Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stuck in a hotel room

This happened when I was working as an escort in Las Vegas.
I was summoned to MGM Grand Hotel via the agency I worked for. I was told it's a bachelor party.
When I got to the room, however,the first thing I saw is wedding dress, clearly worn and discarded right by the door and a pair of lady's white shoes (worn as well).
It is a bit unorthodox to have a bachelor party AFTER the wedding took place, but who am I to judge,right?
The room was actually a suite: separate living room and a bedroom. There were 4 guys assembled on the couch.
After some conversation and money exchange I gathered that present were : the groom, his best man (who happened to be new bride's brother) and 2 of their friends (also members of bride's family-some distant cousins, I think).
At first they wanted me to strip and do lap dances-so far, so good. Then Bride's brother took me aside and wanted to negotiate a sexual encounter for the groom . We agreed on the price and I took the newly married into the bedroom.
As we were getting  down to it, he managed to tell me that,indeed, they gotten married just 5 hours prior,that same day and his new wife is now "downstairs shopping". That gave me a pause.
"Wait",  said, "Do you mean she is staying right here in this room with you??!".(Normally bachelor party takes place BEFORE the weddin and bride is nowhere near it) He said yes, but there is no need to worry-everything was planned and thought through. I did feel a bit funny, but decided to just get it over with as quickly as possible and leave.
Groom had other ideas,though: he must've taken some drugs,as he was going at it like a rabbit, wanted to do all kinds of positions,etc and yet he wasn't coming.
20 min later there was a knock on the front door. I could hear some scuffle and then a panicky voice of the best man. It very quickly became apparent that the bride was at the door and she couldn't understand why she can't come in. I could hear raised voices and then realised that the bride was now in the living room, demanding to know what was going on.
The only way out of the bedroom was through that living room. I would have to go past the bride to get out.
Groom was absolutely frantic. You could tell he was scared shitless-sweat was pouring down his face and his hands were shaking.His face was ashen. In a whisper he told me that the bride is from a very prominent family in a rather small town where her father has all sorts of influence. He kept saying :"She'll kill me".
I was more than a little worried myself: some of my clothes were still in the living room and I didn't relish the idea of some crazed bitch tearing into me because she made a bad choice in a husband.
I also wanted to avoid a nasty scene,as prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and if security was called into the room, I would be : a)banned from that particular hotel (and we did A LOT of business at MGM) and b) quite possibly arrested.
I told the groom that he needs to get me out of the room safely and sort out this mess afterwards.
By then bride was livid-I could hear her screaming and banging on the bedroom door. Groom asked me to hide in the closet. He went out and more screaming ensued. Obsenities were flowing quite freely. Man, the mouth on that girl! And here I thought I have a potty one..LOL..
Finally the groom came back into the bedroom with the rest of my clothes. He told me I can leave now. He kept saying I would be OK. Sincerely doubting that, I told him to stay close and shield me from possible assault.
When I entered the living room, the bride was sitting on the sofa and her brother was pretty much holding her down. She attempted to jump up and have a go at me, but I was quick. She did manage call me a few choice names and threw the shoe at me, and it hit the door after I closed it behind me.
I run down the very long MGM hallway to the elevators and had a few very tense moments waiting for the elevator, praying no one would chase me.
Thankfully, I was out safely.

I now chuckle about it, but it wasn't all that funny when it was happening..

On the side note, how long do you recon that marriage lasted?..LOL..

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