Monday, February 21, 2011

Dilemma or Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Many arguments arise from lack of communication or, more accurately,from lack of information.
It probably happened to you at least a dozen times: you have SOME facts and base assumptions on those and then draw conclusions based on those assumptions.. Results could be disastrous,as things are not always what they seem and we often assign our own motivations to other people.
I am guilty of that myself.
Here's case in point.
I am in town where my ex lives (I don't live here, just come for work regularly). The split was not amicable and the whole affair left a very bad taste in my mouth and,Im sure,in hers.
 However, I got over it and put the whole thing behind me. She is with someone else now, who she was in love with and wanted to be with for a long time, deliriously happy and over the whole episode as well,Im sure.
But... We are not on speaking terms... And she had some bad experiences in the past, when ex-girlfriends doggedly stalked her and made her life miserable.
 She never got to know me well enough to understand that stalking/pursuing someone when the affair is over is definitely not my thing. I simply don't see any point in it and consider it a total waste of time.. Of which I have precious little, to be honest-it's all work,work,work for me these days :/
In this particular city, there are several (about half a dozen) web-coupon sites,where restaurants,beauty salons and other vendors offer services/goods at great discounts (sometimes as much as 75%). I take advantage of those as much as I can, especially since it's all the staff that I spend money on anyway.This trip I literally saved hundreds.
The catch is that you have to go to the location offered on the coupon.
Last week I enjoyed 2 dinners with my friends at a cost of $20 each for about $200 worth of value!!
This week, as I was planning a dinner with my friend,the only coupon offered was for the restaurant that is located in the same building where my ex works. It is offering $100 worth of food and drinks (anything you want from the menu) for $39. I've been to that particular place before and for $100 you can feed about 4 people. So it is an awesome deal.
So here what the situation REALLY is: I am taking my female friend to dinner (because it is a great bargain) to celebrate her very recent engagement to a wonderful guy. She is very happy and that happiness is well deserved. We have to go on that particular night and at that time,as we both work and it is my only day off and she doesn't finish work until 4:30pm.
And here what it would look like to my ex if she happens to see us: I went out of my way to eat there with another woman to either stalk her or stick it in her face or both.
The chances of her actually seeing us are negligeable,as she normally does not eat there, but I have the worst luck usually..LOL..
After thinking about it for a while, I've decided to go ahead with the dinner, as I can't really let other people control my life like that, especially since they are not even IN my life anymore in any capacity.

Think before you leap to conclusions. Life is multi-faceted and we never have ALL the facts.

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