Sunday, January 22, 2012

The darker side of desire

Reading my friend's blog post yesterday ( got me thinking about the subject matter...
Some unpleasant memories surfaced.
Like the one when a client turned up for a booking with me (I was working for an agency) with a portable DVD player. It didn't bother me at all, until he pushed "play" button and the screen filled with images of two very young girls (under age of 10 for sure) engaging in various sexually provocative poses/actions. The most sickening part was when the person behind the camera started speaking, urging the girls to get into various poses/acts: it was A WOMAN and she spoke Russian.
I got up from the bed, trying to maintain my composure, and told the client to get out. He feebly protested. I was shaking with rage-I told him to get out NOW or I will call the police. That had desired effect, except he had the nerve to ask if he could take a shower!
I unleashed the beast then. I yelled:"Never mind the fucking shower-it will NOT wash off the filth that you are! If you are not out of here in 2 seconds, I AM dialing the cops!". I had my phone in my hand and I was going to do it. He ran off clutching most of his clothes and his DVD player in his hands..

In US there is a TV show on Dateline NBC. It's called "To Catch A Predator". It's hosted by Chris Hansen.
Although originally developed as attention-grabbing high-ratings TV program, it's actually evolved into something really good: the show works directly with police and various other law-enforcement agencies and perpetrators are arrested FOR REAL and put through the court system.
Here's how the show operates. A number of investigators go into various chat rooms pretending to be under age girls and boys. A LOT of middle age (and older) men immediately zero down on them. Investigators start chatting, making very, VERY clear how old they are (there are transcripts, so they actually say "I'm 13",etc). Investigators then tell their on-line "friends" that they will be home alone over the weekend,as their parents go away.
I am sure you can imagine what happens next: a lot of men want to come over for a "visit". But the show doesn't stop there.
Dateline NBC actually rents the houses and stages the whole affair: they have a team of people sitting if front of live TV monitors in the back room and one decoy, who looks young (but actually isn't at all).
While chatting online, decoys often ask those guys to bring along something specific (that is so the guy cannot talk his way out of the situation later). Often it is alcohol and these pervs don't hesitate to bring a bottle of wine or even vodka to a 13-year old who is home alone!
When the guy arrives, the decoy waves to them from the doorway and tells them to come in. When they do, decoy quickly disappears into the back room, still talking to the guy, saying that she (or he) spilled some chocolate sauce and need to change their shirt.
After a few minutes Chris Hansen comes out (instead of a decoy) to perv's surprise, introduces himself and asks the perv for explanation.
Obviously, reaction varies: some try to bolt for the door, some try to talk their way out of it, saying it's all a "misunderstanding". Chris has transcripts of online chats in his hand and quotes the bits of conversation to the guys.
No matter how conversation goes with Chris, what guys don't know is that there is police waiting for them outside: when they leave the house, they are literally swarmed, thrown onto the ground,handcuffed and hauled away. They are usually in violation of several legal statutes (depending on which State NBC rents the house at) and left to the mercy of the courts.
I haven't seen the show for a couple of years now, but here's some sickening examples of what I do remember.
One guy talked to "13-year old" girl online, asking her which sexual acts she likes and is willing to perform. He then asked her of she's willing to let the cat "work on her". When this guy turned up at the house and was told by decoy to "sit down and relax", he instead took ALL of his clothes off (including underwear) in less than 20 seconds and was right at the door through which the decoy disappeared,grabbing on the handle, prompting Chris Hansen to rush out and ask him what the hell he thought he was doing. And still the guy tried to talk his way out of it (butt naked)!!
Another guy drove for 4 hours (!!) across the state line to spend the night with an underage girl who he thought was home alone!
Yet another, who lied about his age (he was actually 64 vs. 42 he stated in the chat) turned up at a "15-year old" boy's house. When pressed by Chris Hansen, he said he wanted to "mentor" him... Hmmm.. Enter transcript of their online chat where the guy asks if the boy ever had anal sex and if he would like to try it.
One was caught on camera TWICE in 2 different seasons of the show!! Can you believe it??
One Spanish man was sobbing uncontrollably when caught... Wait, NOT because he was remorseful, oh no! Because he was afraid that his wife and her family would literally kill (murder) him when all that came out (and he probably was correct in thinking that: Spanish culture is a bit different). So he wasn't sorry that he's done it, he was sorry he GOT CAUGHT!
That show run for several seasons/years and probably is still on-air in US.
I watched an interview with Chris Hansen and you could tell that sometimes it got to him: he was genuinely repulsed and shaking with rage. I applaud his professionalism and composure, as he proceeded to calmly question the perpetrators when it was obvious he wants to just punch their lights off.
I think the show did a lot of good: no, it didn't eliminate all the perverts out there.. BUT.. As we all know, world in general and humans especially are driven by incentives (good and bad). Seeing that they are targeted, actively sought out and prosecuted, maybe some of them would curb their predatory activities, if for no other reason, but in fear of getting caught, as we all know what happens to such folk in jail (I'm sure I don't need to spell it out)

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  1. Congratulations! It is wonderful to see you take such a strong stand against perverts! Throw them out without a shower is the right approach. Unfortunately my experience of the NZ Police is that they are so politically correct they can't even confiscate a perv's phone.