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Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas?

Contrary to the popular believe-NO. It is a felony offence,punishable by fines and jail term.
If the girl caught and charged with solicitation of prostitution 3 times, she is banned from the Strip.
It is not as simple as it sounds, as "banned" means not allowed to be on the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) or within half a mile vicinity of it for ANY purpose whatsoever.
As there are a lot of shops,restaurants and even a church on the Strip and one simply needs to cross it in order to travel through town, this ban will effectively lock the girl out of Las Vegas (unless she wants to hang out in suburbs), which is what the purpose of it is.
Prostitution is alive and well, however and is a thriving business in Las Vegas. There are about 120 pages of various "escorts" listed in the phone book-about as many as there are lawyers.
When you call those numbers, you will be informed that the "escort" is for companionship and lap dancing only. If you imply sex for money, they will tell that it is "illegal".
The fee quoted (usually about $120) only covers the girl showing up. ALL of it goes to the agency. The girl negotiates with the client fees for services on her own, assuming all the risks. So what looks like $120 deal to a punter soon becomes about $300-$3000 deal and anything in between.
This causes problems sometimes, as clients don't understand how it works and become upset.
Once,when I worked for outcall escort agency, I was directed to a room in Bally's hotel. In there I found a young man from my agency and a client. Apparently, client wanted to cross dress and be with a man ( for the first time,he claimed) and also wanted to have sex with me and watch myself and the other male escort have sex as well.
We collected $120 a piece for us turning up (so the client was out of pocket $240 so far) and proceeded to negotiate the price. We wanted $400 each on the top of the agency fee (of which, I remind you,we were getting nothing).
I think client was a bit stoned as well, as he just didn't seem to get the concept. He proceeded to dress into a lacy thong and a bra and topped it off with a pair of white patent leather thigh-high boots with 10" heels.
Then he wanted some "action".
Again, we told him we need the $$$ first. He went belligerent. Male escort and I fled the room with the client chasing us half way down the elevator (in the above described getup), until he gave up and just threw one of his boots after us.
A lot of men (even those from US) do not understand that prostitution is not legal in Vegas. After all, it is the "Sin City".
From time to time vice squad sets up traps to catch men soliciting (usually on the streets with decoys pretending to be street walkers). It is a $1000 fine and the arrest and conviction goes on your record (very embarrassing).
Vice routinely sets up operations to catch the girls. They go into clubs and pretend to be paying customers, they go into hotels and ring for escorts..
There is no entrapment law in Las Vegas-it means that if you ask the guy directly "Are you a police officer" he can say "No" and still arrest you later. Vice guys are also allowed to drink alcohol during sting operations to make it look "authentic".
All this makes it very stressful for the girl, as you constantly have to judge the situation not only for "regular" dangers that come with the job, but for potential vice trap as well.
It's a tricky business, as prostitution by definition is "sex in exchange for money", which means that if you just want to go with the customer from the club to his hotel room and fuck him for free, no charge can be laid against you (except,maybe, a "stupid slut", but that's not a punishable offence :)
So if a club client would express interest in "something more", I would play semantics with him, saying that it will "involve a token of appreciation" instead of just quoting the price. Most punters got it and everything would be sorted, however I avoided those who stubbornly insisted on talking about money- I just didn't want to take any risks.
I did get arrested once. It was an outcall from an agency into an off-Strip hotel. The place was newly build, but definitely second-rate.
I should have known something was up when the guy asked me if I wanted something to drink and when I replied "Water,please", he poured tepid water from the tap.
We negotiated the deal and I was sitting on his lap,half-naked with him happily sucking on my tits (oh,yeah, vice takes every advantage of the perks of the job). Suddenly, 2 more guys walked in. I knew at that point that it's probably a trap, but they insisted that they are just "friends" and could they get the same "deal" later. I just said "Whatever" and then they produced their shields and went on with arrest.
They wanted to get me on as many counts as they could-thus 3 of them (3 counts of solicitation of prostitution). They also searched through my bag and even ripped off the lining looking for drugs (that would be a nice bonus for them).
I calmly explained to them that I don't do drugs and their search is in vain.
They were quite surprised at my composure, saying that normally girls started crying and begging to be let go, to which I replied that I am an adult and well aware of possible consequences of my chosen profession. I asked them "If I cry and beg, would you let me go?" They said "No". "So what's the point of wasting all that energy?". We actually ended up having a nice chat: they even showed me their surveillance equipment in the next room and didn't handcuff me when they escorted me out of hotel into their car.
I had to spend the night in a crowded cell in Clark County Detention Center with benches lining the walls, toilet right smack in the middle of it and another half a dozen women. It stank (literally).
I've met some interesting women in there,though. One was this regal looking black woman who attended the Presidential Inauguration in the year past. She was brought in for "assault"-she had a heated argument with another woman in a parking lot of a grocery store that ended in a fistfight.
Another was scared looking young girl who amassed over $1200 in parking tickets and couldn't pay them because she didn't have a job. Ironically, this was her first week on a very plum job as a blackjack dealer at New York New York hotel. She was pulled over in the parking lot for speeding over allocated 20m/h as she didn't want to be late for work.Of course,they immediately saw all the outstanding unpaid tickets on their computer. She probably lost the job.
The whole incident cost me about $1800 for a lawyer/fines and another $800 5 years later to "seal" the record of arrest.

Sometimes things turned just plain funny. Like when I was dancing as a stripper in Olympic Gardens and this guy walked in at about 3 in the afternoon.
Club wasn't at all busy and I approached him and asked if he wants a dance. He immediately agreed, to my delight (no small talk and time wasting).
I sat him down in a booth and started a lap dance when the next song started. Imagine my surprise when I sat on his lap to do "the grind" (with my back towards him) and realised that he unzipped his pants and had his dick out! (that was about 30 seconds into the song).
"What the hell are you doing"??! I asked. He seemed genuinely puzzled. "I want to have sex"..pause...
I had to explain to him that's it's illegal, and,anyway,in the middle of a strip club is hardly the place. Not to mention $20 REALLY wouldn't cover it.
He suggested we immediately go to his hotel..
I was laughing so hard, tears were coming down from my eyes. Turns out,he really thought that he could  just pop into a club in Las Vegas for a "quickie" or go in and select a girl for his pleasure and take her with him (kind of like a grocery store)!
He was quite shocked at the prices as well.
Prostitution IS LEGAL in Nye County-about 45 min drive from Las Vegas in a little town called Pahramp.
That's where world's famous "Chicken Ranch" and "Sherry's Ranch" brothels are. There are few more a little further down towards Reno.
I worked in there as well, but that's a whole other story :)

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