Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is a 'courtesan"

If you really look into exact definition, in the old days ladies who became single (widowed) would move together into a house and occasionally throw parties for gentlemen's pleasure. They were not prostitutes-just someone to have "good time" with...

Over time,the meaning has evolved. "Courtesan" these days is someone who fine-tunes the oldest profession and provides services that go above and beyond of those of regular prostitute.

Courtesans take meticulous care of themselves: they stay in shape,do their hair,nails,toes. They dress with care and alluringly (not to be confused with trashy). They are often very well educated (I myself have a dual Master's and I know of other Ladies who hold Doctorate degrees), so they can hold an intelligent conversation on variety of topics. They readily familiar with fine dining and etiquette.

Most importantly,they have that fine-tuned sense of what any particular client wants on any given day. And THAT what separates them from the rest of the crowd.

It is quite an art,as these ladies meet the client for the first time and only have 5-10 min to "gauge" what it is he needs the most at the moment: it could be a "quick fix", fast and intence,with no conversation at all or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, nothing but conversation and anything in between.

Courtesans train themselves (as there is no apprenticeship program in Western world for this profession) to become what the person needs the most for that hour or two. A lot of clients become absolutely fascinated and addicted-and its no surprise,as true courtesan has the ability to "play" into one's fantasy and make the client believe it's all real.

Sometimes it leads to problems,as clients become attracted to that non-existent person.. It is a high-wire balancing act for the Lady to "sell" the fantasy, yet not to "oversell" it.


  1. May I quote your blog in my writing?

  2. Im an escort and have been working for about 5years and was wondering how I would make the move to become a courtesan?