Sunday, January 29, 2012

True friends

In this day and age of technology, definition of a "friend" gets more and more blurred. Some people have hundreds of "friends" on their Facebook, thousands of followers on Twitter, not to mention Bebo and MySpace...
I have 33 friends on my Facebook: they are people I personally know and they are, indeed, my friends.
I am very grateful to people that I've met in the course of my life that I can truly call friends. These are the people who "have my back" and will come to my rescue when I need them. I will most definitely do the same for them.
It's all good and well to click "like" button on one's FB status or even type a support message like "Awww..Hugz,babe.." (I am not trying to minimize the importance of online community's support,BTW), but how many of those people would actually DO something when you're in trouble. Will they drop everything and drive/fly over to be with you in your hour of need? Will they offer you shelter? Will they buy you food or offer money to tie your over?
Will they come over and sit with you when your heart is broken and you just need someone to talk to? Will they hold your hand in the doctor's office if you're hurt? Or spoon feed you when you're so sick you cannot eat yourself?
I am well and truly blessed: I have some amazing friends. I consider myself very, very fortunate. We may not always see eye-to-eye on everything, we have our arguments and disagreements... But when it really matters, when all chips are down, we will be there for each other no matter what, even if we haven't spoken to each other for a while.
You know a person means something to you when you can overcome whatever falling out you might had to come to their rescue (or at least offer help) when they need it.
I appreciate my friends and value them tremendously. Probably a little more than an average person, because I've lost some of them unexpectedly  and I can never fill the void in my heart left by their sudden departure.
I wish I could tell Larisa (she lost a battle with cancer) how much I loved her one last time before she slipped away quietly in her sleep.
I wish I could hold Marina's hand (died from binge drinking) and beg her to stop.
I wish I could rescue my friend Sam from abusive boyfriend, who ended up killing her (stabbed her 35 times).
I wish I could tell my three girlfriends from Olympic Gardens (Las Vegas strip club) not to get in the car with those crazed-looking clients (all three were found dead on the outskirts of Las Vegas in the early hours of next morning).
I wish I could spend more time with Lyndsay who waited on tables with me at the coffee shop in Tropicana Hotel before she took a handful of sleeping pills and drowned herself in her bathtub...
Friends are precious. True friends are also very rare.
I will never forget my friend Nellie trying to issue me a plane ticket so I could escape from our war-torn city, significantly risking her life and well-being (she could have been torn to pieces by the angry mob of people, all of whom wanted that very ticket)...
Or my friend Pip, who sat and talked to me night after night for weeks(after she put in 12-14 hours in the hot,sweaty kitchen serving up to 250 PAX every day) when I was heartbroken..
Or my friends Jean and Louisa who offer me their home every time I visit Napier and feed me the most amazing food..
Where would I be without Anna and Andras, who listen patiently to my endless lesbian stories while we sample our way through all the amazing Melbourne restaurants...
The list goes on...
Some of my clients became friends and, thanks to them, I discovered countless  new amazing things, thoughts, books, points of view.
My friends helped me (in direct and indirect way) to take a long hard look and myself and make some changes in the past few months. I am a much happier person now and, as a result, I attract even more amazing people.
Some of my friends are very private, and in respect of that, I won't mentioned their names or any specifics. But it is you who are  my "divine gift" and it is I who is forever grateful-you know who you are.
My friends helped me gain a new perspective and it opened new horizons for me: I am more open and accepting. I give people who I would avoid in the past a chance.  As a result, I've met a great person who became a friend and enriched my life in many ways that I can't even begin to describe.

This is a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all the people in my life. It is a great privilege for me to be considered your friend


  1. It is very important to value friends, but first one must value oneself.
    The three graces, know yourself, know others, and the third you have yet to acquire. Though by your comment, the process has begun.

  2. And after our conversations about events relating to your post I'm particularly proud & privileged to have met you & established what I believe will be a true friendship despite having known each other such a short time

    Our conversations have pushed be to step back & reassess several situations where I had let situations drift. Like you a few tough decisions & actions to be followed through.

    The whole modern fixation with bulging "friends" lists, anxiety when separated from social media sites & the infamous "like" button. There are now retail outlets in the US having to remodel their fitting room area due to the time customers are taking to choose garments because they won't make a decision until enough "friends" have given the thumbs up are down via their smartphone umbilical cord to social media sites that rule their lives. How insecure we are becoming !

    Enjoy Melbourne (not even a tinge of envy, well actually a LOT of envy !) remain strong & keep the resolve !

  3. Dearest Yana

    To one of my most dearest treasured friends that I also consider one of earths rare treasures and life's earth angels. They come and go sometimes in and out of our lives but they remain special and dear and always thought of fondly on days like today.

    Valentines day for many is shared between lovers. For me it is shared between those that I consider friend, and whom inspire me and whom I love unconditionally. You are one of those very special friends Yana. I love your mind, I love you personality, I love you innermost depths of your soul and your giving nature. I love everything about you and I want to wish you the very best for this special day that should be shared with everyone we love. Those who are family, friends and lovers for they all hold something very dear to our hearts.

    Where ever you are in the world Yana, imagine me surrounding you in a pink bubble of joy and love with the most heartfelt sincerity. May you find as much love on your travels as you give out and share with all of those of us whom are so lucky to be embraced by your kindness, generosity, sincerity and love.

    Hugs and kisses always
    Georgia xx

    1. Oh,Beautiful!
      Thank you so much! Reading this warmed my soul :)
      I am so lucky to have friends like you!
      I sincerely believe it is thanks to your good wishes that I found happiness and contentment. I have amazing people in my life right now and I am so very grateful.
      I wish you a great Valentine's Day,filled with joy,love and laughter.
      Yana. XXX

  4. Not visited your blog for a while.. but I count you as My friend and take great pride in knowing such a strong, beautiful and compassionate person. I hope I will see you soon I could really use a hug things are hard right now. Lots of love to you xoxo

  5. I am that arrogant that I know it must be me that you are referring to. And for once I agree. You are indeed blessed. Now if I could only teach you patience, you will one day see just how wondrous I Truly Am.(oops, i mean; Life Truly Is.)
    [note to Divine Self; Throw in a few free lessons for the following;
    Paper as Kindling,
    What differentiates a Ladle from a Shovel,
    A Tool is more than a Punter,
    Toilet Seat Warmers and their role in encouraging lingering in unsanitary environments,
    Recycling; Saving the Earth and Other Dilemmas for The Developed World
    Animals dressed as Humans; How their expression says it all
    Undeniable similarities between Chihuahuas and People with Down Syndrome (include advanced apologies to Down Syndrome sufferers and their loved ones)
    The importance of removing all left over Data BEFORE lending the item to anyone else.