Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cynical/jaded or cautious/realistic?

Last week someone made a comment to me. It was along the lines of “We should approach the world from a standpoint that everyone is basically good and decent”.
I think the person was hinting that not doing so indicates a degree of cynicism and jaded-ness.
While I agree with the sentiment in general and apply it in regular day-to-day life, I will be amiss not to point out that sex industry is very different in that regard.
While majority of the clients ARE, in fact, good and decent people just looking for a bit of fun and stress relief, there is a significant percentage of those who partake in the industry for very dark reasons.
These people deliberately target sex industry and sex workers-and as a result the balance of bad/good here is very different from the same balance in real life. The percentage of “bad” people is significantly higher.
Below are screenshots of some comments on #reddit. I will let these people speak for themselves- I don’t think any editorial comments are needed here.


So for sex workers a cautious approach to every and each client is a must. It is a simple matter of self-preservation. We cannot afford the luxury of assuming that every person who contacts us is a lovely happy-go-lucky guy.

Please don’t misunderstand me: I am not calling for demonizing all clients. All I am saying that screening procedures are necessary and certain degree of caution is a must.

Clients need to understand that we use screening/verification in order to protect ourselves. Because the alternative for us is a possibility of getting hurt, assaulted, robbed or, in some extreme cases, killed. Not to mention other unpleasant things, like being stalked, blackmailed, evicted from your premises, etc.

The people whose posts you see above is our reality. They are *very real* part of the client pool. Not an insignificant/negligible part, either. But at any rate, it is a cold comfort to know the guy who literally ripped you apart was one in a thousand (or whatever).
And we have to deal with reality as we find it, not how we wish it was.
So, gents, please don’t get offended when we ask questions, or require you to follow a certain booking protocol. Believe me, more than anything, we wish every client was a kind, gentle person who simply wanted a bit of company. But it’s just not the world we live in.

This is a good opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart all the truly amazing clients out there: you are the ones who keep our faith in humanity, you are the ones who make our job worthwhile, you are the ones who put the smile on or faces and make us feel good about what we do.

Thank you! XXX