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Las Vegas brothels

They are not actually IN Las Vegas,as prostitution is illegal in Clark County. It is,however,legal in Nye County-about 45 min drive from Las Vegas through the mountains.
The town is called Pahrump and it's quite literally in the middle of nowhere.
The most famous brothels of Nevada/US are located in there: Chicken Ranch, Cherry's Ranch and, further down towards Reno, Bunny Ranch and some others,smaller and less famous.
Brothels are located way down dirt road (maybe they paved it now) outside of town.
Chicken Ranch, when I worked there, was basically a set of trailers connected to each other. Cherry's Ranch was the same, but I've heard it was doing really good, so they've probably expanded and maybe even build some "real" houses.
To get a job in one of the brothels, you could stop by or call them and have an interview.
Then,when you were ready to start (always on Mon), you had to go to Las Vegas Health Department and be tested for STDs and HIV. This had to be done first thing in the morning and then you had to be at the brothel by 6 pm (they are assuming that you won't have enough time to have unprotected sex during that window).
If you arrived later than 6 pm, the brothel would not accept you and then it's until next Mon,when you can go to the Health Department again.
Once you arrived, all your belongings were searched for drugs. Back when I worked there (over 10 years ago), you also had to surrender your cellphone and all your cash.
There is a payphone inside the brothel and you could make and receive calls from it.
The reason cash is surrendered is because brothel takes 50% of ALL your earnings (including tips) and they do random room searches to make sure no one is cheating. All the money must be given to house Mom (manager) and it is paid to the girls in a form of a check at the end of the week. Taxes are not taken out,as girls are considered "independent contractors".
If it was your first time there, you were also taken by the manager to the local Sheriff's Department, where they checked your criminal record (you couldn't work if you had pending matters and if you had serious  offences on you record, or even outstanding moving violations-that means "speeding" in US), took your fingerprints and a photo and issued you a "Sheriff's Card" that clearly stated that you are a "prostitute".
You are then assigned the room at the brothel. This room is yours and yours only for the duration of your stay. The way the law works there is that you cannot leave the brothel while you working. At all. For any reason. They don't do out calls,either. If you leave, you'll need to start the whole process again: Mon at the Health Department,etc
You couldn't start working straight away,either-brothel would wait for a call from a Health Department confirming that you're "clean". It took until Tues night or Wed morning,usually. You were free to relax,watch TV,read,etc. If the call from Health Department confirmed that you had some sort of STD, you had to leave, fix the problem and then start all over again.
All girls are taken to the local doctor once a week (usually Tuesday) and they get about 2 hours in town to shop/eat out/do whatever. The rest of the time everyone stays inside the brothel.
Brothels provide 3 hot meals a day,cooked by a professional cook and refrigerator was always fully stocked with cold cuts,cheese,bread,fruit,etc.
There was also TV in the girl's lounge,pool and exercise equipment
Some girls, who worked there all the time (usually 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off), had permanent rooms and would decorate them quite nicely at their own expense.
Some rooms had private bathrooms and others had to share those with another room.
Linens were provided along with the towels,but you had to do your own laundry-washer and dryer were available.
You had a choice of working either "day" or "night" shift. They both were 12 hour shifts,as brothel was open 24/7 every day of the year. It meant that you had to be at every line-up on that shift and would sleep ( or do whatever you please) undisturbed during your "off" hours.
Here's how it worked: customer would come in and speak to the house Mom. She would sit him down on the couch in the lounge. She would then ring the bell that is heard throughout the house. All girls working that shift would line up in the hallway. They then would come into the lounge in a straight line (yes,all of them). They would introduce themselves,but in a short way: "Hi,I am Cleo"-that's all. House Mom would ask the client which girl he wants and him and the girl would go into her room to discuss the particulars.
About the pricing...  The world famous Chicken Ranch "menu". Although not required, girls were encouraged to write their own "menu" of services along with the prices: i.e. blow job-$150, straight sex-$200,etc. You could get as creative as you wished, listing every possible position and option (sex in the shower,for instance) and house did not restrict your pricing: you could ask for $3000 if you wanted and felt like you were able to get it. House was only too happy,as they were getting half of it.
As a rule, back when I worked there, absolutely nothing could be had for less than $150 (it would be a quick BJ probably with clothes still on-took about 15 min) and normally girls asked for about $300-$500 for a session. It is illegal to sell time in Nevada, so all the prices were per "deed". Once the client was done (came), booking was considered over. Sometimes we chatted with  clients a bit, but that was really in hopes of getting them to book "another go", which would normally be about $200.
There was also a private bungalow out back, completely self-contained, with satellite TV (not so common 15 years ago) and all-you-can-drink booze, unlimited meals and unlimited sex,of course (but girls didn't worry much-with unlimited booze,meals and satellite TV it was pretty easy money,as a matter of fact). That cost $3000 for 24 hours. You could book it for longer, but not for less.
Once the client completed negotiations (just like a-la-cart menu at the finer restaurants-they've decided what they wanted and added up total cost), the girl collected the money and took it to the office to the house Mom.
If, for some reason,client and the girl could not come to an agreement, she would "walk" him-take him back to the lounge and he would be given another line-up without that girl in it.
House Mom kept the books for everyone. We were free to look at our books whenever we wished. Getting a total of $1000 in a shift ( your cut) would get you a stamp in a shape of a chicken just breaking out of an egg (hahaha- Chicken Ranch humor), so everyone was striving for a "chicken".
 Since moving to this Hemisphere (New Zealand ), I could never  "break a chicken" until just 3 weeks ago: prices are too low and punters are too cheap-hardly anyone tips,especially in NZ and no one wants to pay for extras. The only reason I finally did it, I think,is because I was working in this new brothel and the house Mom was a Hungarian woman who took a liking to me and she was seriously hassling for me.
Minimum stay at the brothel for a girl was 10 days (Mon through Wed). Wed was a departure day. You could stay longer and a lot of girls who were from out of town stayed for a month. It is pretty hard, though, and it definitely gets to you and plays with your head.
I had a friend there who lived in Las Vegas and worked for 3 weeks with 2 weeks break in between. She was quite young and incredibly hot with amazing body. She made about $20K every time she worked ( every 3 weeks).
The way I've heard it, Chicken Ranch was on decline, while Cherry's Ranch was expanding and even building it's own golf course!
There was also a casino build half-way from the town to the brothels and it, undoubtedly, increased the traffic.
Economy is not good in the States at the moment and I am not sure how it impacted the brothel's business.
But this is, in fact, the oldest profession in the world: it survived wars, famine,disease,revolutions and changes of government. I am sure they are doing just fine

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  1. I like to read a courtesan's perspective about the reality of the brothel(s).