Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Now" bookings

This is something I wanted to ask for ages.
It seems there are a very high number of clients who call for “now” bookings: as in “Can I come over now?”
This is definitely not a winging session, as I realise we all have a choice and in 98% of the cases I choose to decline “now” bookings-it’s as simple as that.
But I do want to understand the reasoning behind it.
This is definitely a New Zealand phenomenon, as in US bookings with WGs were made days, sometimes weeks in advance. Even if made on the day, it was HOURS ahead. It was normal way of doing business.
I realise that clients have very busy schedules. However, as many of them pointed out on the Forums, sex industry is not cheap: some spend equivalent of half-weekly wages on one punt.
So wouldn’t you want the most for your money: girl immaculately groomed, fresh and relaxed, candles lit, premises shiny clean?
After all, most of you make business lunch/dinner meetings and appointments in advance, as well as doctor’s, barbers, etc. You do know your schedule (definitely for the next few hours). So why not plan a sex appointment in advance?
I understand that on occasion unexpected happens: you got a big bonus at work (or won the lottery) and you want to celebrate, you found yourself in the middle of the business day with some time to kill because suddenly ... Perfectly understandable. But judging by the number of calls on everyday basis, that’s not the case for most of those callers.
Here’s what the problem with “now” booking is. When my NZG ad is “live”, I list my hours as 10am-8pm seven days a week. The reason for that is sometimes I get 5 calls a day and sometimes none. It is like that for everyone. This business is unpredictable and doesn’t follow any patterns.
Which means I don’t sit around dressed in pretty lingerie with full make-up on every day from 10am to 8pm? I also don’t see clients at my home and use “working premises” designated for that purpose only, located about 15 min away.
Every day, I go about my business: have morning coffee and muffin, do my “power walk” to stay fit and trim, buy groceries, run errands, etc- you get the idea. When a gentleman calls for a booking, ideally, I would like at least 2 hour’s notice, so I could apply fresh make-up, go to the location, set the room up and greet the client at the door relaxed, perfectly groomed, wearing alluring clothes and high heels and happy to see him.
Let’s see what happens with “now” booking: I’d have to literally run to location, will arrive sweaty, stressed, with my hair a mess in my street clothes. I will be running around the room lighting the candles and setting everything up while he waits impatiently, getting more and more annoyed.
That’s precisely why I don’t accept “now” bookings (unless you happen to call just as my last client is leaving, I’ve already taken a shower and re-set the room): client would deem experience “not worth the money” and substandard, will not return and would possibly make negative comments about me. I always think long-term vs. immediate monetary gain.

Besides, what does "now" even mean? Often guys ask for it before they even asked where I am working from. So how do you know how fast you can get there. In Wellington, depending on the traffic,time of the day and various CBD parking situations, it could be anything between 10min to 45 min....
With growing popularity of agencies (where a “madam” rents an upscale apartment and the girls are booked by appointment only through websites) “now” bookings will become more and more problematic, I think.
A friend of mine (a retired punter who still has ties to the industry) pointed out that Wellington is traditionally a “parlour” town. So is “now” booking a Wellington phenomenon? Is that because guys used to simply walking in the parlour and booking a girl anytime?
I am moving to Auckland in 3 days and am wondering if the situation is different there?

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  1. There will always be clients that want to see you right now, no matter where you go. Auckland is a bigger city and way different to Wellington. Many clients will book during the day as opposed to the evenings. Once they get to know you it is not hard to train them to book in advance. It does take time but it has been done and works best for all parties involved. I honestly believe that you will attract clientele who think realistically when it comes to bookings in advance. I am sure that the Auckland punters will be happy to know that you are relocating here.

    Hugs Georgia xxx