Thursday, May 31, 2012

Las Vegas: funny story

I was swapping "war stories" with some people from the industry last week and suddenly remembered this one from years ago.
I was working for an escort agency in Las Vegas at the time.
It was a tricky business,as prostitution is illegal in Clark County and escort agencies (over 120 pages of them in Yellow Pages) operated as an "escort/companion" providers only.
If you called one of those, or what looked like a private girl (it was all agencies, no privates advertised in Yellow Pages), the dispatch (who sometimes pretended to be the actual WG) would not discuss any sex-for-sale related activities with you. They would inform you that prostitution was illegal and quote the price of $120 (going rate at the time) for a "dinner companion".
This made our (WGs) job extremely difficult. Clients just assumed that when we turned up in their room, it was all-a-go for romp in the sack for $120.
Nothing could be further from the truth! $120 was just for us to show up. ALL of it (that's right,ALL) was going to the agency. In order for us to make any money, we had to negotiate the price with the client (who was already unhappy when he realised that $120 bought him nothing at all).
Also, we had to call the agency straight away and either confirm the receipt of the money or tell them that the client doesn't want to go through with the booking. In case of the latter, we had to be back at the agency's office inside 20 min (we were driving ourselves, there were no "company drivers",as no one gave a hoot about our safety), otherwise it would be assumed that we did a "side deal" with the client and $200 would be taken out of our bond.
Also dispatch put a lot of pressure on us to collect "their" $120 regardless of whether or not we could make the deal to make money for ourselves. AND they expected us to tip them after we've done the booking! If we didn't they wouldn't give us plum bookings in the future.
We had to be very careful discussing the services as well: Las Vegas Vice did sting operations often and they were quite elaborate. One mistake and we could end up in jail on felony charges (solicitation of prostitution). And believe you me, agency would not be bailing us out. In fact, they would fire us, pretending that we were operating on our own and violating company policy of "no sex". Ha!
It was very stressful work and not by any stretch "easy money".
Anyway, I got a call from the agency one day directing me to go to one of the major hotels.
When I arrived at the room, I found a male escort from the same agency already there.
He quickly brought me up to speed. Apparently, the client wanted to fulfill his long-time fantasy.
It involved the client cross-dressing, myself and another escort to have sex with each other (to turn the client on), then each of us having sex with the client.
Clearly, it was fairly complex undertaking that was going to cost the guy quite a bit of money.
That's where we run into a problem: the guy either didn't understand or stubbornly pretended not to understand about the extra money. He was adamant that he paid us $120 each and now we were going to go ahead with the booking as described above.
Both myself and the male escort took turns trying to explain the reality of the situation to him, but he proceeded to first apply the make-up on himself, and then slipped into a pair of dainty lacy panties,bra,hold-up stockings and thigh-high boots (all colour coordinated in pristine white).
Agency kept calling our phones, but,as there were two of us there, they were giving us more time to try and cajole the client into forking over some money (we've already got $120 each from him).
After about 15 min it was clear that the client isn't going to budge.
Now we were facing the difficult situation of exiting without much commotion (we HAD to keep the money,as the agency knew we got it  and would demand to have it, which means, if we gave the client his money back, we would be out of pocket ourselves).
It was a high-rise hotel and we were on the 16th floor. Which means we had to go down a VERY long hallway to the elevators and wait for those (not too fast in big hotels).
We couldn't run down the stairs, as it would take ages and there was always a chance the client would call hotel security, meaning they would be waiting for us on the ground floor.
I've never met that particular male escort before, but thank God, he was "quick on the uptake", as we had very little time and opportunity to discuss the exit, but had to act as a team.
We've decided to take a chance and assume that the client wouldn't want admit the fact that he was engaged in illegal activities (solicitation of prostitution) to the hotel security and/or police and that he wouldn't want to be seen in that saucy get up.
So when he was busy zipping up one of his boots, we bolted for the door. As we were running down the hallway (man, it WAS long), we heard the client starting after us, yelling threats and obscenities.
Thankfully, in about 2 seconds, he realised the reality of the situation.
Last thing I saw when I furtively looked back was him throwing one of his white thigh-high boots after us.
We were still on edge waiting for the elevator, as we were not out of the woods yet.
Thankfully, we got out of the hotel intact and unmolested.
We returned to the agency and paid them the money (not that we got a "Thank you" for it). We made no money whatsoever ourselves.
At least nothing bad happened. It could have gone all sorts of wrong.
The client could become violent. Hotel security could been called. Depending on the story presented by the client, we could been "trespassed" from the hotel (very bad thing to happen, as it was one of the major Las Vegas Strip hotels and we would never be able to enter it for any reason under the threat of arrest) or even arrested by LVPD.
But all is well that ends well and I had a chuckle telling the story to my friends the other day.


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  2. Hi! Thank you. My blog is custom-designed by my IT team (which means that it's not a "template" and cannot be bought online) and the background photo is of myself :)

  3. Hi...Your post really got me thinking man..... an intelligent piece,I must say.