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Use of commercial sex services: God given right or luxury

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When I have to commit a whole days work for just 1 to 1.5 hours of a WGs time, then I have to say I think it is every punters right to seek a better deal.

If it wasn't for the influence of booze and hormones on men there wouldn't be a sex industry in it's current form, simply because for anyone on an average wage with typical expenses it is totally unaffordable to punt on anything other than a very infrequent basis.

And anyone used to getting more than $300 in their hand for their days efforts is not in touch with the common man, and will have a distorted perception of what they are worth, so those people should be the first to STFU on this subject.

Voyager has only reached his current state of mind because he's lost touch with how powerful a younger mans libido can be.
While his older perspective is still a wise and experienced opinion, it is not the opinion of the average (and younger, and poorer) punter."

was posted on one of the threads on AdultForum and was in response to this post by Voyager  that I have linked just to add some one else's opinion to the discussion (that's what Forums are all about,right?).

Aside from the fact that the poster completely missed the point, let's look into his statements.

I'll start from the beginning (paragraph by paragraph):

-Yes, of course it is punter's (or any consumer's ) right to seek a better deal. That is not in dispute AT ALL.
What Voyager was talking about is trying to bargain WG's prices down, which is something entirely different.
New Zealand has some the lowest prices in the world for quality commercial sex services and here there are also a lot of things that are expected to be included in the service aside from just sex (such as massage, GFE,etc). It is also expected that WG provides services in very nice setting, wears lingerie,etc. All that for about $200NZ for an hour.
Versus US, for example, where WGs charge about $500 for a simple act of sex (NOT for an hour, as no one sells TIME there-a booking could take only 20 min often) or Australia, where private WGs charge $450-$750/ hr...
Providing commercial sex services  is not as easy as some think.
Try to pedal YOUR ass for a living for a week or so, and THEN come back and talk to me about "being out of touch with reality"-after you had to put your face into someone's awful smelling crotch and have your head pushed down on someone's penis to a point where you are choking and can no longer breath..
Or have someone slap the daylight out of you and try to choke you... Or have someone ram their penis up your behind without a warning.. Or simply have someone treat you like shit because they figured they've paid for you, so they are entitled.
I am sure you get the idea.

"Seeking a better deal" in my opinion is looking for providers who's charges match your budget, NOT trying to insult WGs by bargaining (which is what Voyager's post is about).

If I am at the store shopping for shoes (with, say $100 budget in mind) and I see the pair that I really,REALLY like, that costs $130 and another that I don't like so much, but it matches my budget ($100), do I go to the salesperson and ask for the more expensive shoes being sold to me for $100?? Just because I really want those expensive ones? 
Of course, not.  I either settle on less expensive pair or go away and save up for the one I really want. It's simple,really.
So why is it so complicated to some guys when it comes to sex industry?
Either buy what you can afford or save for the ones you really,really want.

-The second statement is just hilarious, as it is a well known fact that prostitution is THE OLDEST PROFESSION in the world. It was around from time immemorial. It survived major wars, disasters,famine,floods and recessions. 
Guys who want "sex on demand" always seem to find means to finance it.
Besides, we all know that alcohol and drugs actually impede sex performance, NOT enhance it.

-In regards to "$300/day" comment... If he meant WGs-please see my comment above regarding the "joys" of our profession..
If he meant Voyager (and other guys in higher income bracket)...
Well, if someone invested time and effort in educating themselves and then worked relentlessly hard to achieve their goals, had ambition and, as a result, are now making very healthy income, I don't see how that is a bad thing...
Voyager is a Kiwi, born and bread, from a very small farming town. Middle class family-so no "family money". He achieved his state of wealth by striving to excel. Perhaps you should do the same.
Siting on the sidelines bitching about others making good money is not going to improve your situation.

-The comment regarding Voyager's not knowing about "younger man's libido"... LMAO...
Age has NOTHING whatsoever to do with libido.
I know of a punter (above middle age) who has weekly multi-hour sessions with a very young WG and most of that time is do I say this eloquently...having rigorous sex multiple times (certainly NOT talking-for that the guy books a "dinner date" in ADDITION to multi-hour booking).. And then that same guy goes on trips and books other WGs for hours at a time..

Judging by quite a few comments from females associated with Voyager at one time or another, I gather, his libido is doing very well, indeed.
On the other hand, I've seen guys in their 20's and 30's who couldn't get it up.

Besides, if you are a young guy with a big sex drive, the solution is simple: get a girlfriend! You'll have a regular sex for free.
Ahhh, but I bet you want to have sex with DIFFERENT girls, ON DEMAND, and you want those girls to do quite a few things in bed and to be very attractive as well.
You don't want to deal with someone's feelings and put forth an effort that relationship requires.
Well, my friend, in that case you are definitely talking about a LUXURY for which you have to be prepared to pay.
Such as life.

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