Thursday, August 16, 2012

Punter perspective vs. what's REALLY happened

After exchanging PMs with gorgeous,smart and witty Kelly Raines last week, I really wanted to experience Camelot Lounge.
I've made arrangements to work there and did so yesterday.
The place was just as Kelly told me: brand spanking new, immaculately clean, modern. High quality linen (and plenty of it in RIGHT sizes :), heat pumps in every room (including girl's lounge),flat-screen TV's and state-of-the-art equipment.
But most importantly, I found management and staff genuinely lovely. These people not only know their job and do it well, they really care about WGs well-being. To them we are not just a revenue-producing cattle, but valuable human beings.
For instance, in the middle of the shift I was told that I don't have to do more intros if I feel tired or need a break, although I was the only girl working and there was a client downstairs. This shows integrity, as parlour was willing to forgo their profit in order to make sure that I was OK. WOW! Almost unheard of.
A lot of parlour owners/receptionists TALK about caring, but their actions tell me otherwise.
This was genuine. I thank you lovely Ivy,Annie and Trish for making my experience in Camelot a great one.
I've met some really cool clients there as well-the guys were great! We had a lot of fun.
The only wrinkle was my last booking.
The client posted a comment about it in General Discussion on Camelot thread and I feel compelled to reply.
The guy's name on the forum is jbn.

Gentleman in question (fairly young,strong,well-built) arrived around 9:40pm and I did an intro for him. He didn't ask much, apart from whether or not I kiss (I do).
He booked me for an hour.
In we went into warm and toasty room.
He wanted to get "down to business" straight away, no massage or small talk for him. That's fine-that's what this business is all about :)
So into the bed we dove, him sucking my boobs and kneading/twisting them hard (really hard).
Passionate French (deep tongue) kissing followed, then onto long, enthusiastic fellatio and cunnilingus.
He said he wanted to fuck me then. I was happy to oblige. Straddled him in cowgirl position and rode him hard (him twisting my boobs still). He then grabbed me and brought me close and we had what I can only describe as very vigorous sex. I was moaning,screaming, encouraging him to go on and praising his member, telling him how great it feels (as a good SP does).
More of the same followed when we flipped into missionary position. Me gyrating my hips and sound effects described above.
We went at it so hard and fast, i was considering changing condoms at one point, But it looked fine, so I didn't.
Back into cowgirl we went. The guy now decided to add hard slapping of my boobs to already hard kneading and twisting. He slapped me repeatedly and so hard, my boobs were beet red.
I don't like pain. I definitely do not ENJOY it. however, I am a service provider in the industry that is very unique. Clients pay me to do/experience things they cannot or will not do to their partners for various reasons. That's why I earn more than minimum wage:). I am always aware of that and appreciate that it costs quite a bit of money to see a WG.
I also understand that certain things happen "in the heat of the moment". I always try not to break the mood, especially when I know the client is close to coming. So I let slide an occasional hard hair yank and a slap that's too hard,etc.
If a client persist engaging in activity that really hurts at length, I still try give him subtly clues, rather than bring him back to reality with a harsh comment: I usually stop showing any signs of enjoying this particular move/activity. a lot of clients get a hint and move on, a lot ask beforehand whether or not that can do certain things to me (great idea, always best to negotiate in advance, so there are no unpleasant surprises).
I only bring things to a complete halt when it's something serious. Like the time a client wanted to show off his (non-existent) strength and tried to get up while holding (and fucking) me on his lap. He dropped me and I cracked my head open on the protruding corner of the wall closet (true story).

Well, back to the client from last night. He put his hands around my throat and started squeezing. Hard. For real. He wasn't playing. He kept saying "You like it rough, don't you". He wasn't coming,either. I knew I had to stop him. I said "No. I don't like it. Move on".
He did apologise, but said that "a lot of people like it". Not many that I know of, but,yes, some people are into it. It has to be negotiated in advance, safety procedures need to be put in place and it will, most definitely, cost extra.
As he stopped with slapping and choking, I continued on with the session. I always give two warnings ("twice nice" rule), as this is a commercial situation, where money is paid for a certain service. I don't throw tantrums, pout, get petulant or use erroneous behaviour as an excuse to squeeze more money from a client or terminate the booking prematurely.
The buzzer went off and continued stimulating the guy (hand job now) until he climaxed.
I thought the buzzer was a bit early, but sometimes there are good reasons for receptionists/managers to ring the buzzer to finish the booking early rather than create panic (like the time when a parlour was getting flooded downstairs and we had to leave the building-happened in South Melbourne parlour 1.5 years ago).
The client didn't make any comments about the timing of the buzzer, nor did he question it. He showered, got dressed, kissed me on the chick and I walked him downstairs (still wrapped in towel).
I honestly had no clue as to what happened next until an hour later,as I was showering, straightening my room and having a cup of tea upstairs.
Apparently, he addressed the issue of short time with receptionist. It actually was an honest mistake: a manager accidentally logged wrong time into the computer). I really don't know exactly how the conversation went, but the difference was refunded to him.
When receptionist explained to me later what happened, I OFFERED to refund the difference of my portion of the money and did so immediately (handed $50 to the receptionist). To me the issue was resolved.
I did not find out about this guy's comment/post until this morning.

So, let me sum it up:
-The client got FULL half hour (no time wasted for massage/small talk) of hard and fast sex,non-stop
-He also engaged in ALL THE EXTRAS for which I didn't charge him
-He did cum

-I was roughed up and choked
-He did get his money back to make up for shorter stay
-He received an apology from the manager re. timing mistake and was offered further incentives/discounts

And yet he is still complaining about the experience? Go figure

Here's a copy and paste of punter's post:

 Just returned from a booking at camelot in heidelberg,

i saw the add for yanna and though why not, her body was good face was average (in my opinion) anyway doing our thing, she was unreponsive so i tired a few things and then she snapped at me and cracked the shit's i apoligiesed and then she went back to normal like nothing happened, service was average at best from her.

Heres the best part, buzzer went (i thought it was a little early for an hr booking) after i showered i check the eftpos receipt in my pocket it showed i was charged at 8:49 for a 1 hr booking and it was only 9:25 and that was after i had showered and got dressed. I complained (had showed her the Receipt yet) and she said nah it was an hr, i then showed her that she was wrong and then said yeah the manager typed it in wrong, but you can go back upstairs for your half an hr, i declined and asked for my money back and she refused because i paid by eftpos she could not refund me. Apparently i would have to call back tomorrow and ask the manager for my money (yeah when i have no proof to prove i was short changed) i demanded my money and she called the manager and pretended like the manager knew that she mistakenly keyed my booking in the computer for 30min even though the manager had not taken my money for used the computer when i booked.

They eventually gave me my $100 back for the difference in time after i stood my ground.

This is disgraceful conduct i have been a client there since it opened and have spent thousands of dollars there and they try and scam me and the refuse to refund my money, what a joke, i will never return ever.

Punter Planet has no "right of reply" for WGs, however, after some correspondence with the forum owner/administrator my reply was,indeed,posted, here's what the Original Poster had to say:

 Yana's account was accurate but i did not squeeze her throat i merely placed my hands around it, she was unemotional and seemed to be enjoying me giving her tits a slap (she was moaning and enjoying it, but obviously she didn't in her story)

any way Yana was not the one in question here, it was the fact the receptionist stumbled over her story about the 'time' slip up,

anyway all is irrelevant i personally wont be visiting camelot every again,

The guy admitted I was telling the truth, when I confronted him on the forum, but even then his statement is inconsistent: he claims I was "unemotional", yet states that I "seemed to enjoy the slapping and moaning"... So which one was it, mate?
So the proof is in the pudding, quite obviously.


  1. Hey my friend, the important part is you're in one piece.

    I'll save the "bloody Australian's" comments until you can throw things at me but the serious note is apart from under a slimy rock where the hell do guys like that come from ?

  2. Yana, that sounds like a really awful experience. I know they're paying money for a service, but you don't have to do things that make you feel uncomfortable. I think it is fine to be upfront with a guy about this sort of thing and not to "hint" about it. In my experience, men respond better to very clear instructions and aren't all that good at picking up on "hints". I'm not trying to excuse his behaviour or his mean spirited review, as both are dreadful. However, don't be scared to say at an early stage "hey, I don't really like this". You're a human being, not a sex doll and you have a right to speak up.

    BB xx


  3. What a cock.

    On behalf of all decent men.....I am sorry.


  4. Yana thanks for sharing this awful experience you had. I'm still amazed what some men do and still think that they were given bad service.

    People should appreciate the wonderful person that you are.

    Great that you are ok.


  5. Awww that is super shitty, sorry that you had to go through that, and don't worry about the slimeball. I'm sure a million more great reviews will go past that one and it'll just make him look like shit. Let your personality shine through, anyway because it's a pain in the ass trying to come back from a bad review. We can't respond to it on the board here, but maybe you can wherever that was posted?

    Good luck either way, XoXo!