Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Attitudes towards condoms in different countries

Gone are the days when any "bad disease" one picked up could be cured with a shot of penicillin.
AIDS is a reality of life and it is rampant all over the world. There is no cure. You die-it is only a matter of time.
Not only that, but the death is slowly and often painful. A lot of your friends and family will turn away from you, if for not any other reason but simple not knowing how to handle the situation.
If you are in a hospital a lot of nurses (yes,even today) would not want to look after you.
 Your partner would probably be long gone by then.
Disease is not detectable for approximately 3 months, so if you've contracted it, chances are you've infected your partner and, in some cases,your unborn child.
If your employer finds out (and they often do), there is a good chance they would find the way to get rid of you.
People would stare with disapproval.
All that for 10 min of dubious pleasure of "bare back" sex for which you've paid at least $100 extra on the top of the regular price.
Just think about it: if the girl agreed to do it with you, chances are, she does this on a regular basis. Working Girls sees 2-8 clients a day. Many of those clients travel abroad  to countries like Thailand where unprotected sex is the norm and costs next to nothing. Clients who ask for "bare back" usually do it on a regular basis.. In every country..With any willing girl.. So you just paid extra $100 to sleep with ALL of those clients/girls. Still think you are safe because the girl "looks clean"??
AIDS can be contracted through oral sex: if the girls has sores in her mouth or just brushed her teeth before the booking and her gums are bleeding,even if she has a cavity in her tooth.
You can give her disease by ejaculating on her breasts/face:if you "misfire" and the sperm gets into her eyes or mouth aby accident...
Besides AIDS there plenty of other less lethal but not less unpleasant diseases.
For instance, genital herpes, once contracted, will stay with you for life (no cure) and you will infect every partner whom you have unprotected sex with, so you will have to let them know.. Imagine having THAT conversation with the love of your life.
Another very popular disease will make you scream every time you try to take a pee,as it feels like razors are passing through your dick.
Genital warts will effectively prevent you from having ANY sex in the future, as I cannot imagine ANY woman (pro or not) to be willing to deal with THAT.
The list goes on and on.
In America both clients and escorts are well aware of dangers. When a working girl walks through the door, the first question the client asks "Do you have condoms". Several times I've been asked to "double condom" (not a good idea,actually,as rubber-on-rubber breaks condoms).
I don't remember even one instance when I was asked to "bare back". But then,again, my clients were mostly well-to-do married prominent figures and they were not willing to take any chances.
Imagine my shock when I discovered that in NZ men have very cavalier attitude towards disease and seem to be willing to take a lot of chances and play "Russian roulette" with their life and health.
They seem to be absolutely unaware of the dangers and consider it a "great deal" when they are able to talk WL into unprotected sex.
I've read a comment on Adult Forum (NZ website for WLs and punters alike for posting ads,reviews,general discussions, where the guy just kept going on about this escort he had in Dubai where for $200 he had "bare back" sex,unprotected blow job and anal. He honestly thought that was the best deal ever! I couldn't believe it!
I think they should make the movie "Streets Of Philadelphia" required viewing in NZ schools. New Zealanders seem to live a very sheltered life, thinking that none of the world's disasters will affect them. Most of them live in "today" and give very perfunctory thought to "tomorrow".
I must add that,although prostitution was "de-criminalised" in NZ 6 years ago, it is ILLEGAL to have unprotected sex in any shape or form and the punishment is $2000 fine and a prison term.
When I was working in Russia in my teens, AIDS was extremely rare occurrence (and only in gay men at that time), so the use of condoms was mostly to prevent pregnancies from happening. Still, clients preferred to use them, just to avoid complications.
Australian punters are much more aware of what's going on. Although I do occasionally get asked for "bare back", they know that it's wrong,dangerous and illegal and my refusal is normally received with full understanding.
When I worked in Japan, men just didn't want to take any chances at all-condom was a given and I never had to have any discussions about it. In fact, so called "love hotels" (establishments designed specifically for trysts,as space is at a premium in Japan and many families live together in a cramped flats-as in several generations) have 2 condoms on the pillow provided AND a mini vending machine in the room stocked with condoms,lube and dildos.
Stay safe out there-put it on.

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