Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Professional vs. amateur

As I listen to clients talk and read reviews and posts on Adult Forum (NZ biggest online forum for WL's advertising,reviews,etc), the pattern is beginning to emerge. Most clients are somewhat confused about what  "good service" from a prostitute is and seem to have a very vague idea of what "professional" means in our line of work.
They talk a lot about "she seem to really love her job" and "she was so into it" and "true girlfriend experience".
But what does all this boil down to? What does it mean?
Let's step away from prostitution for a minute and picture a different scenario: you are in a restaurant. You are trying to decide on your main course and the waitress describes the fillet as "succulent, juicy,tender,melt-in-your mouth, premium beef". Sold? You bet! Then she delivers it with a smile and a couple minutes later comes back to inquire if it's cooked to your liking. Perfect dining experience, right?
Now let me tell you that the waitress is actually a vegan and she absolutely abhors that piece of meat and it would never pass her lips. However, she is a PROFESSIONAL. Waitressing is what she does for a living. Her personal likes and dislikes are left at the door when she comes to work.
She enhanced your dining experience by providing an ample description,serving the food with a smile and attending to your needs. That's what you're paying for. Do you really care about her personal preferences? Hell, no, and you are absolutely shouldn't.
Well, it is no different with prostitution. So many think it's an easy job. "What's the big deal?" they ask: you're getting paid to have fun. Those are usually the ones who never had to do it themselves: they have sex for pleasure,when the urge strikes. They all seen "Pretty woman" and picture that scenario in their heads.
Unfortunately, reality is far from it. Not every client who walks through the door looks like Richard Gere. In fact, most don't.
Enter unattractive ones with poor personal hygiene and body odor. Those with hair covering most of their body. Grossly overweight ones:when you need to pull back folds of fat to even see the penis. Older ones with shriveled balls. Not to mention intoxicated, violent,rude and obnoxious ones.
It's easy to "have fun" and "enjoy the job" with a reasonably attractive, nice, mild-mannered guy. Try to have same "fun" with the ones I've mentioned above.
This is a mark of true professional: we are consistent. Our faces don't give away anything. We smile and act like everything is great. We don't flinch. Even when it seems next to impossible to even find a comfortable position because of the person's size, we manage to do it and do it gracefully.
We know what the job is and we know how to do it.
Professionally speaking, GFE (girlfriend experience) means that WL will French kiss you,cuddle up with you and let you perform an oral sex on her. She will also make sure that all your needs are met and you came. You don't really want a "real" girlfriend experience, do you: the one that comes with all the bitching about the trash not being taken out and her headache and her not feeling like giving you oral and you coming too fast and not giving her enough foreplay,etc,etc..LOL.. No, you came into a house of prostitution because you have certain needs and, for one reason or the other, they cannot be fulfilled elsewhere.
I really appreciate it when the client is very clear about his expectations and specific things that he wants. It helps  make the experience so much better.
As a professional, I make sure that my client always receives a proper massage, oral sex and several different positions of intercourse. After so many years I have  very good time management skills and don't need to "watch the clock"-I can estimate the time without it.
I am well-versed on variety of subjects, but will never attempt to "milk the clock" by engaging a client in a discussion and "running out of time"-I view that as unprofessional.
I "buy" into client's fantasy and will definitely provide what feels like an 'authentic" experience. Why should you care whether or not I came or whether or not I like a particular technique? How is that relevant? As long as I've made you BELIEVE that I do, that's all that matters.
You came to me to live out your fantasy-so please enjoy it. I will not let my mood or my daily troubles affect your experience-I leave those at the door. I'm sure you get plenty of bitching at home/work/from your partner.
Case in point: few month ago,while at work, I received some rather unpleasant news. I actually had to run to the bathroom to throw up-it was pretty bad. My hands were shaking and I wasn't in a good head space. But I held it together. Brushed my teeth,took a shower and continued working. As it was a "private intro" place, I obviously was doing good at hiding my emotions,as I got booked. I remember going through the service and doing it "doggy style": I was making all the right noises,as,after so many years, it's on "auto-pilot" with me. At one point I looked down a saw a wet spot on the pillow-I realised I was crying. Client never saw it and he never knew-he was busy coming noisily. That's what true professionalism is, in my opinion.
I will tell you that I like you and find you interesting even if I don't. I will treat you like you're the best lover ever.
Side note: all that will come to an abrupt end if you attempt to treat me disrespectfully. Rude/obnoxious clients find out really quickly that I wield a very serious weapon: my sharp tongue. I can be very cutting. I can say things that will stay with you for the years to come and that will affect your performance in bed. Take my word for it: I have made grown men cry. I really have.

A lot of young girls enter this profession thinking that it'll be "easy money". Most of them don't make it-they can't handle the reality of it. It's all fun and games until they have a "bad" client or even just a very unpleasant one.

As professionals, we do not judge. We really don't. You can reveal your dirtiest fantasies-most of the time we'll go with it with a straight face.
 Everyone has their own "limits", of course. Once, when I was working in Vegas, I got a call to a penthouse suite in Treasure Island (remains my favorite hotel ). The gentlemann was very nicely dressed and well-mannered. He asked me to sit down and have a quick chat. He placed an envelope on the coffee table. He told me there is $10K in it. He explained that he is into serious BDSM and if I am to take the booking, some minor bones would be broken (mine). I declined. He said that he understands and saw me to the door. Yes, I would love dearly to make $10K in one go, but that was well beyond my personal "limits".

So next time you visit a working girl, make it easy for both of you: tell her exactly what you want and then just "go with the flow" and let her make it happen. Let her do her job. She is a professional.

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  1. Breaking minor bones.. not BDSM. Well in My opinion. I guess I have over the years seen some very extreme BDSM play and relationships and perhaps some can do things like that in a healthy way. It reminds Me though of people who amputate themselves as a fetish it is not a fetish then but a mental illness. I wonder if when refusing the booking you also considered that if he was offering minor bones and that amount of money if that is where he would stop.. I would have been thinking that.