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Lower priced parlours/agencies vs. higher end ones

AdultForum has given me a lot of inspiration as of late,it seems.. Who would've thought.
Another lively discussion was started the other day. At the center of it: service (or quality of thereof) in lower priced agencies/parlours.

I like metaphors, so will use one to illustrate my point.
How often do you walk by a kebab  (or a subway sandwich) shop and, on a whim, stop to have a quick meal? Or find yourself suddenly hungry and just pop into a neighbourhood pizzeria? Quite often you'd say. Not much thought goes into it,is it? You feel the urge, you satisfy it.

Now, how often do you just "pop" into the Logan Brown (one of Wellington's premiere five-star restaurants,the winner of many culinary awards and accolades)? My guess is, not that often.
One of the reason being  Logan Brown is booked out more often than not and requires advanced bookings.
Another reason is it's not cheap. A dinner for two with wine match there could easily set you back $300-$500 or more (depending on your wine taste).

Usually such dinner signifies a special occasion, so the booking is made in advance and event is eagerly anticipated. Preparations are made. Certain amount of time is set aside to fully enjoy the experience.
Your expectations are quite different as well.

While at a kebab shop (or any similar establishment) you simply expect the ingredients to be fresh and the meal satisfying, you often could care less about the decor, ambiance and hardly ever expect high level of service:efficient and expedient fulfillment of your order with a "thank you" and a smile would usually suffice.
So you pop in, have them wrap your kebab up,pay and go (or hungrily consume it in the shop,as case might be).

It's a whole different story in a place like Logan Brown. You're paying good coin for your experience, so you note every detail and your expectations are high.
You want the ambiance. You want award-winning designs in decor. You expect everything to be spotless.
You want "premium" soap and expensive features in the bathroom. You expect your server to have extensive knowledge of food and wine and cater to your every whim. You don't want your food just "piled high" on the plate: you want to see artistic presentation that vows you even before you took a single morsel into your mouth.
You want the experience to last, as well. You don't want to be rushed. You can well spend anywhere from two to four hours enjoying that dinner.

Both types of places serve the same purpose: you go there hungry, have a satisfying meal and leave sated.

But how terrible it would be if there were ONLY kebab shops available or ONLY Logan Brown types of restaurants! It would be unthinkable,as we have different needs at different times.
Same people partake in both on a regular basis. Existence of different types of establishments provide the balance we need in our daily lives.

It's not much different in sex industry. Simply put, sometimes you just want a quick kebab and sometimes you want a masterpiece to be enjoyed at length.
Some agencies/parlours specialise in "volume" business. They charge less and provide the same basic service,but things are not quite as "upscale": you could run into another punter on the way in or out, sometimes girl that you've booked becomes unavailable because she took another booking 10 min prior (remember, they are able to charge less BECAUSE they're keeping 'em going).. Sometimes place is a bit untidy because six bookings in a row took place without any time in between to allow for housekeeping..
These places have it's purpose and it's own "niche" clientele: a lot of cabbies on their lunch break, a lot of office workers, out for a "quick fix"... There is also a type of client who always want someone "new" and "young"-these parlours are haven for those,as they entice new girls with a promise of a lot of money (which is true:for about first 3 weeks,after which the girl is not "new" anymore)
These lower priced agencies often offer 20-min specials at a reduced rate,as well.
So if you suddenly found yourself "hungry" or have been "hungry" for a while and just can't save up the funds to eat at "Logan Brown" type of parlour, you can still find satisfaction at one of the lower priced ones.
The service is generally the same: you receive massage, BJ and sex. However, due to the lower prices and "volume" issue, ambiance and decor could fall short of the "top notch".. The girls may not be as immaculately presented... They may not be as articulate as their counterparts in "posh" agencies or they may just not want to make an extra effort,as they get paid less..
So, yes, you would still satisfy your "hunger", but it won't be a particularly refined experience.

When booking an upscale escort, the expectations are quite different (as well they should be: lower priced agencies in Wellington charge $140/hour, while "upscale" could run you anywhere between $200-$400/hour. 50% is a HUGE difference).

Usually you peruse through  girls' photos online, finding the one who really "floats your boat". You read her profile. You contact her (often several times). You make a booking and eagerly anticipate it. Often times you saved up for a while to enjoy your time with an escort.

You should expect a beautifully appointed premises,spotlessly clean. Certain ambiance is present as well (both Betty and I happen to like candles for that purpose and some nice "mood" music). You don't want to rush, so you engage in a conversation (on multiple-hour bookings I supply wine,cheese and fruit-I ask my clients in advance what type of wine or other beverage they prefer)..

For that price, you also expect a "full-on" experience (whatever it means to you: sometimes it's a "girlfriend" thing with lots of passionate kissing and cuddling, sometimes it's role play, sometimes it's something deviant,even-all that is discussed prior to the booking). Once you came, you don't expect to be rushed into a shower or the girl taking off: you might want to cuddle in the afterglow and continue the discussion two of you have started before...
Again, your "hunger" is satisfied, but... Totally different kettle of fish, isn't it?

Since we are on the subject, I want to address the actual "service provider" issue.
Again, I'll start with an example.

One of my exes is an amazingly talented Chef. She spent years of grueling training abroad to rise up to five-star status. She worked in premiere restaurant in Dubai, Melbourne and here in NZ. She commands very high wages... But she also throws sausage on the barbie for her family and puts together quick scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast-nothing at all refined about that and she is not trying to make it so-every one of us can make those things exactly the same way she does (even myself, and I really can't cook...LOL)
In recent years, due to the various circumstances, she had to take a job that paid substantially less than what she's accustomed to... Then another one that paid even less than that.. Yip, economy is not doing so good these days and no one is willing to pay proper wages, even to most talented and gifted people and she has bills to pay and obligations to meet. Does it make her less of a Chef? Of course not. Does it take less of a skill to cook the food because the wage is less? Definitely not (she worked in a 5-star, very famous establishment in Auckland-they just didn't want to pay the money). Will she be able to command high wages again when economy corrects (God, please don't let us all drown)? Of course!

Same applies to working girls. Generally, they produce the level of service that is proportionate to the amount of money they get paid. And, yes, sometimes they work in a lower priced establishment because of the money. In there, they don't provide the full spectrum of services they are trained for/capable of, simply because often it's not required or there is no time for it or they don't get paid enough to go "extra mile".

For instance, I am a qualified clinical psychologist. In America I had a lot of regular clients who came to see me more for that side of things,rather than sexual. Yes, we had sex, but it was a very small part of an extensive booking.
I'm also trained for light BDSM. Again, a lot of clients want that integrated into the service (you'll be surprised just how many).
I'm also well-traveled and well-versed in various subjects and can keep up an interesting conversation.
I am a qualified masseuse.
I am readily familiar with various investments and real estate subjects (a lot of clients ask for a real-time practical advice).

In a lower priced parlour where I worked until recently, the framework was not permitting me to utilise most of those qualities. If someone books 20 min or half an hour, there is barely enough time for a perfunctory massage, BJ and sex (I try to provide at least a couple different positions), let alone in-depth conversation.
On the same token, when only paid $90/hour, ($80 until few months ago), I was not willing to do advanced sessions without additional compensation-why should I?
Additionally, a lot of bookings were literally, "last minute", with maybe 10 min notice or no notice at all-there was no time to prepare for anything.

These days, working independently, I plan my bookings in advance. Most of my clients want multi-hour bookings,as it gives them time to get the most out of it. I use very discreet, beautifully furnished premises with amazing view of Wellington's harbour (people who own the apartment rent it by the hour).
I take time to get to know my clients and, being paid twice as much as I used to when working for an agency, I am quite willing to provide various extensive extras at no additional charge.

Bottom line: yes, money definitely makes a difference. And there is a place for "kebab shops" as well as "Logan Browns".
Sometimes you want just a "kebab" and sometimes you want "duck confit"-this is the way life is

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