Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reasons I don't work late (story that could have turned really scary)

In my online ads I list my hours as 10am-8pm. I explain in my profile that I do take late bookings sometimes, but they need to be arranged in advance during the day.
The reason I don't work late is that I am quite selective as far as my clientele is concerned and I do not wish to engage with heavily intoxicated individuals who suddenly realised they have a need for immediate  shag (or a "booty call"). These types usually come out at night, hence "no working late" rule.
I do realise that some people have business meetings and business dinners and they can only see me at a later hour, but these people usually schedule their entertainment, both private and public, way in advance and I am quite happy to accommodate them.
However, some callers just give you that creepy feeling of vague unease.
I received a text yesterday (Saturday) at about 5 pm, asking if I was working that night. Although there is nothing wrong with texting (sometimes clients simply cannot talk,as they are with someone), it always makes me super alert. Usually when clients genuinely look for a booking, especially on weekends, they just call,as it speeds up the process.
I replied to the text, asking what was the desired time and length of booking. Reply was "Just for an hour. Around 9ish".
I've explained that I do not work late, however am happy to accommodate a confirmed, "carved in stone" booking at 9pm sharp.
The guy (who still hasn't introduced himself) text saying that he cannot commit until after 6pm.
That was fine, I told him to let me know.
I haven't heard from him after 6pm, so went out to dinner, came back home and was relaxing on the couch in front of TV. I left my phone in the bedroom,as I wasn't expecting any calls/texts anymore that night.
Imagine my surprise when I went upstairs and saw a text time-stamped 9:33pm "I've been in touch earlier. Do you provide services at CKK?"
CKK is a swingers club in Auckland. Some WGs provide services in there for extra charge in addition to their regular rates. It's quite popular. Trouble is, with so many people and a possibility of others getting involved, save sex could become problematic to execute. There is also an issue of safety: going to a place like that with someone you've never met or even spoken with late on a Saturday night,in my opinion, is not very wise.
Besides, I provide a true courtesan service, which means it's very personal, multi-dimensional and specific individual-oriented. All that is impossible to achieve in an atmosphere of a swingers club on a booze/sex charged Saturday night.
By the time I read the text, it was well after 10pm.
I did reply,outlining my reasons for declining a booking (as stated above). To my surprise, the texter answered, claiming total ignorance re. practices in swingers clubs and acting as it was all innocent and super safe. Again, I declined.
I went to look at CKK website that night, but it was down.
Imagine my surprise when I did manage to pull it up the next morning and discovered that CKK was CLOSED the night before.

Now, let's think about the whole situation.
This guy text me at 5pm on a Saturday asking for 1 hour booking "around 9pm". He said nothing at all about the booking being at any other location than my working premises.
He refuses to commit and tells me that he will be in touch after 6pm to confirm the 9pm booking.
He text me at 9:33pm asking me to come to a swingers club.
Swingers club is actually closed that night, but there would be no way for me to find that out, as their website is down.

To me the whole thing looks sinister. Here's why..
First of all, all communication was done via text, which is suspicious in itself.
He text at 5pm for a 9pm booking, so he clearly was planning in advance. So why not mention straight away that he was looking to book me to go to a swinger's club? And, surely, he would have known whether or not the club was open that night, if he was planning on visiting. And he would have definitely known that by 10:30pm when he was texting still coaxing me to come there.
If he told me straight away about the club, even with their site being down, I would have driven by, made some calls and inquiries and found out the club was closed (I would have over 4 hours to do so, plenty of time). But he didn't.
The club is located in a "pocket" area of Auckland CBD, which is quite isolated and there are no cars or foot traffic there.
This person wanted me to show up there, dressed in my "work" clothes (which means sky-high heels, impossible to run or even walk fast in and skin-tight mini dress which further impedes running).
It would be very dark at 10:30pm. The doors of the club would be firmly shut and there would be no one around. Also, that being Saturday night, he could possibly counted on the fact that I might have had a few drinks prior to coming there-perhaps that's why he didn't want to confirm earlier,as I would abstain from drinking knowing I had a booking.
Call me jaded, but I do not see any possible good outcome in this situation.

I think this person is dangerous, as there was  premeditation and planning in place.
Usually guys either call and schedule a booking in advance or they call because they are horny and want it "now". This was entirely different ball game altogether.
I've been in this business long enough to consider possible dangers. Yes, it is always a gamble,as the "safest" looking of clients could turn into "ugly mugs". But there are certain "red flags" that just cannot be ignored.
I am not poor, nor do I do drugs or have other costly habits. At the end of the day, my well-being outweighs all else.
I don't play Russian roulette with my safety.

P.S. I want to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to my friend/flatmate who's lived in Auckland for a long time and was able to immediately provide me with up-to-date information that helped me make the right decision and avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

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