Friday, May 18, 2012

Reviews and how objective and subjective they could be

I've been wanting to write about this for ages, so finally got around to it. Touchy subject, I must admit and opinions are very much polarised. So I expect some will strongly disagree, but that's the beauty of an open Forum: everyone is entitled to say their piece :)

Forums and, specifically,reviews, are great tools in our business.
Former help punters and WGs alike socialise and talk about things that are often taboo in "real" world, promote, advertise, share opinions,etc.
Latter help people form opinions,weed out the "fakes", praise the good ones and, ultimately, save a lot of cash and disappointment.
However, it's a double-edged sword. We are only humans: often our personal opinions are very subjective,clouded by personal agenda or simply a result of poor communication and misunderstanding.
I advocate reviews, but I think they should be kept objective and not go into every last lurid detail (it does take the mystery of the encounter away).
Here's what I think should be described:
-Whether or not the girl was ready at the appointed time (i.e. did she answer the door/phone (to give a hotel room number) straight away and was ready to proceed with the booking (vs. asking for more time to prepare and rushing around the room setting it up).
-Were the premises easy to find and the distance described (i.e."3 min from CBD" for example)
-Whether parking was easy or should extra time be allocated for this
-Whether the premises were clean (they either were or weren't-simple)
-Whether the premises were easily accessible (did the girl just buzz you in or did you have to get the keys thrown at you into the "yellow snow" from the upstairs window-not joking, this is actually described by a punter "Osiris" in one of his threads on Adult Forum)
-Whether the girl matched the photos in her ads and was, in fact, the same girl (in case of some Asian places)
-Whether the price matched the advertised one
-Whether time frame booked was met, more or less ( not 5 mins each way, but for, instance, if you clearly booked and paid for an hour and was rushed out after 30 min).

Anything more than this and we would be entering a very subjective territory, all in shades of grey.
For instance, energy levels, chemistry,etc largely depend on individual client, time of the day, time of the month, what's happening in both parties life, mood,etc.
Sometimes something that one person views as extremely valuable, other disregards as off-putting.
There was a thread on Adult Forum ( where the guy posted a quick review of a very successful WG in Auckland. That particular WG was reviewed very favourably many times before. This review wasn't bad per ce, but the guy didn't enjoy the experience due to specific services/requirements of the WG which most other punters viewed as "outstanding" and "great value for the money". Well, it just wasn't that guy's cup of tea and,yes, his opinion was subjective.

I've had one such review a couple of years back, when I first started working in Wellington.
I've copied and pasted an actual review and will insert my comments in-between the sentences/paragraphs

Had a spare couple of hours after work, so called AB, Yana was available whom I booked straight away (have had my eye on this lady since her pics on AB website)
After a longish walk, she greeted me at the door dressed in her "day clothes" I was her first appointment & she was running late.
What actually happened is this. That day I was scheduled to start work at 6pm. I was working from AB premises on Pirie St,which was clearly advertised. Back then I lived on the very top of Mt.Vic-right on the Lookout (yes, there are houses there). I was sitting at home, fully dressed,made-up and my work bag packed,checking my emails for the last time before I left.
Lilly (AB's owner) called me at 5:15pm to inform me that someone insisted on booking me at her Thompson St location for half an hour.
Now, just to make the situation clear: at 5:15pm traffic is truly ugly on both Mt.Vic and,especially, around The Basin. Clearly, the client wanted to make things convenient for himself (or to save taxi money), so, instead going to Pirie St (where I worked), he insisted I meet him at Thompson St (location is now obsolete for AB).
I grabbed my bag,jumped in the car and rushed through the traffic,as I didn't want the client to wait in front of the locked door (no one was at Thompson St location). I wouldn't say I drove recklessly, but I did do things I wouldn't normally do: overtaking other cars closely and running "orange" lights.. I kept checking my watch and was getting stressed-I hate being late.
I did make it to Thompson St on time (which was half an hour BEFORE my scheduled work time)
and first priorities were: turning on the heater full blast (it was dead of the winter in Wellington and no one has been in the place for the whole day),checking that the linen is fresh and there are plenty of clean towels.
When the client rang the doorbell, I  opened it with a smile. Yes, I was  not wearing my "hooker" clothes, BUT.. I  had black miniskirt on, and over-the-knee socks w/sexy boots. I also had a red top with zipper front on and made sure to pull the zipper down enough to give him a good peak of my "assets" before I opened the door.
So, here's the whole "subjective" thing in the first paragraph alone:
-I was not at all "running late". In fact, I came in half an hour early on shift to accommodate his last minute request  in a location that was convenient for him  (but not at all for me)
-I was concerned with his comfort, so worried about the heater and the sheets/towels .
-He didn't say I was dressed badly or unsexy-he just said "street clothes" (note that he didn't describe them), but the way it was said implied negativity
-He made no mention of the fact that I was fully made up with my hair done (I had long hair back then) because that would be saying something positive, which he didn't want to do.

Anyway into the shower I went after departing with my hard earnt <Sic> cash, back to the room & gave some sort push & poke massage.
Again, NOT exactly what happened.
Almost immediately upon entering, this gentlemen proceeded to start a conversation  criticising my employer (Lilly). It was not done in a "matter of fact" or "good-natured" way. He was putting Lilly and AB down pretty hard.
Yes, Lilly had her share of challenges and not everything at AB was always perfect, but, firstly, she operates on a "lower-priced,high volume" model, which means certain things are going to happen from time to time due to the nature of that model

(and many punters accept/deal with them in exchange for much ,much lower price of service) and, secondly, if you are not happy with the establishment, the owner,the rules,the staff and the way it operates,the question begs: why are you here? It's a free country and the choices are abundant, so you can take your "hard earned cash" elsewhere,surely?
That's another thing: his mention of his "hard earned cash"-as if my  (or any other WG's) money is earned oh so easily. I always wanted to ask him if I ever saw him again"Have you tried pedaling YOUR ass for a living? Just to see how "easy" the money is?"
Anyway, I was not at all getting into an argument with him, but did reply to his statements about Lilly. I tried to explain to him how this particular business actually works and,although admitted to shortcomings, pointed out that a lot of times it was actually the clients who caused confusion and mayhem , by not turning up for appointments, or turning up a taking the first girl who opened the door instead of the one they booked,etc. I've described all that in my other post.
I must admit, I have a strong personality that comes through no matter what I say or how I word things. It's not that I am rude or pushy-those who've met me in person know what I mean. I long since gave up trying to pretend I am meek or submissive- I am not and there is no hiding it.
A lot of clients seek that and willing to pay good money for it, but others don't like it at all.  Clearly, that particular guy falls into the latter category. I guess, he expected me to nod my head and bag Lilly along with him. It was not going to happen.  He wouldn't let go of the subject when he returned from the shower,despite of my trying to steer the conversation into a different direction. Again, I softly (truly) tried to explain to him the challenges Lilly faces on a daily basis .
I tried to sooth the guy with a massage.
About that. I've been complimented on my massage skills many times. I am a qualified masseuse and usually try to apply a combination of the techniques due to the limited time (Swedish,shiatsu,a bit of Thai and a bit of pressure point).
I always ask the clients about their preferred pressure and techniques as I go along and adjust my mustering accordingly. All this guy had to do was ask me to stop or change the technique/pressure, but he didn't. He laid there seemingly enjoying the experience.

On rolling over her mouth rolled a condom on my pleasure zone and she began to suck the life out of me, this seemed to go on & on
Here he described in negative terms what usually considered a very good thing: I was giving him a very enthusiastic blow job. I daresay, I've done it many,many times before and know what I am doing (was complimented on it plenty as well). As BJ is often something that partners/girlfriends tend to skimp on, I give it a very good,lasting effort (no teeth,though,never). I don't want the client to think that I am trying to "short-change" him.
Communication is the key-I can't read minds. If he didn't enjoy it, or thought it was too long, all he had to do was ask me to stop and switch to something else. Simple,really. Yet he laid there, his dick VERY hard, seemingly enjoying himself. Another example of how a good thing was given a negative tinge.
eventually she stopped poured a bucket of lube on & mounted me (it was like fucking Mt Victoria tunnel, she had so much lube on & I'm not a small boy)
Yes, I ALWAYS use lube,because : a. I have a pretty tight vagina(no kids) and it hurts otherwise  b. Condoms break without the lube. c. Us,girls, can get all kinds of nasty little problems down there if we are not sufficiently lubricated,having as much sex as we do as per requirements our chosen profession. I mind the amount though and there is always plenty of friction (testament to which is the fact that he stayed VERY hard and came pretty quick-we didn't even have a chance to do other positions-I normally try to do at least 3 different positions)
Her moans/screams were just as false as her tits, her body is in good nic <Sic> though.
This one is just funny: yes, my breasts are enhanced and all he had to do was ask before booking if that's not what he enjoyed (that pesky communication again) and yes, I was faking, but what do you expect when the guy just lays there like a log on his back,moaning with pleasure with his eyes closed and he's done nothing at all for me or to me,but blew his load in under 10 min..LOL..
Don't get me wrong: I am in this business strictly for client's pleasure and I have no issue WHATSOEVER with them focusing on their needs,but then don't expect full-pledged show from me in a half an hour booking (that's the reason I don't even do half an hour bookings now that I work privately-there is no time to establish a rapport and"create the magic")
She is ex FI,K & Bon Ton
That last one he just made up,as I've never told I WORKED for Bon Ton. I was trying to run a parallel for him between "low-price,high volume business" and upscale model, siting Bon Ton as an example. Also it seems he edited the post at some stage,as I remember seeing him saying that I was a "$1000/hr Las Vegas escort",which is fiction as well. Yes, I worked in Vegas as an escort, but we didn't even charge by the hour, yet alone  $1000 (I've touched on it in my other post

). Basically, the guy only heard what he wanted to hear.
At least he HAD to admit that my body is in a good shape, there is no way to make THAT sound negative...LOL..

Overall 4-5 out of 10, would go back a very average service.  
Hmmm...  4-5 out of 10 and yet he says he still would go back.. Funny that, seeing how, according to the review, he didn't enjoy anything about the service and didn't like the establishment,etc to begin with..   

Well, here you have it: a review clearly twists the facts and puts a negative slant on positive things, all because the client didn't like the WG to have an opinion and to defend her employer :)


  1. Quote of the day from Yana "I have a strong personality" 210% accurate description & it's a good thing !

    Long may it last ! Accurate & pertinent post.

  2. Very true. I liked this part.

    "On rolling over her mouth rolled a condom on my pleasure zone and she began to suck the life out of me, this seemed to go on & on"

    With your response,

    "Communication is the key-I can't read minds. If he didn't enjoy it, or thought it was too long, all he had to do was ask me to stop and switch to something else."

    Now there is one problem with that, it is all too complicated. What that means is he would have to grow a pair of balls and actually say, "Hey Yana, how about we start fucking?" or words to that effect, instead of laying there like a human sundial.

    Instead, it is much easier to go on an anonymous forum and piss and moan to other guys who also don't have any balls. ;)

  3. The guy was clearly a complete arsehole ... Probably calls himself an Alpha male.

    Noted about your review style preference, BTW.