Friday, June 8, 2012

Economics of touring prostitution (and the best way to a happy booking)

Often times I see posts from the guys on the Forums asking girls to visit their towns. I also get a fair number of phone requests of the same nature.
Touring is not as easy or simple as it may appear. It is also not cheap.
Let's look at the start-up costs.
Provided the girl is in New Zealand and drives her own car:

-Between $100-$180 for petrol
-About $400 for the motel for 4 nights (provided the girl is organised and researched motels online and figured out the best value for the money)
-Between $35-$80 for the newspaper advertising (necessary in small towns, as very few clients in there look online)
-Between $70-$180 for online advertising (depending which category the girls advertises on NZG-gold or Elite)
-About $100 for groceries while in there.

So that's between $700 and $1000 of upfront investment, not counting the regular rent and bills in girl's hometown which is ongoing. The number could be much higher if the girl is flying or staying in a very expensive hotel.

So the first day of work  is usually nothing but making back the money you've spent on the trip.
Obviously, not everyone has that kind of cash readily available on a moment's notice (keep in mind, it is also a risk: there is no guarantee that you make a profit or even make your money back).
A lot of things can go wrong: you could be kicked out of a motel (happened to me-I've written about it, local girls might sabotage your bookings or even your stay (I've had threatening calls from local girls in Palmerston North), it might be "slow time" for that particular town (you never know specifics beforehand),etc

In view of this, here's some advice to the local clients as to how to approach the travelling WG in the best possible way for the most enjoyable time.

-When you read the ad in the newspaper (or online) that advertises WG "here for 2 days only", please understand that it IS, really "FOR 2 DAYS ONLY". Extra line in the ad costs money and there is no reason for a WG to spend the money saying that if it wasn't the case. Besides, it would be counterproductive to the business.

So when calling on one of those ads, please don't ask "Are you working today?". Well, of course, she is working: she spent time and money to be here for 2 days, she is not going to just sit around eating bon bons and watching  3 Sky channels available at the local motel.

Don't text things like "Hi,how are you" (and that's entire text)-you won't get a response,because there is no inquiry regarding the business in hand there. WG didn't put the ad up for social dating-she is here on business,trying to make a living.
While on tour, we get inundated with phone inquiries, and only fraction of those ends in bookings, so please understand that after answering between 60-100 (or more) calls and texts (some of which are from various "phone wankers") daily, our patience wears thin.

I treat all inquiries seriously and never underestimate their importance, so I answer pleasantly and with a smile (we all know smile can be "heard" on the other end ). However, I do not want to facilitate "phone wankers", so my answers, although very pleasant, are to the point. For instance, if you ask me "Do you have lingerie", the answer would be a simple "Yes, I do" or "I sure do". Same goes for the toys,etc. I will not engage in detailed description of clothing items, specifics of what I will do to you,etc for the reason stated above. If you'd like a specific item for your booking (or even specific colour of the item), or specific service, please ask for it by name and you will receive specific answer (when I am on tour, I would either have the item with me or not-it's that simple)

It is perfectly fine to call and ask questions, to gauge girl's attitude,etc, but you need to keep it focused. Here's an example of a good phone inquiry:

"Hi, I saw your ad in <insert the name of the local paper>/or on NZG. What are your prices,please? Which part of town are you staying at? Do you have lingerie (or any specific outfit you're after)? Do you have toys (if that's what you want)? <insert more SPECIFIC questions here, if needed-but only the things that YOU are specifically looking for,please, not the general,irrelevant  stuff>. I would like to see you at <insert desired time of booking> for <insert desired length of booking> - are you available?"

This shows that the client is, at the very least, genuinely interested and is making a serious inquiry.
Asking things like "So, do you have many bookings today?" is unproductive, as only YOU know what time(s) you have in mind for your entertainment and the girl either available or not at that time-what other bookings she has and how many of them has no bearing on the case whatsoever.

Making pointless statements will get you nowhere fast and it's a waste of yours and WGs phone time and money as well. I can give dozens of examples from personal experience, but here's just a few:

-"So it says here you're foreign (yes, I know what it says-I wrote the ad copy). How foreign?"- If you want to know where I am from, ask just that-don't try to be creative

-Some local papers require a compulsory "Header" for their Adult Entertainment ads:some girls put their names in headers, but to me  name contains no information and is a waste of advertising space/dollars, so I usually put "Busty" or "Euro" in those. So here's a caller who read one of those ads:"Hi, is this Busty? That's a funny name". Again, ill attempt at humour and so far a waste of phone time, as he was making a statement rather than asking a question and to me it required no reply: I was politely waiting for him to get to the actual inquiry.

-"Are you lost?"- bad attempt at humour by a client from a small town,as the body of my ad says "I work in Auckland CBD", HOWEVER, while on tour, a green banner flashes across the main photo saying "Touring" and I always write my CURRENT whereabouts in the red banner at the top of the ad.

-(while I am someplace else, which is clearly stated in my ad)-"Are you gonna be in <name of a completely different town 5 hours away>, as I want <abbreviation unfamiliar to me>". When I politely informed him that I won't be in his town for the next 4 months, he still text back, asking if I provide the service stipulated by that abbreviation. When I asked what it stands for, his rely was:"If you need to ask, then you probably don't do it". Ok, here are several problems:
1. HE text me with inquiry, not the other way around, so I don't NEED to ask anything-I was just trying to be polite and helpful.
2.If you want to know something, just ask for it straight up, don't play silly games-I don't have time for it.
3.Turns out the abbreviation had to do with Pro-Domme services, for which I don't advertise and don't provide, as I am not a Dominatrix and don't advertise as such-no wonder I didn't know what it meant.

I understand economy is tough for everyone, so it's a good idea to ask for prices first before you say "I want to book you"-I may be out of your budget.

Please don't insult us by low-balling:it is annoying and will get you nowhere. Usually low-balling is accompanied by pointless statement as well, such as "What about $60?". Well, I don't know-what about it? Was there a question related to ME there or do you just want my general opinion about $60?

Just as you guys try to "get a glimpse" of what you might expect in a booking from a phone call, us, WGs do exactly the same. So when you text "HI HOW MCH R U" please don't expect an answer.
I understand clients have busy lives/schedules, but it only takes a few extra seconds to say "Please" and "Thank you" instead of texting something like this "Outcalls?"-that's it, that's entire text!
See, from that text I perceived the client to be rude and obnoxious and decided that I didn't want to see him. I must add, though: in that particular case I took my time to text back and explain to him why I wouldn't want to see him and he apologised. We ended up having a seriously great booking and he remembered me the next time I came into his town (5 months later) and booked me again. He thanked me for pointing this out to him. So this story ended rather pleasantly :)

Often times local girls are not at all welcoming of travelling ones, so we do not give out our location until the client is actually making a booking and is calling from un-blocked number. I realise it causes inconvenience sometimes, but it is a reality of life and is not likely to change.

Similar situation with private (blocked) numbers: 99% of the time guys who call from blocked numbers are "phone wankers"-they have no intention of going through with the booking. I've tested this theory dozens of times (most recently this Wednesday past in Napier) and it is true. So please ensure your number is unblocked before calling. It is too bad those guys spoiled it for genuine clients who seriously want to stay private.

While on tour, I am happy to accommodate "now" bookings, HOWEVER, if YOU (the client) are in unfamiliar town and you have no idea where you're going, please don't call and book for "in 10 minutes". Because if you turn up in 30 minutes instead (as you got lost), there is a good chance I won't be able to see you,as I have another booking coming.

When making a "small talk",please be mindful of how your questions could be perceived. For instance, when I am in a motel in a small town and the client I've never seen before asks me "So, did you have many bookings today?", all I can think of is "Is he trying to figure out how much cash I've got in my bag?"- with a possible intent of robbery.
Same goes for asking about personal details/partners of girls who clearly want to keep their true identity a secret: you might mean it in the most innocent way, but the girl will tense up and it will affect the flow of the booking.

Please don't save the numbers of travelling girls and ring days/weeks/months later unless they are actually advertising in your town again. When it says "2 days only", it means just that. Calling and saying "Im just looking at your ad in <insert the name of a local paper> "when I  know I haven't advertised there on that day is just annoying. If you'd like to see the girl, make a booking for when she says she's there.

When I tell you I am "booked out", please don't ask me if I am "sure about that". Of course I am-I go on tour to make money, why would  turn the booking down if I am available. Besides, I announce my tour dates in advance on the Forum, so I do get clients (especially repeat ones) pre-booking me (sometimes for extended, 3-5 hour bookings), in order to get the date/time which is the most convenient to them. I also take a limited number of bookings, as it's all about providing the "total experience" vs. "assembly line" for me. Some days I could be booked out for the day by 10:30am.

I love travelling around New Zealand: the country is breathtakingly beautiful, it's a gorgeous drive no matter where I go. I get to meet a lot of really interesting (sometimes very unexpectedly so) people who've enriched my life, broaden my horizons, gave me the knowledge I wouldn't be able to gain otherwise. Some of these people I would have never met have I not travelled to small towns.
I formed a lot of friendships along the way: today is my birthday and my mailbox was full of emails, many of whom were from clients.
I am so grateful and feel so very fortunate.
Thank you!


  1. "Please don't insult us by low-balling; it is annoying and will get you nowhere. Usually low-balling is accompanied by pointless statements as well, such as "What about $60?". Well, I don't know-what about it? Was there a question related to ME there or do you just want my general opinion about $60?"

    Couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. Yana you are a true star in this country I wish many more women in the profession had your professionalism, integrity, intelligence and knowledge of human nature. You have it all! god bless you in the journey forward

  3. I'm not sure if NZ uses priceline or not, but I LOVE it especially for traveling. You were definitely on the low side. Here in the states I like to gauge interest before I travel on a popular board in that area (we use alot of internet sites mainly...) but I've still had a very uneventful trip before. Sorry to hear about your past troubles getting kicked out of the hotel. The freaking nerve!! Oh well what can we do?!