Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Men are driven by their dicks

Thought I'd post something lighthearted and entertaining after all the hard/heavy stuff :).

The other night I was working "on call". The woman who owns a parlour where I work trusts me,as I am very professional,reliable and trustworthy and let's me be elsewhere instead of sitting in the parlour all day and night waiting for a client. The city where I live is pretty small and I have a car, so if she calls/text me and tells me she's got a booking for me or there is a "walk-in" customer waiting, I can be there in 10 min max,usually 5.
I live just 5 min away from the parlour as well.
I don't, however,like to work late,as I do need my beauty sleep. Usually if there is nothing going on by 11pm, I call it quits. I normally text the owner to tell her that I'm going to bed, but on especially slow days,when I don't think anything is going to happen anyway, I just go to bed and she knows not to call me after midnight (which is when she goes to bed herself,usually).
So the other night it was just past 11pm when I decided that it's safe to change into my flannel PJ's-yes, very UNsexy and UNflattering, but,ooohhhh, so warm and soft and comfy. I'm single, so have no one to impress at home.
I put on the PJ's, took my make-up off, slathered cold cream all over my face and rolled my hair into a "nana bun".
I had warm woolly socks on (it was cold that day) and fuzzy slippers.
I was online checking my emails.
At 11:30pm my phone rings. It's Lilly (the owner). She says there is a client waiting. I was none too happy,but said OK and went to the bathroom to remove the cold cream. Lilly calls back:"never mind,he left" she says. I'm overjoyed. Back on goes the cold cream.
5 min later the phone rings again:it's Lilly! Not only the client came back, he already paid her and she stuck him in the shower!
I thought:bugger that! I just put a coat over my PJ's, half-wiped the cold cream off and drove down to the parlour.
So here I was: hair in a nana bun,no make-up,remnants of cold cream on my face, flannel PJ's with the pants that are a bit too short, woolly socks and fuzzy slippers...
Do you think client cared?! Not one bit. All he wanted to do is get his rocks off, absolutely driven by his dick. He could care less what I look like,what I'm wearing,etc. Had no trouble whatsoever getting it on.He didn't even mention the outfit-just couldn't wait to get his hands on me.
That's why I get so annoyed when  clients call and tediously ask for descriptions of the girls,whether or not girls wearing lingerie/high heels,whether their boobs natural or enhanced (mine are, but most clients cannot tell even upon an intimate inspection)...
None of it really matters. All the clothes come off in the first 2 min,anyway. And most of the time they don't really see the face: massage is done with them face down, they lay on their backs with eyes closed during the blow job,then they suck your tits while you're on the top (tits preventing them from seeing the face), then they lay on the top of you breathing hard into your neck, then they do you doggie-style- and can't see the face at all!
So what's all the fuss about??
In my opinion (and I am vocal with it to all clients) all that matters is nicely shaped body,tight pussy,good tits and,most importantly,great skills.
Face,clothes,hair are all unimportant and hardly ever come into play.
In fact, sometimes, when Lilly calls me on my day off and I have no make-up on, I open the door wearing G-String only. Client's eyes go to the boobs immediately and stay there.
 I'm yet to loose a booking because I wasn't dressed/made up to the 9th :)))

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