Sunday, August 26, 2012


Review: Amante-International Escort
Extended version beautifully edited by my amazingly talented girlfriend

I work very hard and I like to treat myself. When I do, nothing but the best will do.
After having a somewhat hellish week, I decided I deserved something special, a gift just for me. His name was Amante and my,  what a glorious gift he would turn out to be. He had a noteworthy reputation. I had heard stories about him, many filled with wild passions unbridled and much adulated stamina and technique. If one was to believe the stories told, Amante was a living sex god. I decided it was time I had myself a little of that Amante legend and find out if what I had heard was true. It took a few emails to arrange, but soon enough I had The Amante on a flight to Melbourne to spend an entire evening with me, ending at sunrise the next day.
I booked us a room at Casino Crown Towers and decided to spend the afternoon readying myself for his arrival. This involved taking a long slow bath, applying oils and potions to my body, putting on my sexiest lingerie and fantasising about our evening together. My entire body was quivering with anticipation.
Amante was picked up at the airport by the limo Crown Casino generously provided for the occasion. Right at the top of the hour I heard a knock at the door. It’s him! My heart pounded. What would he be like? As strong and confident as I had imagined? As charming and debonair? “Surely not” I said to myself, as I dismissed my girlish thoughts. But he would definitely be handsome. Everybody said he was handsome. And tonight he was all mine!
 I checked my reflection and opened the door. There he was. He appeared remarkably relaxed, his tie loosened around his neck as he leaned casually on the doorframe, but his presence was unmistakable. He had an air of royalty about him and instinctively I began to bow, only catching myself moments before my faux par was realised. He exuded masculinity and mystery, the combination forming an overwhelming sexual appeal. Many spoke of his sexual magnetism, such that it was that no living creature was known to be immune. As my eyes surveyed this magnificent creature, I felt a stirring between my thighs. I attempted to speak, but my breath caught. My head felt light and everything was spinning. I fell to the ground landing at the feet of what I can only describe as a God-like creature.
Amante helped me up and guided me inside the room. He sat me down and poured two glasses the Veuve Cliquot that had been chilling in an ice bucket. He handed me a glass and gazed into my eyes. His were deep, dark oceans of sadness. Just as I began to drown in their depths, his rich, velvety voice spoke my name. “Kara” he said “There is something I need to tell you. It’s something I need to disclose before we can proceed. In fact, I will ask you to sign a waiver agreement”. He paused. A long pause pregnant with meaning. The air was getting heavy around us. Or was it just me?
“I am addicted to chocolate” he finally said. “Lindt chocolate to be specific. There are 10 flavours of it that I crave, need, cannot live without and require in order to function. It started long time ago, in my adolescence. I’ve tried to fight it, but I simply can’t. I have a secret room in my house with nothing but shelves lined with 10 flavours of Lindt. I feel compelled to feed it to all of my conquests and clients. It is an uncontrollable urge and I cannot perform without stuffing your mouth and mine with chocolates. As you may be aware, chocolate can cause diabetes, weight gain, allergic reaction and other unpleasant side effects. You must sign the waiver, Kara, or I cannot proceed. I understand if you refuse and I will refund the money for the airfare”
I had heard him speak, but only words and nothing was remembered. My mind seemed blank, unable to comprehend. My only thought was of him. My lips would not move as it seemed my body was no longer in my control. I batted my long eyelashes at him and attempted to nod in agreement. “Anything for you, My King”, I silently mused.
Amante produced the papers and handed me his Mont Blanc. I was trying to read, really I was. I couldn’t focus. His hands, his strong hands were so near mine. I could smell him and with purpose, I inhaled deeply. He exuded an essence hard to describe in mere words. His presence was a heady mixture of masculinity, confidence and strength, all with a suggestion of a deeply buried vulnerability that only a real women (and chocolate) could soothe. Tonight, I would be that women, I dreamt to myself.
 Abruptly snapping me back to reality, he gently took my face in his hands. “Screw the paperwork” he breathed and before I knew what was happening, he had my hands pinned to the wall above my head and with his fingers in my hair, he pulled my head back, forcing my mouth to open. He began to kiss me. They were hard urgent kisses, like those of two long lost lovers that after years, had been reunited. These kisses, I came to soon realise, were the kisses I had been yearning for all my life.
I could feel his throbbing member pressing against my burning loins. My eyes begged him to touch me more. He moved his hands slowly across my chest to find my blouse already unbuttoned. He peeled back the silk and exposed my heaving breasts. My hardened nipples eagerly awaited his touch. His deft fingers skimmed my neck and d├ęcolletage but eluded my expectant nipples. I began to ache. I moved to get his hands closer to my nipples. He continued to tease me, moving his hands anywhere but where I needed them to be. My hard nipples now almost red, stood as if a beacon, attracting his fingertips to them. Squeeze them, I silently begged. Forever had past, then he whispered my name as he tenderly touched my erect nipples. Finally he squeezed them and my whole body moaned with ecstatic relief. He began to remove Lindt chocolates from various pockets, stuffing my mouth and then his, with his secret delight.
I felt time disappear. The world around us ceased to exist. My body and my very soul were under his spell. His burning passion engulfed me completely. I lost all sense of where I was as the two of us became one. All I felt was the undeniable arousal coming from between my legs.
I could hear him fumble at his belt buckle and his trousers (finally) dropped to the floor revealing his huge manhood standing to attention. My eyes bulged, attempting to take it all in. In the distance, I could hear the sound of a trumpet saluting. It seemed everyone and everything stood still, at once in awe of his pulsating member, whilst I silently said a prayer. His chiselled abs and toned torso, a magnificent back drop to his divine masterpiece.
Next, I felt Amante’s muscular arms effortlessly lift me and I was thrown to the bed. He pinned me down and proceeded to fuck my whole body. He rhythmically penetrated every orifice so magically that I wished I had more. Lindt chocolates seem to be appearing from everywhere until our entire bodies and all of our surroundings were dripping with Lindt decadence.
Hours of endless pleasure ensued as my body quivered from orgasmic delight. Sweat trickled between my breasts as this Adonis brought me to climax after earth-shuddering climax.
I disappeared in the touch of his fingers, lips, skin, arms, chest and mouth and was irretrievably lost by the touch of his engorged manhood.
Reality gently crept in as the sun began rise, casting shimmering light across his toned chest and a halo above his still hardened cock. I watched him slowly dress, unable to move as the wake of the countless orgasms wretched my sweat-glistened body.
He gently kissed me on the top of my head and left quietly, trailing chocolate footsteps behind him.
I laid there in daze for what seemed like hours, memories of out tryst going through my mind.
I will never forget you, Amante.

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