Sex is a major driving force in human beings, as in all living things. Lack of sex and intimacy in adults leads to emptionally dysfunctional people and is the underlying root cause of many of society's ills. Prostitution in NZ is legal, controlled, safe, and professional. As such it provides a vitally important therapeutic service to men and women who otherwise may suffer as a result of lack of social skills, physical defects, or being trapped in a loveless marriage.
Acceptance as such can only reduce the level of frustration and perversion in our society.
Rosemary's attempt to equate the NZ industry with the sex trade in impoverished and corrupt 3rd world countries is either ignorant, or deliberately misinformation and scare mongering, and gutter journalism either way.
As for the "lazy man" slur - there once was a chap in Jerusalem who achieved quite a lot, even though he chose to be with a hooker.
It's unfortunate the DomPost prostitutes itself by publishing such drivel.