genuine competition to WGs (sex workers).
The tread was started by one particular guy, who appears to have been an avid user of WGs, but now has completely switched to SBs ("sugar babies" advertising on those sites).

Here's my take on the whole affair.
There is plenty of room for all to co-exist and there is no competition as such. Why?
Well, for starters, those sites are not openly advertising sex for money. In fact, they discourage professional escorts from advertising there.
Technically, they are designed for men and women who seek casual arrangements that may or may not involve sex in exchange for gifts and/or cash.
As such, both parties are free to choose their prospective partners based on personality,looks and,yes, the size of their wallets.
Reality is somewhat different: there is no man on that site who doesn't at least hope for sex at some point and you'd be hard pressed to find a woman there who doesn't want money in exchange for her company.
The One Million Dollar Question is: how much?

That's one point of difference of these sites compared to regular escorts sites: prices. Quite a few women are willing to accept lower amounts than escorts do. That much is true.
The flip side is that these women want that money ongoing, in the form of weekly or monthly allowance and boundaries are often not clearly defined, so there is always a danger of personal entanglement with everything that ensues.

I actually like variety myself, so when in Australia (these sites,although available in NZ, will never take off here-the girls would know what I mean), I like to mix it up: some days I take private bookings, some days, when I just can't be bothered answering dozens of phone calls and texts, I work in parlours and some days I do participate in those "Seeking Arrangement" sites.

"Seeking Arrangement" is different in that you don't have to make any decisions straight away. I always ask for a coffee meeting first-to meet the guy and have a chat. I reserve those meetings for my days off, so I actually don't waste any time: I am a creature of habit and as such, have my coffee and muffin every day.
So when I meet the guy from one of those sites for a chat, it is always at the time that suits me and doing something that I would be doing (and paying for) myself otherwise: whether it's coffee, lunch, drinks or dinner.
I've had a very wealthy regular client back in Las Vegas and he taught me this: whenever possible, get someone else to pay. Sure, I can afford my own meal, but why not let someone else pick up the tab when they are so eager and willing?
There is no obligation,either, it's not a "paid" date that I offer on my website. I can get up and leave at any time and offer no explanation. I find it quite liberating, to be honest.

The guy who started the thread on Punter Plant (KKKravis) seems to have a great success rate on these sites. He keeps nudging other punter to follow his suit.
I think he does not take into consideration one important detail: one has to have just the right mix of charisma and sex appeal to be successful on those sites. This mix has nothing to do with your looks, how fit you are, your age or the size of your wallet. It's very intangible quality. Too much, and you come across as arrogant. Too little, and you seem un-appealing.
Very few people posses just the right amount. It's not something that one can teach or learn or develop. You either have it or you don't. Clearly, KKKravis has it in spades, hence he is very successful in his pursuits.
But many guys join and strike out-and they can't figure out why.

Those sites definitely have a place, but at no point will they be serious competition to professional WGs.
I find it funny that discussion on Punter Planet keeps revolving around the same subject again and again and both sides fail to understand each other.

KKKravis seems to think that ProWGs are getting defensive and "attacking" him and SBs, when, in fact, they are simply presenting the other side of the coin (many of them participated in those sites in the past): a lot of those arrangements get too personal, either side could get too clingy or possessive/controlling. There are scam artists of both sexes on there. People change the terms of the arrangement abruptly (or gradually) without taking the other partner into consideration. Some girls ask for ridiculous amounts of money, some never intend to "put out" at any stage, but would lead the guy on. Guys looking for vulnerable girls to take advantage of. Girls doing the same.
These are all the realities. It does happen (quite often).
That's what WGs are trying to bring into the discussion: so others can be aware of dangers as well as positives.

Yet there are plenty of people who find perfectly mutually suitable arrangements on these sites as well and guys just can't believe their luck. That's reality as well.
That's what KKKravis is putting forward-all the benefits and good happenings. He just refuses to accept that there are bad aspects as well and they need to be talked about, just as much as the good ones.
He himself is coming across as being defensive, when all the other people post is  true stories (first-hand experience) of things gone bad in one of those arrangements.

That's the problem: people seem to listen, but they are not hearing what others are saying,as they are preparing the counter-argument in their head because they assume others attack them. No. They just offer their OPINION. It's a forum: it means different opinions are allowed. That's what comprises a discussion.

These sites (Seeking Arrangement) do require up-front investment (about $60AU for premium membership,which allows you to answer emails) and quite a bit of research: one has to sift through dozens (sometimes hundreds) of profiles, answer multiple emails and spend time meeting people.
Some "time-poor" people just can't afford to spend that much time for the result that is not at all guaranteed (vs. just doing online research on WGs and booking one).
The upside is when one has done initial work, it gets easier from there: several SBs lined up, available on-call on a pretty short notice, and also one learns to separate genuine ones from scammers and fakes.
The pay off: one may end up having steamy hot sex with a couple of hot young chicks for mere $1000 all night. Or have ongoing arrangement (no time-limit or clock-watching) with very attractive girls/women for fraction of what a professional WG would cost.
There is also the element of the chase (as any of those girls could reject you). Those guys who posses that mix of charisma/sex appeal find it very rewarding and stimulating-they feel they are been rewarded and have been chosen for something other than the size of their wallets- while with a WG, no matter how skilled she is, one always has it in the back of their mind that she is ONLY in it for money).
Also, a lot of SBs come across as "inexperienced" and guys feel that the connection is more "genuine" than the one with a WG (let's face it, some "professional" habits are ingrained after a while and are hard to break: like carrying a pouch with condoms/lube in our handbags, our self-assurance in bed,etc). I would put a serious question mark on that one, though, as SBs apparent "inexperience" often lead to unprotected sex (which is exactly what some men on those sites are after,BTW)... But it is what it is-we are adults,after all, and as such, our own keepers.

Then there is a flip side: one can be successfully scammed (some of the girls on these sites are VERY talented, convincing and accomplished scammers-NOT at all easy to figure out) and be out of pocket anywhere between $500 to $15K without getting ANY sex or even meeting the girl in some cases.
One can be taken for a ride, buying girl dinners, giving her little spending money and/or gifts,all the while she says things like "I'm shy" and "I'm not ready yet" and never actually "putting out".
One can go into meeting after meeting just to be continually rejected (ouch-not so good for the ego).
One can get no meetings at all-just being rejected outright time and again...

Bottom line: although these girls do essentially trade sexual favours for money, they really ARE what they insist on-NOT pros.
When you pay a WG for services (I am talking about true professional courtesans), they make you feel like you are the center of their Universe for whatever time you've paid for. They are trained to make you feel  like an amazing lover, enchanting conversationalist and the most desirable company.
And, most importantly, they LEAVE at the end of the booking and won't disrupt your life.
And if they did not deliver, you can request a partial refund and/or write a bad review which will affect their business.

"Sugar Babies"-not so much. A lot of them are not skilled in art of lovemaking or feel they don't need to make an effort.
Some would either not follow your line of conversation or give you a headache talking non-stop about THEIR friends (people you've never met and know nothing about-basically, REAL girlfriend experience).
Some will get emotionally attached and will threaten your happy married life.
Some will get completely financially dependent on you and will try to take you to court trying to get "ongoing support" claiming "relationship" existed when you attempt to break it off.
Other will ask for money upfront and you will never see/hear from them again...
The list (and horror stories) goes on and on.

In the end of the day it's all one big punt, so make your choices carefully.